5 Things You Need To Grow Your Inner Strength Before You Become A Failure In Life

5 Things You Need To Grow Your Inner Strength Before You Become A Failure In Life

When life becomes tough and unbearable, your inner strength is tested. To be successful with genuine happiness, you must know how to endure all the painful challenges. Here is the inspiration to sail you through.

A man growing inner strength for basketball

There is something hidden inside you. It’s very strong and powerful, but unfortunately many have wandered from the truth and have been made to feel weak and fruitless in life. What is this thing I’m talking about? Your “inner strength” of cause.

Since we are different people with different beliefs, ideologies, aspirations, goals, challenges, etc, there would always be diverse views about how to build your inner strength. It is one of the secrets to living a life full of hope, contentment, peace, success, and happiness.

Surely, everything you need is within you. A free spirit in that respect wouldn’t think of needing the help of God or any deity for his life journey.

Personally, the inner strength within me would never be broken. I, therefore, have the ability to scale any wall of obstruction. I jump without hurting myself. What powers me up is bigger. Science will call it the Spiritual energy.

What I have right here inside me is the Spirit of God! What about you? Children of God have the greatest power to overcome evil and afflictions of any kind. It is about being resilient to failure, destruction, fear, and anything that demoralizes your life as a human.

Take a quick look at the Bible verse below:

“We are pressed on every side, yet not crushed; perplexed, yet not to despair; pursued, yet not forsaken; struck down, yet not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:8 – 9).

The moment you think of growing strong from the inside out, then be prepared to be a highly spiritual person. Let me remind you this before you make any mistake. You are a dual creature with flesh and spirit.

The spirit lives within the body and operates in the spiritual realm. This kind of energy should be your focal point of development if you want to overcome your troubles in life. Why? Because the spirit is stronger than the flesh.

In a broader perspective, the energy inside you is the intangible part that comprises your consciousness or reasoning power. And the organs connected here are your brain and heart —they also contribute to your mental health.

What Is Hidden Inside You?

Without being too religious or spiritual about this topic, let me take you through the normal insight.

You certainly have plans to make an impact in life. It could be about your plans to establish a business, find a job, get married, travel abroad, recover from health problems, etc.

These plans would materialize only when you take the right action or the right steps. It has to boil out from within yourself. That passion has to be nurtured on daily basis. I recommend being proactive about your goals.

You have something better hidden inside you. Believe this and unleash them. Within you, you can find and nurture your goals, beliefs, and aspirations to live a life worthy of your very existence as a human.

Never underestimate your potentials. No one was born to be a failure; Although we come to earth with different challenges. But your decisions and effort in handling your situation will give you the exact result of your endeavors.

Feeling like a superhero with inner strength

Unfortunately, many people are controlled by fear so they barely make any progress in life. Your enemy would not always be the Devil but sometimes you may be the creator of your own enemy.

It is time to step up! There is more than enough strength inside you. Who or what shrouded that? Unveil it! It is time to marshal the courage to accomplish your lofty goals.

When Your Inner Strength Is Broken

Many are moving around with despair and fear of the future because they can’t push further for what they want. Life is a journey, oh no —an expedition; it requires people who are full of positive energy to endure to the end.

Why would you give up on your dreams? What is that little voice inside you called “conscience” tells you day in and day out? If it’s negative, then it’s time to fix yourself before it is too late.

Science says energy is not destroyed but converted from one state to the other. Get ready for I’m going to help you go through that transformation. But before that, I never want you to be ignorant about this(pay attention reader):

When that inner strength or energy within you is crushed, you end up being hopeless. The fruits of being in that situation include stress, depression, fear, frustration, broken heart, failure, low self-esteem, and all the negative emotions you can think of.

It’s a terrible thing when what is inside you is dead. You end up being a “living-dead” person. You wouldn’t be able to live up to your dreams because every good thing inside you is dead. My friend, it’s time for a revival. Resurrect your dead dreams, hopes, and passion. Put on your confidence shoes and walk straight to the top?!

Inner strength quote

“You must draw from that strength. You must increase it. And you must hold on to it because sometimes that small glimmer of inner strength is all that we have to help us press forward through the darkness.”
—Morgan Rhodes, Falling Kingdoms

How To Develop Your Inner Strength

Now, put on a beautiful smile of hope before you start fixing yourself. I will suggest some of the best ways on how to develop your inner strength for remarkable results.

1. Feed Your Spirit

It is imperative to give as much attention to your spiritual growth as you give your physical body. The true person you are lies deep inside you. As a dual creature, you must always be connected with your creator through prayers, fasting, reading of the Bible, and meditation.

Such practices will revive your crushed spirit. Being sincere about your need for God’s help would result in the renewal of your lost strength. God’s supernatural touch will surely heal all your emotional burdens with abundant blessings.

2. Never underestimate Yourself

Believe in yourself that you are meant for something bigger. If you maintain a positive mindset about your dreams, you would surely be refreshed with hope, success, and happiness. Believe that you can achieve that mammoth dream that you have set. Don’t doubt yourself.

The more you aim higher, the more you make greater achievement. You have unlimited abilities within you. You are a complex organism with a powerful weapon called the “brain.” Use it. Be unlimited!

3. Cast Out Fear

This is one of the commonest hindrances to a successful life. What strikes fear in your heart? It is time to kill it with a positive mindset. Fear is not real, it’s something illusional that resides in the brain. Re-engineer your brain now.

Look, fear is an enemy of progress. It will stampede your success and happiness. This world is not a good place for cowards. A child of God is never expected to live in cowardice because the Spirit within is greater than what is out there in the world.

Let me quickly take you to the wild to learn some valuable lessons. Don’t be like the deer that allows fear to grips it down by being breakfast for the tiger. How does it happen?

According to “allanimalfacts“, a Deer’s top speed is 80 km/h and that of a Tiger is 65 km/h. But the Tiger often closes up to prey on the deer.

Speed of tiger vs speed of deer

The reason for this illogical event being that the deer has two preconceived problems:

• The deer underestimate its potential of running faster than the Tiger to escape death.

• It looks back often because of fear. Each turn gives an advantage to the Tiger that is focused and moving forward.

Relating this scenario to real life is pretty simple. You must avoid fear if you want to enter into a business or make a move towards your lofty goals.

You can reach unimaginable heights if you push yourself to the test. There is no shame in taking risks, there is no shame in failing but letting fear paralyze your ambition is the real shame.

4. Stay Positive And Optimistic

Your mind must be free of cognitive biases. Put that negativity under control if you want to boost your inner strength. The more you stay positive over negative circumstances, the more you get closer to the finish line.

Anyone who can maintain a positive mindset has the advantage of finding the “Holy Grail.” The fact is that he is full of hope and positivity.

That hope leads to a fruitful future. It’s a good thing to believe in your dreams irrespective of how strong the wind blows against you.

The energy within you is meant to endure hardships. And as the Bible says; God will not allow temptations greater than your strength to overwhelm you. Believe that you can pass through and you would be one step ahead already.

5. Speak Up Your Mind

What overflows in the heart surely comes out of the mouth. As social beings, we ought to know when to say “No” or “Yes” without hurting our feelings. It takes a whole lot of courage to speak against things that appall you.

From relationships to friendships, people will play on your emotions. I have the right to say stop! Yes, that energy within you has to be free from negative feelings.

There are many other ways to help you know how to grow your inner strength and be productive in life.

I do believe what I have shared with you would also be of great help to you. You are born to win so go out there and grab the gold. You deserve the best!

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