Why Christians Are Using This Village’s Story Of Faith As A Great Lesson

Has anyone told you about any story of faith? Here is one from a pathetic village. It is something that can give you enough inspiration to move beyond where you are now. It is time you learn some lessons from stories that remind Christians about their call for unlimited greatness.

A kid from the story of faith

Many people find it so simple to talk about their problems and how they want God to help them out. It sounds quite easy to talk about your trust for the LORD. Many of us boast about having faith. But in reality, only a few Christians are able to demonstrate it. You could be just like Abraham who was a mere man like you and I. But his unwavering faith got him so many blessings from God. Are you prepared for your miracles?. Learn from this story of faith…

Today I want to share one particular story that talks about faith. I believe many Christians really need to see this; that reading any story of faith can help energize your relationship with God. And through that, you would receive many more blessings than never before.

It is true, we all have problems that need to be solved. Some are our darkest secrets but we shouldn’t be afraid to confess it to God. He is ever-present to help His children.

If you really need a kind of a faith story that will remind you of who you are in Christ Jesus; then get your fingers cross. After reading it all — go out there and demonstrate it all the time. Even in hard times, you should show enough faith in God that everything would be alright.

A Quick Reminder

Perhaps you have forgotten about what faith is all about. Let me give you the definition right from the Bible:

“Now faith is being confident of what we hope for, convinced about things we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

Now, I believe the picture is painted clearly. Before I talk to you about any story of faith; I would like to remind you that I have already published tons of articles that relate to faith in God. I, therefore, believe you might be interested to read a couple of them:

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Now get prepared to let everyone know that you truly believe in God, you truly have an unconditional trust for the Lord. If not, this story of faith I’m about to share is exclusively for you.

To those whose faith is weak like a dead stick — pay attention to the story I’m about to share with you. The Bible itself has a lot of faith stories for Christians. But sometimes we need to look around us and figure out how we can prove to God and the people around us that we have faith. There is a saying I like so much and it goes like this:

“Where there is faith, there is no fear; and where there is fear, there is no faith.”

It sounds true and perfect. We can learn how to live a life full of unwavering faith from our fellow friends who are Christians. And stories can teach us valuable lessons about how to go about it.

That story could be a real story or folklore but if only it offers relevant lessons to Christian believers then it would be a great thing. Learn it and go out and demonstrated it.

An Interesting Story Of Faith From Desperate Villagers

After having a deep thought and looking around for a faith-based story for my readers; I ended up with this one below and I hope you would enjoy every bit of it.

Once upon a time, a small village of about 200 people was facing long drought. It was a desperate situation but there seems to be no cure for their predicament.

All crops and water bodies have dried up. The fate of animals in the house and in the forest was left in their own hands. It has been a couple of months since they started praying for rain. But there wasn’t a sign of a single drop from heaven. All hope was gone.

3 elephants walking on a dried land looking for water

In order to survive, they have to walk more than 3 miles before they can have access to water from the next village. It was a painstaking journey they do every single day.

In view of that, some of the villagers packed their bags and baggage to find new places to stay. They felt as if they have been cursed. So they abandoned their village.

One earlier morning, a prophet appeared from nowhere and announced to the villagers that he will let rain fall for everyone to have access to water.

This is a profound idea, the villagers said to themselves. To keep things going, the prophets told them to meet him in an open place early in the morning for him to pray for rains to fall.

As anxious as they are — they took the message in good faith. Believing that their long-suffering to drought is about to come to an end.

The next day, almost all the villagers made it to the exact location given by the Prophets. They were anxious to see a miracle. They want rain from God.

The Prophet stood in front of them, look at their faces from different directions and told them to go back home and come the following day. They murmured, some became skeptical and judgmental of the Prophets. What’s going on?.

It was another day and as usual. They met again and the Prophet came around looking at their faces as if they were Egyptian mummies. Did you know what he told them this time around? He said exactly what he said the previous day: “go home and meet me again tomorrow!.”

The situation was making the desperate villagers annoyed. They said a whole lot of negative things about the Prophets. Some insulted bitterly.

What Happened In The Last Day?

On the third day, these villagers came again in their numbers. Believing this time around they will witness a miracle of rainwater from God.

This same prophet appeared again and he looked disappointed on his face. The villagers were staring at him for good news this time. But from the look of things, it looks to be the same old story.

But there was something else… The Prophets became sad, disappointed and annoyed at the whole crowd; telling them that they are not ready for rainwater.

He condemned their act of coming around quickly without any preparation for rainwater. He said to them because of your unpreparedness, that is why you haven’t seen any rain.

The Prophets went further by saying if you were prepared enough for rainwater; you would have come here with umbrellas, raincoats, basins, buckets, etc. You would have placed basins and buckets in your various houses… But none was able to do that.

A woman in the story of faith holding umbrella

How can God carry you if you haven’t put on your head pad?. In short, the villagers realized that they were anxious for help without any faith.

The Moral Lesson Behind this Story Of Faith

This story of faith shows that the villagers did not even have a little faith like Peter when Jesus told him to walk on the water?. Peter began sinking because his faith was weak. As for the villagers they had zero faith but they were desperate for an answer from God.

So faith has to be available in every Christian believer. Don’t mix it up with fear. These two can never be in harmony. When you ask God in prayers for anything; have faith and never fail to trust Him unconditionally.

He has already promised to bless you, make you prosperous, protect you and give you eternal life. Just be ready for Him all the time. Go out there and demonstrate your faith in God. He is watching you.

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Here is a heart-touching story of faith from a village that teaches about the negative effect of being a faithless Christian. God never wants you to doubt Him. Receive his blessings.

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