You Will Never Be Late And A Failure If You Wait On God

It takes much faith, courage, and dedication when you decide to wait on God for his amazing plan for your life. It will never be too late if you let Him take control of your whole life. Your miracle is just around the corner. Have patience.

When you find yourself waiting for God and his promises, don't let anything steal away your faith.

God is not affected by time nor space. Christians must take note of that. He has got everything under control. So waiting on God is the best idea any believer could employ to see his/her prayers answered according to the will of the creator of heaven and earth.

In most of my recent articles, I have shared a thousand reasons why “patience” can gradually propel us to get what we need in life. In other words, those who wait on the Lord enjoys the reward of their perseverance and the time sacrificed to have access to whatever their hearts have been longing for.

How does it feel like when you pray to God and expects him to be at work?… The Bible says when we pray God listens. He is ever present to help. Interestingly God does not work like a genie that will fulfill your wish at an instant to prove his power and presence.

God needs not to prove himself to anyone. He is eternal and omnipotent. Don’t put him into compulsion simply because you are in dire need of help. Wait!.

“Patiently wait for God alone, my soul! For he is the one who gives me confidence” (Psalms 62:5).

As you have been waiting for God for miracles and healings I would like to reveal some important secret behind your suffering when it comes to a personal relationship with God and his amazing plan to put smiles on his Children. The major factor I want you to note of is “faith.”

Before you decide to wait on God for whatever reason: ask yourself, “do I have a strong faith like a mustard seed?.” This is the genesis of miracles. Maybe you would be interested in reading about having faith in God during hard times.

I am hopeful before you finish reading this article; you will understand the importance of waiting on God and why you must wait.

Decision To Wait On God

The moment you tell yourself “I will wait for the Lord’s perfect timing” you must cooperate with him and trust him unconditionally. God is not a man and so should not be treated as a man. He is far greater than a man in terms of everything.

“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD” (Psalms 27:14)

It’s a choice to ask God exactly what you need. Let me take a break and bring into your mind: have you asked God about anything?. I perceive you responded “Yes.” Our problems are numerous. We need a loving father to unload us, give us strength, happiness, and hope for the future.

Praying to God and presenting your challenges to him doesn’t guarantee an instant answer. That is why it takes more than being just a Christian when you find yourself waiting on God.

However, God does not answer just anyone’s prayer. He is always right in his actions. You may not understand him today. But someday you will. You need to fuel your Christian life with faith. This is the ideal ‘ingredient’ that will bring your answers. That is when it meets God’s will.

That Feeling Of Waiting On God

If you are waiting on God today and the days to come; it means you need his help. What is bothering you?. Financial constraints? Marital problems? Health problems? Spiritual attack? Emotional disorder? etc. Don’t fret. If you have God, you have everything.

Well, the moment any Christian realize the simple fact that there is nothing greater for God to do; then waiting on God worth more than giving attention to anyone else. He is never too early and never too late. Entrust in him that everything God is making you go through is for your own betterment. That is why even in pains we still smile.

Waiting On God: How does it work like?

Let me give you a scenario. It’s like a gentleman who has been at the train station waiting for the train to take him home. It’s been a long wait but the train hasn’t t shown up.

He is surely aware that there are a number of trains around that can take him home. But there is only one special train that is of high quality with perfect customer service. This special train I’m talking about represent “God.”

It’s always challenging, to choose God over everything. Whether he is here with you or not; Christians are expected to cling to him.

This gentleman kept on waiting on God and at long last that special train showed up. What a relief?. When he entered, he noticed something amazing and unbelievable. The inner section looks more than a train. It is a real home with everything he needed.

He was refreshed with everything he has lost in tenfolds. Food, drinks, water, rest, etc. while he enjoys the perfect condition of the train.

This man forgot he was supposed to alight when he reached his destination. He overslept because he felt a total relieved and decided not to go home at all. God said you are welcome to stay.

“So then, do not judge anything before the time. Wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the motives of hearts. Then each will receive recognition from God” (1 Corinthians 4:5).

Your Reward Is Beyond Measure

If you are a Christian who is waiting on God for help: I recommend reading my article about the reward for patience and honesty. The time you are spending for the sake of the Lord will never be in vain.

The Bible has specifically said:

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (Isaiah 40:30).

Sometimes most of us fail to endure pains and other afflictions. There is no need to be in haste if you truly believe in God. Leave everything into his hand. Relax, pray and have faith that “problem solved.”

It Could Be A Test Of Patience

After saying a prayer, you have to exercise patience for the Lord to take control of everything. He will pick you up and drive you safely to your promised land.

Giving up on God will be a deadly mistake for any Christian. Maybe God wants to see if you truly love him and trust him unconditionally as you have been saying.

Just like how Job trusted in God and waited for his redemption; so as you should do. Even if all hope is gone, don’t let go the hand of God. Hold fast unto him while you await an answer from him. He will reward you with abundant blessings.

The world will try to disillusion you. Don’t turn your back on God saying “God has disappointed me.” No!. God has so many promises to give you a brighter future. He is not a man and so never lies.

Trust him while you keep on waiting on God. It is never too late. Keep on praying and don’t forget to thank him when his train comes to pick you up while you look stranded as the man who was at the train station.

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