Did You Know Forgetting The Past Can Help You Build A Successful Life?

To forget the past requires much courage and a strong mindset. You are living your today and tomorrow not your yesterday. The future needs much more of your attention than what is dead and gone.

Surely you must forget the past and anything that pulls you backwards emotionally and psychologically—because of hurtful experience
Your childhood days are over; the old you is over so forget the past. Whiles almost everyone is thinking about the future —why would you get stuck to your past. You must evolve in strength, ambitions, wisdom, and proper planning.

We are meant to go through a lot of changes to find better things in life. Are you worried about a broken relationship? Lost of job? Failures? etc.

Don’t worry, there is hope for you. Forget the past first before you can see the brighter side of the life ahead.

God made you to grow in wisdom, strength while you make life a better place for your soul. Life transition is a natural phenomenon that nobody can change.

Don’t even look back at the mistakes, you made. Don’t be hunted by the awful experiences you have had. It will only ruin your beautiful future.

Time passes by and leaves us with either good memories or bad memories. But you can’t bring back whatever has passed away. A dead man is dead and gone. Let him RIP. Life still goes on.

You have to develop the habit of using self reflection for personal development.

This will help you to have a better knowledge of your life; whether you are progressing or failing. Then you apply the best solutions to get you on track. Be aware of whatever is happening around you.

Time is always running. Each moment passes away and vanishes like a puff of smoke. Within a blink of an eye, everything changes: either pleasant or unpleasant.

We have little or no control over events happening around us. This is because “time and tide wait for no man.” To forget the past deliberately means it worth zero percent of your attention.

It’s a beautiful day once again. And as we always go about our daily activities; the awful experience, the sweet moments, together with all the good and bad moments make us what we are today.

I believe everyone must understand the simple fact that—most of our past events need to be forgotten. A few might worth your memory. But bear in mind that no matter how the past felt like— you can’t change it, you can’t modify, intensify or alter the feeling it gave you in any way.

If you are uncertain about how to let go of your unfruitful past relationships I recommend taking a detour by reading my article about how to burn bridges with people without having a second thought.

What Does The Past Hold For You?

Certain experiences in the past leave irreparable memories in our minds. Some are scars on our bodies or in our hearts. If it steals your happiness— do your best to forget it.

Turn your bad experiences into something positive quote

It is already gone what can you do?. You can not turn the hands of time no matter how badly you develop the need to reconsider your decisions in the past to undo your actions.

Depending on your life journey— you may have uncountable bad experiences in the past. From failed relationships to failed businesses, jobs, goals, etc. Everything in your past that reminds you of your pains, sorrows, and dark days needs to be forgotten ASAP.

On the order hand, the past could be the foundation for your life today. Everything that happened teaches you many different kinds of lessons.

The mistakes, failures, fears, disappointment, broken hearts, etc. leave some memory in your mind. Those memories may harm your current life activities if you fail to forget or put them under control.

Is It Wise To Forget The Past?

Yes, of course, it is a great idea to forget the past irrespective of how pleasant it feels in our memories. Although good past events feel so good when they resurface in our minds. It is more or less like fantasies. Why?. Because it is dead and gone.

Forget the past lesson from a rear mirror

Tap into the world of reality and create a beautiful future for yourself.
The Bible has made it clear that it is not a worthy idea to long for the good old days.

“Don’t say, “Why were the former days better than these?” For you do not ask wisely about this” (Proverbs 7:10).

However, in our human nature, it is entirely difficult to forget about certain crucial events that happened in our past lives. Having good memories of someone or something is very pleasant to the mind.

On the contrarily having a bad memory of someone or something could be devastating. You may lose your appetite, concentration, happiness, and hopes at an instant.

Scientists have made us aware that our brains are always biased in terms of recollecting past events. Unfortunately, it reminds us of awful situations that have happened in our past at a higher response rate than pleasant memories.

This explains why depression is so common and killing millions of people. As for good memories, it rarely resurfaces in our minds. Visit ‘mindtools’ to read more about psychological biases and how to deal with them effectively.

And you always have to battle it out. Well, whatever the case is— you can forget the past.

Why You Must Forget The Past

Honestly, it won’t be so easy to say goodbye to all the hurtful past experiences. Imagine you had a lovely honeymoon a few years ago.

Memories in life

The memory may likely last forever. You wouldn’t dare try to forget. But what will happen if there is a divorce a few years later?. It then becomes a psychological battle.

You need to understand that— The past teaches lessons that will be like a manual for amending past mistakes and failures.

Whatever happened has ended. What is left is the memory that surfaces in your mind. It will be a choice to allow it to influence your future positively or negatively.

It steals your time, happiness, dreams, talents, and any valuable thing in your life. That is if you feed it all the time. The painful past experiences can destroy your beautiful future.

If you want to find helpful strategies that will help you know how to forget any bad experience in your past life; follow what I recommended earlier in this post.

You can apply the same methods in burning bridges with people that don’t add value to your life.

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