Too Much Excuses Can Ruin Your Life

You would hardly taste success if you keep on giving excuses for your business, failure, and weaknesses. You can’t choose to justify your incongruous lifestyle with excuses and achieve your goals. It takes real men to face their challenges, conquer their fears and fulfill their dreams.

Reasons why you must stop excusing yourself

It is time to stop excusing yourself. Do you have any idea how excuses could ruin your entire life?. It is not so different from procrastination. However, both of them could turn a beautiful moment into a moment of grief and regrets that leaves irreparable pains in the hearts of men.

In this post, you would find out why excuses could be as poisonous as snake venom that kills slowly by disengaging the heartbeat and the blood flow in your veins. Excusing yourself is like sentencing your self to death through lethal injection. It moves through your bloodstream to your heart and causes cardiac arrest. It’s a terrific thing.

The moment you get addicted to excuses, you confine yourself in a virtual prison. Take a look into your life: What are some of the important things you are supposed to do that you have neglected?. If you don’t break free it will destroy your life.

Before you finish reading this post, I bet you— you would not be a fan of making excuses again. Believe or not what we have is now. If you are not doing what you should do now… Who promised you tomorrow?. Don’t forget, tomorrow is not promised.

You have zero reasons to justify your excuses. Yes!. I challenge you today that your excuses are invalid. Living life on this planet is like being in the military(obey before complain).

In fact, it is not even wise enough to complain if you truly know what you are supposed to do. Do it for your own betterment or for the goodness of others. We all want results that changes a life. It begins by overcoming your challenges in life.

Excuse me, you have no excuse not to work, you have no excuse not to feel happy, neither do you have any excuse of not doing what you can do.

Facing The Awful Truth

Those who are fond of excuses are lazy people. They would find many reasons for why they did not do this or that. If you truly know you are part of this category read “how to turn your laziness into profitable jobs.”

Facts To Remember Before You Give Excuses

Is not because you are afraid? Is it not because you are lazy?. In addition are you not giving excuses because you are feeling insecure, weak and uninspired?. I call all these flimsy excuses as emotional and psychological diseases which are curable.

Let me tell you the truth; life is not a good place for losers and lazy people. It is impossible to avoid challenges. Obstructions will come but you need to find reasons to stay motivated. If it is raining it doesn’t mean you cannot go to work. Get your umbrella, put on your raincoat, or better still walk through if its very urgent. Time and tide wait for no man.

This is a perfect scenario to help you stop excusing yourself. You can either take it literally or the other way round. You still land on one single point; “Stop excusing yourself.”

Challenges are not a platform for refusing to accomplish your lofty goals. They rather test your capacity for readiness to shine like a star. If you really want to live a happy and successful life, get rid of excuses.

Look at the brighter side and bury any kind of complaints that will surface in your mind. You can make it happen if you believe in yourself. Excuses are negatives that retard success, happiness, and development.

Stop Excusing Yourself — Whom To Learn From?

Quite a number of people have proved to us that anything is possible if you believe and take the right path. Someone is incapacitated but that doesn’t mean he can’t do anything than to give excuses.

Just like I said early, in order to stop excusing yourself you need to embrace that fact that hard times are normal. It is your choice to succumb to failure or embrace the power of resilience to stay atop of your problems.

This reminds of my controversial article that explains why poverty is a matter of choice. You can sit down or stand up to do something that could bring a positive change in your life.

Someone like Pastor Nick Vujicic has no legs nor arms yet he feels so blessed and grateful. He was born limbless and yet has overcome his challenges.

He is one of the three most inspirational persons I have always been proud of. You need to feel ashamed for giving flimsy excuses. Instead, think about the positivities and the possibilities. We are dealing with time and time is money.

Would you spend it complaining about something you could change when you put in more effort by taking action?. Yes!, action speaks louder than words. Do it and let a change happen. Be dynamic and alter positive chances in every aspect of your life.

Things To Do Now

What you have at this moment of your life is “now.” Procrastination is a bad thing that destroys a beautiful moment. You don’t have to feel worthless, stupid or uninspired. You have to face your challenges and be a conqueror.

Life will never present success and happiness to you without sweating for it. Unless you decide to take a shortcut. This kind of success doesn’t last long and there are consequences and repercussions awaiting for any trespasser. It is time to stop excusing yourself.

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