Chemical Food Is Killing Us:Here Is Why You Should Take Care Of Your Health

Never forget to take care of your health.Many food items we eat today are harmful to our health.It is time we sensitize ourselves on how to stay safe from harmful food substances.They are putting our health in jeopardy.

take care of your health
Never forget to take care of your health always.Be mindful of the kind of food substance you take in daily.

Time to take care of your health:Recently, I published to sensitize people to take good care of themselves. And it was all about staying away from danger or avoiding falling prey to wicked people.

Today, it is about how to take care of your health. As you ensure your safety in the house and everywhere you go;You must also know how to take care of your health.

Technology has advanced to the extend that, the food items we take in is full of chemicals.And in the long run we suffer many strange diseases and sickeness.Our life span on earth barely reaches 70 years.

I believe, before you finish reading this post on how to take of your health;You would exercise restraint on the kind of food you take in daily.

Parents shouldn’t forget to help their Children in their dietary. Kids wouldn’t mind eating anything available to them.That makes them vulnerable to many diseases.

The problem with chemical food start from the so big manufacturing companies.These companies are mostly found in USA, China and Europe. The distribution reaches hundreds of countries around the world.

Most preservatives or artificial colors added to food items have side effects.For instance Red #40 which is widely used can trigger hyperactivity in children.Blue #2 which is mostly found in candies and beverages was linked to brain tumors.Butylated Hydroxyanisole(BHA) is potential to cause cancer.It can be found in chewing gum,dehydrated potatoes,pop-corn,chips,beer etc.

It is sad to notice that,we eat a lot of chemical products into our systems always.There is little or no knowledge on the side effects of these foods we are consuming.Unless it is too late.Take care of your health by avoiding potential harmful foods.The FDA reviews and alarms us on such kind or harmful additives.

Chinese Manufacturing Companies In Question

Recently, some Chinese companies flooded Africa with their fake food products. I’m talking about rubber rice and rubber eggs. We all saw that. What is the motive behind these evil manufacturers?.

Don’t be surprised if they start processing old bicycle and car tyres as meat for us. We only have to be vigilant. As you take care of your health, don’t forget to help your children,brother or friends as well.

Practical Ways To Help You Take Care Of Your Health

Doctors recommend, we eat raw food.But honestly speaking some of the raw foods are also tempered. Our health is at stake. Finding the best way to eat healthy food has become hard.

In the first place, what are some of the raw foods I’m talking about?.They are foods in their primary unaltered state.Well, some notable raw foods include vegetables,seafood, eggs,nuts,fruits etc.

Today, in our 21st century, it will sadden you to see how commercialized raw foods go through chemical production. To clear any doubts about the ingenuity of raw foods you eat;Cultivate a backyard garden and plant some of these raw foods in organic soil.

You will find yourself in dismay if you can’t cultivate a backyard garden. How sure are we that fruits or vegetables we are buying are from organic source?.Here is the biggest question. I would like to read your thoughts in the comments box.

Suggested Ways To Take Care Of Your Health

For you to take care of your health,be mindful of the kinds of food you take in.Some of these processed foods have negative effects.We consume them always. In view of that we must;
1. Visit the doctor regularly: To take care of your health,have regular check ups.If the doctor diagnose you and there is anything unusual in your system; He can help you to eliminate it. Regular check ups can help you stop cancerous chemicals in your body early.

In addition, you will know about your blood sugar level, BP etc.This will help you maintain normal health fitness.

2.Exercise Regularly:Regular exercise strengthens your Cardiovascular and CNS(Central Nervous System). You will perspire to release some toxic out.Regular exercise is one of the secrets to healthy living and long life.

It is not necessary to do heavy exercise. Simple stretches, jogging or running is good.

3. Be very careful on the kind of processed foods you eat:Some of these manufacturing companies only think about maximizing their profits. Your heath issue is a non issue for them.You must avoid junk foods as well.

There are other ways to help you take care of your health. But this article listed only 3.These 3 can do you a lot of good if you make it practical.Stay safe.

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