Your Suffering Today Is Temporal— There Is A Cure

Suffering is preventable but it is more blessing to go through all those pains before you see the sunlight. It teaches us a whole lot of life lessons. Just like the saying ‘experience is the best teacher’

Time to end the Suffering in your life

Without any doubt, more than half of the world’s population are suffering in life. So far as time changes it means your suffering will change for the best. And so far as there is a loving God, the impossible will be possible. Believe or not miracles do happen. There is something you have to do in order to see a tremendous change in your life.

Why suffering? Don’t you think it is the consequence of something mischievous you did?. It could even be that you are not doing your best in smoothing all the rough edges showing up in your life. Well, maybe you are innocent. But whatever the case is— there is a solution. Suffering in life is just a small portion of your life journey. You can bring it under control.

The focus of this whole message is to inspire you to adopt the relevant strategies that will help you to:

1. Endure pains(physical and emotional)
2. Find good reasons for your sufferings
3. Persevere
4. Overcome all challenges and obstructions
5. Be a survivor and a role model for others.

Apparently, we all learn from our predecessors. Why? Because they faced the same challenges we are complaining about. Now the question is how did they survive?. They are mere humans just like you. You have everything you need to turn things around. Perhaps you haven’t realized that— let me show you how it works.

You In Question

Remember that there is nothing new under the sun. And everything happens for a reason. Look deep into your life and assess every single thing that is giving you pains, stealing away your happiness and leaving you empty. That sense of vacuum within needs to be filled.

But Why Suffering In Life?

Your suffering may be from something(a mistake) you made years ago. Maybe someone inflicted that pain on you. It could even be a generational curse.

Some of us are bombarded with too many problems. From unstable marriages, financial constraints, disappointment, suppression, exploitation, retrogression, depression, diseases, and sickness. Just to mention but few.

You are likely battling one or two of these “situational challenges.” I prefer calling it situational challenges because everything happening to you is temporal. By the way, don’t forget that happiness is a choice. Don’t let your suffering consume you and make you feel worthless. Believe me, there is still hope. Yes! There is. So far as you still have breath in you.

Take It Normal And Find Inspiration Within Your Suffering.

Nature teaches us so many lessons. It awes us with so many things that could be transformed into our daily lives.

Time changes, seasons changes,…even a truncated tree regrows with a fresh beginning. Being alive makes anything possible.

A Perfect Scenario

If it rains every day you wouldn’t feel happy going about your normal duties. Businesses and other services will come to a halt. That is temporal. The rain will surely cease, no matter how long it falls.

When there is sunshine…there comes a relief with a beautiful smile after Suffering in life. Pains rather strengthens you.

For Christians especially, the Bible encourages us to rejoice when we face troubles. It might sound unreasonable to the unbeliever and the one with little faith.

Be like a soldier who smiles to his own grave. Resilience is one of the secrets to success.

Putting An End To Your Suffering

Now let’s find the best antidote to yourself. Before you take a step— know what is making you feel unhappy. I will categorize it under three broad sections. By knowing the root of your afflictions.

1. Physical
2. Emotional
3. Spiritual

Where do you think your suffering belong?. Emotional sufferings could be treacherous if not dealt with immediately. It messes up with your brain’s function. You may be interested in reading my article about how to endure pains.

Do these:

1. Think positive: A mind is a powerful machine that your whole body obeys. Send a positive signal to all your senses that everything will be fine. Your emotional problems might be residing in your conscious mind. You can control and overcome that awful feeling. If it’s in your subconscious mind— relax and write down how you feel.

There is a belief that the moment you put down your awful feelings into writings the unknown reason will move into your conscious mind and become known. Maybe you have a kind of guilt that used to be unclear. Just clear every doubt, and guilt in your mind.

2. Handle The Cause With Courage

If you ever find yourself Suffering in life — stay calm. Look out for the cause of your suffering. It must be dealt with appropriately. Financial constraints need proper financial planning such as saving money for future success, ensuring reasonable expenses etc.

Diseases and sicknesses need medical attention and a healthy lifestyle that nourishes the body for strength and energy.

3. Prayer

According to the Bible, the faithful Christian’s prayer can unlock any problem that has been a barrier in his marriage, health finance and every single aspect of his life. If you don’t know how to present your problems to God — learn how to pray now. Receive your healing from above now and forevermore.

4. Hopefulness/Affirmations
Speak positive things into your life. Use the power of affirmation to put a stop to all the sufferings you may be going through. Don’t forget that there is power in the tongue so use it with caution and judiciously.

When you get confronted with challenges — rebuke it. Even if the Devil confronts you—rebuke him. As a Christian believe you have the power to overcome the Devil and his evil devices.

“Because you have made the LORD your refuge, and the Highest your dwelling place, no evil shall overtake you; no plague shall come near your dwelling. For he will put his angels in charge of you, to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:9-11).

I am hopeful your suffering in life will cease now and forevermore. Take the right steps. Don’t be quiet and allow your problems to escalate. God loves to see you happy, free and successful. Stay blessed.

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