5 Tips To Keep Motivated Even In Tough Situations

5 Tips To Keep Motivated Even In Tough Situations

Getting through all the challenges in life requires you to keep motivation flowing. It takes enough hard work plus mental strength to feel motivated towards your goals.

Keep motivation

In reality, it’s easy to find motivation but how to keep it is a big problem. Many are struggling to maintain a strong desire toward their plans but they fail in the process. Could you be one?

Many of us can’t keep motivation in our lives. Imagine someone who listened to a couple of motivational speeches… Feeling energized and ready to execute his lofty goals… But the next morning as he jumps out of bed that courage vanishes like a puff of smoke.

It’s not all that simple to keep your head above waters for a very long time. Some people get fed up and allow themselves to get drown… Oops loser!

Life has been a nasty place for the weak, poor, visionless, and coward. Let me help you to keep motivated —irrespective of the circumstances you find yourself in.

Surely, you have some specific goals you would like to achieve. It’s quite hard and because of that, you have to harden your heart towards your goals. It comes at a great cost. Get ready to bear it.

It is time I tell you about how to keep motivation in your life while you strive to reach your goals. Oh Yes, I will inspire you to keep it in your pocket and protect it like a gemstone.

I want it to happen in a way that anytime you feel its presence —you wear a big beautiful smile. Haha… There you are; Something is motivating you to work hard towards your dreams without giving up.

It is very important to allow yourself to be motivated. You will need both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to move boundaries. Personally, I’m not fond of the latter because the whole thing is about me and my life.

However, since we are different people with different talents, ideas, strengths, beliefs, interests, etc; discovering yourself is necessary. Yes! I’m talking about self-discovery or self-identity.

Let me quickly remind you of this: Some guys naturally enjoy a constant flow of motivation. And you would wonder how they keep motivated to make greater achievements without feeling tired.

It all begins in the brain. I’m talking about that simple but powerful lever inside your head. Do you know how to stimulate it or shake it to be creative, purposeful, or productive?

How Some People Keep Motivated

According to experts, those who keep motivated at all times have a particular part of their brains being highly active. It is called the insula and the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC).

By stimulating the insula and ACC you can flow with constant motivation. You will be invincible if you set yourself in motion to see your dreams come through.

Someone might ask “how can you stimulate the insula and ACC?” It works pretty simply.

Take yourself through:

1. Mindfulness
2. Exercise to boost the flow of oxygen in your brain
3. Self-reflection
4. Positive affirmation

These practices would help you to keep motivated when you have hurdles to be completed.

A strong mindset is one of the best secrets to fulfilling your dreams. You can’t always sit there and expect people to psych you up when things get tougher.

What if nobody shows up to help? Not even a message of hope could come from people in your inner circle. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about your success or happiness. They also have their own demons to fight against.

Simple Ways To Keep Motivation

Like a fountain or river that flows without drying up —so as the enthusiasm for achieving your dreams should be active and alive.

How can you keep motivated? Prepare your mind by believing that you can make it to the top. The simple trick is by believing. This alone takes you one step ahead of success.

If you don’t believe in the goals you have set for yourself —then go home and sleep. Don’t bother taking an inch. It would be a waste of time. And any effort you make would be completely worthless.

“Nothing stops a man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscles. It’s a strengthening of his powers toward accomplishment.”
— Eric Butterworth

Assuming you believe in the lofty goals you set for yourself. The next step would be a lot of workloads. The pains and the suffering come in to challenge your purpose.

Do these to keep yourself motivated:

1. Begin your day with a positive mindset. It feels like the same old story. Positivity is very important in overcoming all the cognitive biases that might bog you down. A positive attitude would help you to overcome the fear of failure.

2. Remind Yourself of your purpose in life. Religiously, your greatest purpose is to please God in all respect. But you also have a responsibility as a young man, young woman, mother, father, entrepreneur, student, etc,

The moment you ponder on your goals, you would automatically be psyched up to keep on chasing your dreams. Don’t even forget about it in a single day.

You can set daily reminders of what to do at particular hours of the day. Set reminders on your phone, watch, calendar, dairy, etc.

A lady writing down her plan

To a larger extent, you can use vision boards. Be committed and in the long run, you would be proud of your efforts. The payoff would always be great!

3. A look at your role model: You want to reach a destination you have never set foot there. But some people are already in the position you are aspiring for. You can make them your role models. Be very careful when choosing one as your mentor.

They were once like you, they went through the challenges you are yet to face. Learning about how they endured the challenges would motivate you. Read about them if you can’t get them face to face with your nagging questions.

4. A look at the Rewards. You surely know it is very rewarding to fight real hard to reach the top. It comes at a cost. You must be ready to bear without hesitation.

It might cost you your time, money, energy, knowledge, and other resources. None of these has to be a thing to worry about. Because psychologically most of our worries are baseless.

Be like a bird, stay up in the air and gaze at your target. Visualizing your incoming rewards would also keep you motivated.

Think about the rewards more than the challenges. These things are temporal. They will be a thing of the past. Keep motivation in your mind and let it flow throughout your veins.

5. Don’t give up. Don’t even think about it. If you surely want to reach the apex of the ladder of success, then don’t give up. There is no way out —except enduring the pains. That is the right channel.

Keep motivated

A shortcut may take you there but it won’t last long. A shortcut is for the lazy guys and I pray you don’t become one. Be real and reality will reward you with a big smile.

Anytime you fail, or hit the ground —take it as part of the working process to greatness. That’s part of the journey. Keep motivated, defy all odds and keep going until you reach your goals.

Finally, you must be ready to take responsibility for the results of your endeavors. There are many other ways to keep motivated.

You may think of self-discipline, commitment, perseverance, hard work, etc. When the adrenaline drives you to move beyond the sky, take it with all seriousness.

You can achieve any realistic goal you set your mind on —only if you are willing to endure and overcome all the challenges. Stay strong and courageous.

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