The Prize For People Who Work in silence Is The Noise Of Success

Anyone who works in silence has the peace and favour of being successful in life

Work in silence and let success make the noise
Work in silence to sucess

Today,when I woke up,I got fascinated by this very saying “work in silence and let success make the noise“.This seems to send a very interesting message to every human being on earth.As you read along,I will uncover almost  all the truths and meaning surrounding this popular saying. Before I begin let me ask;who doesn’t want to be successful in life?.What came into your mind right after reading my question?.

There is no way,you will tell me you don’t want to be successful in life.And if you dare tell me,then you are at the wrong place.Quit reading and find your way home.Even if a truncated tree is hopeful of succeeding in growing again then I don’t see the essence of any living being wishing or hoping for his own downfall.

I recommend this article  to successful minded people not visionless and lifeless people like inanimate things.Life is not ment for sissies but for those who are hungary for genuine success.

In the first place before you let silence work for you to succeed in life discover your self. What I mean by that is to know your strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, passion,likes,dislikes and more importantly your purpose or target in life.

God in his own knowledge gifted everyone some talents, it could be one,two or more.It is up to you to discover them and work on them.Self-discovery isn’t difficult as you might think.Let me give you some clear examples; look at some of the big musicians who are making hits in the airways and getting international recognition,they discovered their talents and worked towards it.

When someone is young and could sing very well, that person is talented in singing and is likely to become a good musician in future.Most musicians actually started singing when they were young, example is Michael Jackson. He discovered his talent at a younger age and became the king of Pop in the world. Some of the talents you can discover include footballing,sports in general,painting,leadership,creativity,pastorals, entrepreneurship,comedy(eg.Mr.Bean,Charlie Chaplin) etc.

Someone may discover his or hers at an early age and some too can discover his or hers when he grows.Talent is something natural and so as you go around with your daily routine you will surely discover it.Let’s say you are able to solve home problems like fixing broken pipes, creating toy cars from waste materials,designing buildings from had papers etc.

This kind of talent will lead you to become an engineer in the future. It is up to you to work on it,develop a passion for it and explore by attending engineering school.In case you couldn’t further your education you can still come out of something. Don’t let your mind be dull, be creative always,who knows?.You can invent something beneficial to your country and the world.This is how the world most popular inventors began.

If you discover yourself and improve upon it there wouldn’t be anyone to reach your calibre. You will become a genius. Some people too learn their skills or profession from someone(a mentor) or school but yet they are able to succeed in life because thy have great passion for it.

The best thing is when you are born with it.In school,you will always see some students showing great skills or talents in drawing,sketching and painting far better than many.Here the person has already discovered his talent as an architect,tattooist, or artist in the future. The only thing is for the person to harness his talent to the future. He is to avoid feeling boastful as the best student in drawing but would be good for him to be silent and let his work or success make the most noise.

After discovering yourself,the next thing to do is be committed and productive by working hard in silence, avoid, bragging even if you can do it better than anyone. The power of silence will sail you through the mob of  haters,pessimists and all backbitters.But if you dare brag for everyone to know you are good at something in particular then jealousy and hatred will fill their hearts.

In this case,they will decide to do whatever it takes to bring you down even if it takes to end your life,they will do because you are a treat to them.For this reason, it is advisable to ensure silence and let success make the most noise. Always,make sure you say positive words to your self and avoid all doubts.Move ahead into the cave you are afraid to enter and that will be your point of breakthrough by harnessing your talent for the future generation.

Your road to success wouldn’t be easy for you.There would be challenges and all forms of setbacks but with commitment and perseverance you can conquer. You shouldn’t ever give up when this become difficult because you hold something precious that you should adore and protect to your destination (future).Avoid bad friends,for they  wouldn’t inspire you to pursue your talent before you become successful.

After you have reached your self-actualization point, still it is a advisable to show silence because the moment you become noisy like  and empty barrel you draw your haters attention always. It will obsessed them to attack you physically and spiritually and if you don’t take care all your success would be destroyed.Silence is golden,silence cannot be misinterpreted so all your good plans should be in your mind.You have to know the kind of people to trust,the kind of people who deserve your attention and help and know the kind of friends or people trying to take advantage of you.

After all you will end up running a successful business without any intimidation. Remember that you still have to be silent and your successful business will make the noise for you to get customers, investors,partners, promotions and huge income. And if you are a Christian ,you have to pray for yourself and your business to be successful always.

Every weapon formed against you would not prosper. God will use his strong right arm to protect you from all haters and demons.For those who want to read about work in silence bible verses read proverbs 17: 28 which says “Even a fool who remains silent is considered wise,and one who holds his tongue is deemed discerning.You might also like to read 1 Thessalonians 4:11 which states that “to aspire to live a quite life, to attend to your own business, and to work with your own hands as we recommend you”.

The Bible specifically endorses the importance of keeping silent to allow your success speak for you.Stay calm always and work hard. As you work, just focus on the success of your business without being anxious for profits.The benefits will come afterwards knocking at your door.

I hope this piece of information has taught you a lesson to keep silent in life.That is the greatest way to avoid haters from  working against your success.Bear in mind that self recommendation is of no use,let your success recommend you to people.And also never blow your own trumpet let your work or success blow it for you. Feel free to drop your comments,contributions and feedbacks in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share to inspire a friend today.

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