Don’t Listen To What People Say | Avoid The Impact Of Negative Voices

Don’t Listen To What People Say | Avoid The Impact Of Negative Voices

Many have stabbed themselves with a lot of pain by following wrong advice, heresies and such likes. Don’t listen to what people say and be controlled by their negative thoughts.

Too many voices hit on our eardrums each day. Do we even know which one to listen to or which one to ignore or act upon? Humans with their limited abilities can’t guarantee their future with certainty. Those we meet in our lives might say encouraging words, demeaning words, spread gossip, lies and even try to manipulate us and predict the future. The truth hurts but it’s the only thing that can set us free. Don’t listen to what people say and be their puppet. This is a piece of great advice I would like to explain in detail. However, you have to take it with a grain of salt.

The media often portray things that are far from reality to us. It is a challenging situation that must be dealt with. As you find yourself reading this post, I want you to be vigilant in life. If you absorb everything people tell you into your mind and heart, you might find yourself on the wrong side of life.

What Is Going On Today?

Sadly, everyone wants to fit into the so-called normal life that has been popularized by celebrities and the media. It’s time to know your self-worth and be different. Surely, you will hear your friends, parents, teachers, pastors doctors, mentors, etc, speak to you with sweet and inspiring messages. Some of them may be toxic…

As long as they remain humans, they can feed you with wrong advice or information. Whether it comes deliberately or not, it is up to you to test everything people tell you and make sure they are true, relevant, applicable and useful.

Many who listened to the wrong voices and acted upon them have lost their jobs, marriages, business, friends, etc,

Test What They Tell You

Don’t be gullible, develop a lifestyle of refining the information people give you, even if you read it from the mainstream media.

You can use Socrates’ ‘Triple-Filter Test‘ philosophy to filter what people say. It will help you figure out:

• Truthfulness

• Goodness

• Usefulness

I don’t want you to listen to what people say about you or others and act upon immediately without finding out the truth. This might sound a little weird but it’s a kind of strategy that would help avoid gossipers, false information, fake people and their advice.

In this life, people will always talk negative things about you. Mature Bambino once said; even if you lie down for them to walk on you —they will say you aren’t flat enough. Imagine such kind of nonsense. My bro, don’t stress yourself trying to be a people pleaser.

Girls talking with friends

Practically, you can’t ignore everything people tell you. But you must be wise enough to absorb what is positive, helpful and praiseworthy. You don’t have to believe everything they tell you or what you see on screens.

Don’t Just Listen But Do What Is Good, Positive And Worthy

The Hypocrisy Of Humans

Sometimes it’s not about not listening to what people say but listening and not doing what they do if it has no value or could lead to awful consequences.

Have you realized something?… I mean the so-called stars and celebrities who have thousands to millions of fans. Their influential statuses empower them to be the targets of big tech advertisers.

One single message from them can influence millions of people. But hey, not everything they say is worth your attention and time.

Most of us humans are hypocrites. Huh, I would like to repeat this; we are filled with hypocrisy. The very thing someone might tell you is good for your this and that might not be true. Use your brain, research and have a proper understanding of what is being talked about. They often fail to practice what they preach.

I will now cite an exemplary event that happened in 1988. It’s a controversial topic and so wouldn’t stress much about that.

In a photo: Football legends —Diego Maradona(left), Pele, (middle), and Michel Platini (right) made public declarations about…

In the football sensitization or promotion of good morals —they campaigned against hard drugs. As 3 football legends stood on the football pitch; Diego Maradona wore a shirt that reads “No drugs” and Platini “Drogue No!” which also means no to drugs.

In several popular posts, we are told that Platini’s shirt reads “no corruption” which isn’t the real translation. Anyway, he was scrutinized on corruption charges later on.

I believe with their initial advocacy against drug abuse made the entire world applaud them because they stood as ambassadors of morality and good lifestyles.

Do you know what happened next? Before I tell you, I want you to know that these two great players did not only default their saying, there was another football legend (Pele) in the middle of that photo who got caught in his own web.

The Aftermath

Some years later Maradona overdosed on drugs and Platini was charged with corruption which got him suspended from his football career.

“Oh oh… We shouldn’t have taken them seriously —the fans might say.” Anyways they promoted a good thing but failed to live up to expectations. You can listen to what people say but never do what is lawless, sinful or appalling in any way —even if your favorite stars do it.

What about Pele? After retirement, he told the people in the world to take very good care of their children. Sadly he failed to accept his own legitimate daughter. He denied being the father to her daughter, Sandra Regina. He had so many relationships that he didn’t even know the number of children he had.

Here I want to draw your attention to the fact that, it doesn’t matter who is telling you what to do, you must not idolize them or flow with everything they say or do. Be wise enough to stick to what is worthy, positive and helpful. Listen but pick the gems from the dusty talks or attitudes.

Don’t trust people and mirror their lifestyle because they are stars, or because they are your best friends, family members etc, Pick the good morals and trash the awful things you see them do. Everyone has his own flaws… No one is perfect.

Some Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Listen To What People Say

NB: In this respect, whatever is negative, demeaning and treacherous to your life and that of others shouldn’t be welcomed or practiced.

1. They Don’t Know You Well

You don’t have to listen to what people say because they only know a fraction of the true person you are. Many have been brainwashed to believe in negative comments from people. If you are told to be “a good-for-nothing person”, would you believe it? If you agree; it can sabotage your success and happiness in life.

You shouldn't listen to what people say

It is better to believe in the good things you can do and do them well. Letting others define you is a great mistake. Know your strength and weakness and gradually deal with them for a positive result. Never accept demeaning words from people —even if they claim they love you. However, you don’t have to turn a blind eye to constructive criticism.

2. They Might Be Fake

Sometimes the people who are close to us could be jealous of the things we are good at. Humans can easily move about with thorns in the flesh. Someone who dislikes you will never find what you are best at interesting. A person like this would have nothing better to tell you —so let all the ill comments about you flow over your ears like water.

There are fake people everywhere. You can detect them by their actions not necessarily by what they say. Remember what I told you about those football legends in the early paragraphs who fall into the hypocrisy category?

3. You Save Yourself From Being Controlled

The power of manipulation works in several ways. Here if you choose not to listen to gossip, lies and negative talks that can infiltrate your life with a sense of rejection, fear and hopelessness, you save yourself from being controlled like a puppet.

Not everything you are told is worth listening to. Even if it hits your eardrum and it doesn’t sound worthy —ignore it. That message could be a derogatory remark. But you hold the final decision. Look at the brighter side of everything you hear, see or find people doing.

4. To Avoid Doing The Wrong Thing

If you allow people to gossip about others to you, they will surely create a bad image of others who might even be innocent. This brings unnecessary divisions, hatred, evil thoughts, etc, that also brings enmity between you and the innocent people. Action taken based on heresies is very dangerous. You might regret taking action against someone and regret it for the rest of your natural life.

Listen and eat only “the bread” out of everything you hear from people but don’t ‘eat’ everything you hear. Be vigilant and learn how to handle what people tell you with wisdom.

In Summation

We are open to limitless and varied information. Some are worth listening to and others are unworthy of your time and attention.

In the context of this post, you should understand that there are naysayers and fake people in our families, workplaces, friends and almost everywhere.

Don’t allow them to control you with their diabolic thoughts. Again, don’t believe everything that celebrities will tell you. They might promote an idea, service or product that wouldn’t benefit your life. There is a large gap between fantasy and reality. In this case, be realistic.

You have your own abilities, develop them and be the best version of yourself. If you focus on your personal development without listening to what people say to make you feel useless, hopeless and a failure, you would be one of the happiest people in the world.

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