What Does Pro Life Mean? A Lesson For The World

Who decides what is right from wrong, sin from righteousness? The Word of God or the law? When anyone decides to live a life of lawlessness; it breeds calamities. Nature has it’s own laws that must be respected. It’s time to know what pro-life means.

People could barely accept the simple fact that life is precious and so must be honored. When talking about life in the womb and life on earth we must take them seriously. Human wisdom is constantly fighting against the wisdom of God hence bringing a lot of confusion among humanity. What does pro-life mean to you? Let’s figure it out.

Today, I am compelled to add my voice to the rising concerns of rampant abortions or the destruction of fetuses and anything that has life. Political agendas are seen to take immense control over what people must do about abortion. Whatever the case might be, I’m here to take this through the lens of the Bible, not the laws of the land; unless there is a clear understanding. However, if the law seeks to honor and preserve life in correspondence with Biblical teachings it must be embraced.

You are here, thanks a lot. Whether you support abortion or not, I believe it is worth reading through. I know it’s a topic sparking debates among different groups of interest. Remember, the major concern here is to respect “life“. Pro-life activists or believers, therefore strive to put a stop to the unnecessary destruction of lives.

What Does Pro-Life Mean?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary pro-life is supporting the belief that it is immoral for a pregnant woman to have the freedom to choose to have an abortion (= an operation to end a pregnancy) if she does not want to have a baby.

Now I believe you now have a basic understanding of what pro-life means. Before I go further, you may take a detour to my article about Bible verses on pro-life here. Yes, recently I talked about what the Bible truly says about the life of unborn babies. Thankfully Roe V. Joe overturned the right to abortion. Life is priceless and so must be respected.

To a larger extent, a pro-life person would have a distaste for the rampant and unjustifiable destruction of animals and even trees. Nature must be protected and well taken care of because its benefits to humans are innumerable.

Look I have had a couple of confrontations from a few atheists concerning “life.” One friend named Cilia from Paraguay once asked me if there is God why does He allow people to brutally kill animals for fun, engage in rampant falling of trees, and so forth without punishing them?

Although someone like this doesn’t believe in God when we are talking about who a pro-life is; I find her to be one typical example. I could sense her indignation against those who abuse life.

I had to explain the Lord’s grace, mercy, love, and patience to her using the scriptures but it was so hard for her to understand. This person is pro-life because she loves life and wants everything that has life to be treated with respect.

You might be a believer in pro-life or pro-choice, but here is the case in the United States, the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, which is the landmark abortion right. It sounds right when taken through the laws of God.

Many of us will remember what happened last year; 3 pro-abortion activists interrupted Jeol Osteen’s church service by stripping half naked to protest against Roe v. Wade before it finally came into effect. The question is why were they in the church?

The battle for this hasn’t completely ended because humans want extreme freedom to the extent of breaking what God has said in the Bible. What has the Bible even said? A quick reminder is from Proverbs 6:16 – 17.

“There are six things that the LORD hates, even seven things that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.”

If anyone has the fear of God within him, he would never delight in shedding the blood of the innocent. God said in the beginning that humans should procreate to fill the earth. Let me chip in this solemn truth; You were once a fetus, remember the.

The Bible Vs Politics

Unfortunately, several countries, States, and governments are trying their best to redefine sin. They are telling us what science teaches about life, not the word of God.

Do we listen to God or politicians/scientists when talking about the precious lives of innocent babies?

Today while there are organizations, pressure groups, activists, etc supporting the right to life of the unborn child against abortion, experiments on embryos, etc there is an equal group of people, advocates, etc fighting so hard to enjoy unrestricted freedom to destroy unborn children and its likes.

The Law is powerful enough to control people but if lawmakers decide to follow science and their own opinions at the expense of the Word of God, then mankind has a very big question to answer when the Creator of this world returns to judge.

Hey look, the law will surely tell us when to take life and be justified or when not to take life and be condemned in prison. Regulations surrounding the use of guns, drugs, and other weapons used in destroying lives are clearly stated. Gun control in the States for example has been a disturbing problem.

Nobody takes life with a gun out of love. In the same respect, nobody destroys an unborn child out of love. If you love life, you must preserve it.

In the Bible, when we talk about life it is either natural living — Genesis 3:17 or spiritual living. It also goes to the extent of referring to something eternal, a holy and blissful immortality, John 3:36 and Romans 6:23. May we develop wisdom in the Lord and cherish the life of everyone especially unborn babies.

Be Pro-Life, Love life And Preserve It

Remember that any unborn child has a soul. It isn’t a normal thing in the sight of God who creates life to see humans aborting babies because they don’t want to take responsibility for raising a child or whatsoever.

As you live today, there is a spirit living inside you. The baby also has a spirit living inside it. The Bible says, there is life in the blood. Why then would anyone love to destroy innocent blood?

Life in the womb verse

Nature is beautiful and the most precious things you could ever find are the lives of humans. They are priceless. You can’t bargain. Roe v. Wade law brought sadness to those who call themselves pro-choice but a big victory for pro-life believers.

Can the law still be manipulated to allow the rampant killing of unborn children? May the Lord touch the hearts of all lawmakers to understand the value of human life and help preserve it in all respect.

The world is still witnessing the rise of evil as prophesied in the Bible that in the last days, people will oppose what is good; they will be boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient, ungrateful, unholy, etc, (2 Timothy 3:1 – 4)

Finally, pro-life means standing against unjustified abortion of babies and giving respect to anything that has life. Build, preserve, and value the lives of children, adults, animals, and trees as well. Let mother nature flourish in its beauty in the natural state governed by the laws made by God.

Are you pro-life or what? Your comments and contributions are welcomed.

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