Never Be Ignorant About Why Fear Of Success Has Made People Become Poor And Useless

You obviously can’t blame anyone for your reckless approach to a better life. Each day you are presented with countless opportunities to become a successful person. But why would you let the fear of success steal your happiness and beautiful future?

The feeling when fear of success makes you lose hope
“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” — Joseph Campbell (1904 –1987) Mythologist, Writer, Lecturer

There is nothing wrong with that emotional uneasiness called fear. Honestly, we all find ourselves in situations that threaten our success, happiness, and lives. It is imperative to know that anytime you allow fear to overwhelm you; then you are creating invisible portals for your own destruction. Your fear of success would be your greatest enemy if you fail to engineer your mindset.

As you find yourself reading this post, contemplate some of the current situations driving fear into your life. It could be anything that relates to your business, life, job, marriage, education, health, etc. Now the question is: “do you think that awkward feeling is truly going to destroy you?.”

Well, how you answer this question will apparently determine the result. This is the more reason why I am here to help you do away with that particular negative thought(fear of success) stealing your happiness. Why would anyone be afraid to go the long mile to make greater achievements?. This world is not a good place for people who are weak, uninspired and doubtful of their own abilities to attain the success of any level.

Fear, in general, might be justifiable but it shouldn’t be an excuse for your failure. Whiles being fearful might be explained in different perspectives: I am here to inspire you to overcome the kind of fear that will make you feel incapable of accomplishing your goals.

I want you to say “no” to procrastination or anything that undervalues your potentials.

Why I Need Your Full Attention

After reading this post you would surely know how to control anything that makes you feel like a failure or unresponsive to critical situations. In the actual sense, we are responsible for our own destruction or unhappiness.

What Do you tell your self when you start yearning for something better?. Do you say positive things to your self when going through trials or you are the kind of people who fill their hearts with doubts?.

The way you use your conscious mind would definitely have a tremendous effect on your life. Again, I want to draw your attention to the fact that negative emotions such as fear of success are bad for you. I mean if you fail to control it; you will hardly see a progression in whatever you have planned to achieve.

A psychologist called N. D. Walsch once said: fear can be described as an emotion caused by the following way of thinking: “I won’t be able to get what I need.”

Taking The Bold Step Over Fear Of Success

You are actually not gambling with your future if you make an investment in a business. There is nothing to be afraid of when embarking on such a kind of initiative.

Many people would agree with me that the fear of success is a sign of someone’s unpreparedness to make a good living. However, it is the very same thing they could hardly eliminate when pursuing their lofty goals. Yes!, many are trapped in a paradox and so can’t liberate themselves from it.

Fantasy: A woman searches for success


I will always tell you the bitter truth that if you are living in constant fear because you feel inferior, weak, unintelligent, inappropriate, useless, etc. then you will not be able to achieve those beautiful things your heart desires. It is time to address that negative emotion with positive and hard work. You must believe that you are unlimited to greater achievements.

It’s a terrible thing if you allow constant fear of becoming a successful person to rule your life. Have you thought about how you rather risk your life getting cardiac arrest and other complicated health issues?.

I don’t think you would like to welcome such kind of uninvited guests that may shorten your life span on earth. A consistent fear of success is a bad thing for you. Literally, it could even kill you. Prepare your mind to silence it.

“It is possible for someone to have health complications or die from fright,” says Erwin, a professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine.”

In order not to fall prey to the dangers of allowing kind of fear to rule your daily life, you may visit AJMC to understand how it affects your total well-being. You need to be in a very good mood to pursue your goals.

Sometimes taking a crucial decision concerning your future could be disheartening. The fear of making the wrong decisions could hunt you for long. It could be like a nightmare. My friend, there is no need to panic. Whether you think you are at a disadvantage position to become successful or not — you can still make a difference.

Achieving success is beautiful like these pearls

Take a deep breath to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. It will help you to release some stress. Now use that simple but powerful lever called “brain” and make the best decision. The reason is that you know your self far better than anyone.

In other cases, you might need to seek the best kind of specialist the relates to your needs. You can also learn from those we call role models. Believe or not, they are the kind of people who dealt with much worse fretful situations.

There is no time to play around. If you really want to see your life, business, marriage, and all your plans become successful then be courageous to face your fears. Never be afraid to fail whiles you chase your goals; be resilient.

Confront anything that threatens your success and happiness with positivity. It all begins in the mind. Believe that you will succeed in everything you do.

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”
—Arnold Schwarzenegger

Perhaps you have to season that ordeal with what we know as “positive affirmation.” Anyone who chooses positivity over negativity has the ability to stay focused on his or her goals. No destruction would ever succeed to derail them from their goals.

Finally, remind yourself that the fear of success is something illusional. It resides in the mind. Face reality with better plans of becoming successful. Even if you fail; try again and again until you make it. Your greatest regret would be —when you give up.

I believe you would agree with me that in this hectic world; fear is a bad thing for people wanting to live a purposeful life. The entrepreneur, for instance, would have to take the risk of investing in a venture without being afraid. This is how we win in life.

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