Why You Must Spend Quality Time With Your Family In A Moment Like This

We make so many friends and broaden our social lives. But none would be sweeter than being at home. Spending time with the family is something you can’t afford to lose. Especially in a moment like this where we can’t get in touch with the outside world

Couple spending time with the family

As social beings, we are always forced to prioritize our needs. But there is something we can never undervalue. Do you know why spending time with the family should be part of your most valuable asset?. Your family would always be there for you. So it deserves your time, love and help at regular intervals.

The world is in crisis now, and almost everyone is looking for the safest place to hide. Don’t ask me what kind of crisis?. We are all aware of how this so-called coronavirus pandemic has affected both social and economic lives globally. People are running for safety… Welcome Home!.

This awful moment of COVID-19 will never be erased from memory. However, we still have loved ones around that need some inspiration from us. It basically starts from where we are groomed. I am here to remind you of the importance of families and why you must find the best way to spend some quality time with them; at least once per annum.

You literally can’t deny the fact that you have a family that needs your time, love, help and concern. In other cases, some friends could be more than a family.

It is advisable not to forget where you grew up from. Your parent or family helped to put your feet on solid ground. No matter how far you travel— you will still have a role to play in your family.

Home Sweet Home — Spending Time With Family

You surely wouldn’t like to see it go extent. Your bloodline must live and expand. Your legacies must be perpetuated by your offsprings. Have you noticed how this coronavirus pandemic has proved to us how families are important?.

Many travelers have returned home to get in touch with their loved ones. And as many cities have been locked down— people have been forced to spend time with their families. This has even brought about reconciliation among certain members.

This is the time to show love and concern for each; for the human life is priceless; it has no substitute. A family get-together reminds us of where we belong and where we are heading.

Where will you go to feel better at home than feeling the presence of your bloodline?. Social distance is actually not going to work for a family quarantined in their own vicinity. It is like telling a couple to distance themselves while staying together in the same room.

They will surely have uncountable touches but will never touch the world until this coronavirus crisis is over. Death seems to be knocking at our doors and no one wants to open up to the outside world. We are locked down with our families and loved ones.

It is true blood is thicker than water; so our social friends are no more available to party and run businesses with us. This is because of the precautions we have been advised to take.


A man spending time with his kid at the beach

“A man should never neglect his family for business.”
—Walt Disney

We can only get into contact with friends, co-workers, church members, school mates, etc. on social media and other communication platforms.

Each Day Is A New Hope

I believe very soon things will get back to normal. We have prayed a lot and God has surely heard our cries. Remember to let your thoughts for the day be inspiring, positive and realistic.

There is no need to harbor fear inside you. Spending time with the family is now an important priority for most of us. Let’s encourage each other with positive and life-changing messages.

Yes!, speak positivity into your life and that of others. In the end, what you feed into your mind would have a great effect on you. So far as there is life, there is hope.

Help those you can help in this trial period. No need to procrastinate. Tomorrow might be too late. To a larger extent, the world has become a beautiful family now. Because we are all fighting a common enemy(coronavirus) that is taking away our loved ones from us and threatening our lives every single day.

Understand why spending time with the family in a moment like this is important. The pains and fears shall all come to an end. But love must always be the reason why we think so much about making this world a better place.

Love sees no color, it does not discriminate and as matter of fact helps to prove our human nature by fulfilling our divine responsibilities as one people.

Spend time with the right people and you would feel the power of new energy propelling you to a different height. People need our love and care more than money. Stay motivated, stag blessed!.

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