9 Motivation Tips For Running For A Healthy Life

Keeping yourself fit and healthy in life is essential in your personal development goals. Something or your inner voice may discourage you. That is why you need the best of motivation when running.

Motivation when running

Doctors have said it; pining yourself on the couch every day isn’t helpful. Being busy all the time at work isn’t going to help either. That’s why we both need a plan to exercise on regular basis. It might look boring and burdensome. That is why you need to feed yourself with enough motivation when running or doing any kind of exercise.

This post will purposely throw more light on the best ways to get accustomed to regular running. If you a running junkie, then you have to keep it up. A beginner might quit early when there is no motivation.

Do you prioritize your health? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then doing regular exercise must also be a priority. However, that ain’t going to happen smoothly like eating your favorite dish that might pile fat in your body and make you gain unnecessary weight.

There is a fun part of it that will make you develop a great passion for kick-starting your day with some jogging or running.

You will enjoy many benefits such as building strong muscles and bones, improvements in cardiovascular fitness, and burning of excess fat in the body. Running, in general, is one of the best healthy lifestyles anyone can enjoy.

Motivation When Running — Making It Part Of Your Life

By choosing to break some sweat to keep fit is a praiseworthy idea. We can’t always be busy working hard and chasing ‘papers.’

Before I go any further, I believe reading my article about fitness inspiration will help you to stay faithful to your running/jogging routine.

I am using both names of exercises interchangeably because they are all aerobic exercises. The difference is the intensity involved.

You need some motivation for running on a regular basis and I am here to help you out with some useful methods.

Run Like Casey Neistat

Hey, have you heard of this dude?. He is a filmmaker and a motivational speaker. Anytime you hear of his name then it is about vlogging and running. Casey is a movie maker and the advertising director of Samsung ads.

Casey Neistat runs often
Casey Neistat

He runs 60-80 miles a week. He’s got no excuses for running and blending it with his daily work. I like this guy so much that he is passionate about his job and the running thing. He’s got a secret; Running makes him stronger, more creative, and healthier.

The best of it all is being a motivational speaker. So he is the best guy to give you the motivation for running regularly without giving up.

The Motivation You Need When Running

I believe the best moments to do your running or jogging should be on weekends. If you can have a quick daily jogging then congratulations!. Do that before you set off to work.

You would meet ‘Boring Mondays’ with happiness. Because you released some stress, burned some fat, and strengthen your immune system during the weekend.

To make your running program very successful and effective you must adapt to some of these helpful tips I’m about to give you.

1. Psych Yourself Up

The moment you plan of keeping fit through running you must inspire yourself. If you lack motivation in your brain; try to focus on the benefits of committing yourself to your workout. Keep a clear conscience to enjoy the full benefits of it.

A woman preparing to start running

Let constant motivation flow through your brain before, during, and after running. Oh, I forgot to tell you one interesting thing about Casey. Let me tell you about it in the next paragraph.

2. Set A Goal

You have to set a realistic goal for your running program. If you want to run or jog for 1,2,3,4… Kilometers a day or on weeks, then honor that. Casey said he never stops when running. He stops when it is time. His motivation for running is well planned.

Doing that for just 30 minutes is a great achievement. Just don’t do it for a couple of days or weeks and hang it somewhere like your old thorn clothe.

3. Focus On Your Goal

You may be distracted when running. Because the mind processes many different thoughts in just a single minute. So to enjoy the full benefits of your endeavor to keep fit and healthy; take your mind off your plans for the day. This moment is for your fitness life alone.

4. Believe In Yourself

Before you kick start the day, believe in yourself that, ‘you are going to complete’ what you have planned to do. When you start running, believe, and agree to the fact that you are doing that for your benefits. And so it is very necessary to endure every pain that will come along.

5. Music For The Pain

Experts say music has some therapeutic benefits for the body. So in order not to let the pain stop you; go along with your phone or mp3 player. Put in your earpiece.

Let your favorite music role out to distract you from all other distractions such as muscle pains and other thoughts. At a moderate volume, you can sync with the music until you are done with everything.

A motivational song can do real magic. It will energize you to go beyond your target hence increasing your endurance level and improving your cardiovascular fitness.

6. Social Benefits

You may search out for interested persons who love to run or jog. Their presence will boost your confidence to accomplish your target. The kind of motivation for running is often about taking action.

Join clubs that engage in sporting activities like cycling, swimming, running, etc. If you can find a club like this in your society; then it will help you a lot.

6. With A Friend Or A Spouse

This is another fun part of running. You may go along with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or friends who are also interested in keeping fit or healthy through running.

A couple running together

Their presence will motivate you to run without feeling lonely or uninspired. It feels really good to have someone you care so much about right beside you while you exercise to keep fit and healthy.

8. Competition

You may try to turn your passion for running into a challenge. Finding a club to join will likely organize occasional competitions that will help boost your endurance.

If you are an athlete already, then engaging in competitions would help you a lot. ..You need to see regular improvement while you feed yourself with the best of motivation while running with other athletes.

You can look out for a role model like Usain Bolt who holds a world record in sprinting. This is a good step to prepare for winning medals. I mean gold medals!.

Athletes in competition

Without any competition, you may not know how truly you are improving. Your strength would be tested when you engage in competitions such as marathons or cross country.

9. Use A Wearable Fitness Tracker

To make a record of your daily movement or a record of your performance during your running; you can use a fitness tracker.

This device will monitor your heart rate, motion, temperature, etc, analyze and process them with further details to understand your conditions at a moment.

Wearing tracker to use for your motivation when running

This device alone can give you motivation for running like Neistat without quitting.

Regular exercise is something Doctors always recommend for us. But unfortunately, very few people prioritize that.

Building a strong and healthy body will cost you something but the pay off will be a healthy life, long life, a stronger mindset, and many more.

Thanks for reading through and don’t forget to share if you find it helpful.

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