Helpful Ideas To Help You Think Before You Speak

Helpful Ideas To Help You Think Before You Speak

Have you ever been reckless in your speech and felt embarrassed? It’s an avoidable mistake. Learn how to think before you speak. Be a person of wisdom — not like a brass cymbal that makes unnecessary noise.

We live in societies or a world filled with natural laws, social laws, personal boundaries, etc, In view of that you can’t just open your mouth and bisect 360 degrees without thinking about its effects on others. Remember that there are countless catchy phrases full of wisdom saturated in our world like water vapor in humid weather. I’ve tried to figure out one of them for my readers today because I understand —a lot of them want to know why we stress the saying “think before you speak.”

In this hectic world, if care is not taken, your greatest regret in the rest of your natural life on earth would be something evil or stupid you once said.

I am very pretty sure someone has used this phrase on you before or perhaps you have once referred it to a friend. It is time we learn something interesting, inspiring and full of wisdom to speak like mature people who really understand life.

The human mouth wasn’t made to make a reckless utterance, that is why the brain is there to process your thoughts. If you are the kind who never thinks before speaking —then I’m sorry; you are digging your own grave at a faster rate. You put your own life in jeopardy if you are thoughtless in speaking. Too much talks have a lot of painful consequences. Learn to shut your mouth at the right time.

In this post, I will try my best to cover the topic at hand in detail and I believe you will reconsider your decision if you easily speak your mind without caution. There are natural laws and social laws that deal with slander, libel and the entire execution of the power of the tongue. Its effects cut across both physical and spiritual realms.

What Does Think Before You Speak Mean?

To think before you speak simply means you should use your brain rightly to respond to issues verbally with wisdom. Sometimes your response could be in writing, action, etc. But before you worry about this phrase and how you can benefit from it, you must ask yourself some of these questions:

• Am I mature enough to reason and handle situations around me?

• Am I patient enough to tolerate people’s crazy views about issues?

• Do I have the wisdom to discern good from evil?

• Can I handle the consequences of what I speak or tell people?

Now, the questions above should start preparing you for a life full of wisdom and a high level of maturity. Don’t be like a 5-year-old kid who speaks without thinking about it.

Don’t Be Stupid In Your Behavior Or Words

Many who live today have anger issues. This is a dreadful lifestyle that can destroy one’s life within a minute. If you find yourself in this category, then it is time to change.

Think before you speak quote

“Think before you speak. Plan before you act. Accomplish your goals before it’s too late.” —Anonymous

Anger has psychological, physical and spiritual effects on the person in question. Your thoughts would be clouded if you allow anger to control you. You must think before you speak about anything.

Your conscious mind should be sieving every single thought that crops up in your mind. Science says the human mind conceives about 6,000 thoughts a day. And a greater percentage is full of negativity and foolishness. Now you can contemplate why it is necessary to think before you open your mouth about anything.

Handling Your Thoughts Before You Speak

As Humans, we are meant to use our brains wisely. People who fail to think about certain things before speaking, judging, believing or acting find themselves in hurtful situations. Don’t be a thoughtless bigot like some guys I know.

What Does The Bible Say?

Let me quickly take you through the lens of the Bible and impart some wisdom to you while I talk about the essentiality of “second thoughts.” I prefer the Bible because undoubtedly, it is full of wisdom and real practical life lessons.

The Bible says:

“Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword, but wisely spoken words can heal. A lie has a short life, but truth lives on forever.” (Proverbs 12:18-28)

The second verse I’m quoting here also says:

“Therefore do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but understanding and firmly grasping what the will of the Lord is.” (Ephesians 5:17)

A thoughtless person is not far from being a fool. Thoughts result in utterance and so what we think about must be worthy in utterance and glorify God in all respect.

Why You Should Think Before You Speak

Now let me explain to you why you should think before you speak. In fact, you don’t have to underestimate your reasoning power.

Even in a crucial moment, you must be able to exhibit some level of maturity to speak wisely and gently in a way that wouldn’t make you look foolish or cause you some embarrassment. (There might be exceptional cases anyway). Take a look at these reasons why you should think before you speak.

1. Avoid Embarrassment

If you would adhere to the simple advice to think before you speak, you would not be caught washing your dirty clothes in public. Although, as humans, we can err at any time, try your best not to be an object of ridicule. Avoid what is avoidable.

It takes wisdom to speak the right words at the right time. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or the richest man on earth, if you do not prepare your speech well, you would be the latest trending funny topic on social media.

2. To Ensure Peace And Unity

Words have the power to bring people together in love or disintegrate them like soap breaking and separating fatty acid ions from sodium ions. Whenever you speak after taking reasonable considerations bring unity, love and understanding among people; even if they are two distinct groups with different beliefs, goals, ideologies, etc,

Words have power

One single word can unite thousands, give hope, inspire and encourage others. On the other hand, one single word could be more destructive than an atomic bomb; it could spark quarreling, fighting, marriage divorce, war, etc, etc

3. You Become Like A Sensible Judge

While it is not necessarily needed to be judging ourselves, we ought to speak out for justice and for the truth to prevail. In our daily lives, we face the challenge of misunderstanding. Can’t we settle this with pure thoughts?

In psychology, there is something called Solomon’s paradox which is about one’s ability to reason more wisely about someone else’s problems than his own.

Those who fail to think before speaking about other people risk their lives of its consequences. Often there are two sides to every incident or story. It is worth taking them into consideration before concluding. Don’t be a hypocrite like the Pharisees in the days of Jesus Christ.

4. You Gain More Respect

Thinking wisely before speaking about everything makes you the kind of philosopher that people would like to rely on for advice. You might land a job on an advisory committee in any big institution.

People who can think very well before giving answers to problems are well respected in every place they find themselves. You can give it a try, and you would be revered by the people who find value in your speeches or decisions.

In addition to this, you become awesome and lovable. Why? Because wisdom is priceless — especially the wisdom that comes from above.

How To Think About Things Before Speaking About Them

Well, I don’t think there is a single definite way for everyone to use to speak wisely after some reasonable thought. I believe everyone must know how to think about things or situations in dynamic ways before speaking about them.

These valuable life lessons here are rarely taught in schools. However, our daily experiences teach us good lessons to handle critical issues with words of wisdom.

It is imperative to think wisely when speaking or making a decision; because some decisions are irreversible. In the same way —words are non-retractable unless the person, group or institution offended agrees to your apology.

Now below are some ways to help you think before you speak.

1. Use Your Brain

The brain is faster than the mouth. It is full of psychological weapons for winning psychological games such as being in an interview or facing any form of interrogation. In situations like these, make sure you have employed your reasoning power before opening the ‘gate of your mouth.’ When the question comes, have the patience to contemplate the situation and give the best answer you can. Use your brain —unleash its power! Think, think…

2. Believe You Can Give The Best Answer/Solution

Everyone has the natural ability to respond to issues with the right answers. If you agree to the fact that the belief system works well for their respective individuals, then believing in your adjudication would be profitable for you and others. Have the confidence that you can deliver the right answers to avoid fear and panic that could make your brain look like a formatted memory card (empty).

3. Have Patience

In critical situations, you might find yourself in dilemma. However, your words must still be reasonable enough to cause a positive change. Exercise patience when speaking about crucial things. In the wake of anger or impatience, you would likely speak foolishly because your anger wouldn’t allow you to make the right decisions or speak wisely. Don’t speak or make decisions when angry…

In similar ways, scientists say, it is unreasonable to make a promise when you are in a happy mood. Be patient and access your true ability and deliver the best within you.

4. Grow Your Spirituality

It’s very unfortunate, many living today have no spiritual lifestyles. As a devout Christian, I advise my followers to take their spirituality seriously. In scientific terms, they call “spirits” “energy” —hence the assertion that we are surrounded by several negative energies. They can influence your thoughts, speech and behavior.

To be a person of wisdom, you must seek the help of God by praying, reading the Bible and meditating on it. This equips you with the wisdom to speak wisely in any circumstances you find yourself. Even in job interviews, at the law court, etc, you would not be afraid or lack the right words to bring victory, success and happiness to you and all persons involved.

5. Don’t Give Answers If Necessary

It is imperative to know when to say “Yes” or “No.” You must also know when not to speak at all if you are unsure about the things being asked about or the things happening around you. I often choose not to speak or choose a side if I have very little or no knowledge of it. It’s a dangerous thing to say ‘naked lies’ in front of highly intelligent people.

It is better to say the right thing than to stress yourself in falsifying the truth. Being caught lying is embarrassing. It could pounce on you from several different directions (pathetic and embarrassing) like a poor mouse in a heavily populated house of cats.

6. Ask For More Time When Confused Or Uncertain

Sometimes a question thrown at you would be difficult to give an instant answer to. In this case, ask for more time to contemplate what to say. If possible ask for some days.

I think you know how some women use the psychological trick to respond to a proposal from a man. She will say “give me more time”… Oh yes, you can say the same thing to put a lot of things into consideration. Isolate yourself, think about it and settle down with what to say.

In your decision, you must consider the cons and the pros —plus other favorable things; then come back again and give reasonable answers.

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