Chronological Errors About Jesus’s Crucifixion In The Bible

Crucifixion of Jesus

How could all four Gospels give an account of the death of Christ, where Christ is not dead for the full three days and nights that he promises in those same Gospels? One minister, Max Freedom Moussa Pollard, has proposed a solution for the first time – it’s not the inspired authors of the Gospels who were wrong, but medieval publishers who introduced the chapters and verses. The first time a Bible was published with both chapters and verses was in the 16th century, as the original Koine Greek manuscripts had no chapters, verses, punctuation or even spaces.

Writing as a minister for The Holy Spirit Church, Max proposes his theory with painstaking evidence, using the original Koine Greek texts, that the chapters couldn’t possibly be correct. Without changing any of the underlying text, or even a single translation, he provides a version of the Gospels that not only accord with one another but allow time for Christ to be dead for three days and nights, proving his promise to have been fulfilled.

There has never been a development this big in hundreds of years, and if true, this means that every Bible sold has been wrong for centuries! This is an enormous development in a field which very rarely ever has new advances, and if you’re interested in Bible research I suggest you read this revolutionary article at HolySpirit.Solutions. This work was published years ago, but only just recently has Max finished his thorough vetting of his own research, and we’re excited to be one of the firsts to let people know.

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