Enjoy Life As It Unfolds Every Single Day

Nobody would love to be labeled a ‘jerk’ or ‘useless.’ The intimate goal for almost everyone is to derive as much happiness as he can. It all starts by being a light that shines in the darkness.

enjoying everyday life can make you happy always
Do you find it hard enjoying everyday life – Get ready for a transformation.

Enjoying everyday life is as simple as A, B, C. How do people see you? what do they say about you?. And how do you see yourself?. Be honest. Are you enjoying everyday life as it passes by? Do you think you are a better person to yourself? Friends? Coworkers? Family and even strangers?.

According to ECOLOGY TODAY, about 151,600 people die each day. Be proud that you still have breath in you. Where there is life there is hope.

You can’t run away from the kind of impact you leave in the hearts of others. This is the more reason why you need to be fundamentally lovable, caring and hard working. It is much rewarding than being an outcast or a useless person. How much is your value?. Please know your value and never underestimate yourself. Weigh yourself by considering the level of your compassion, love, friendliness, etc. After knowing all these, enjoying everyday life would be a part and parcel of you.

Yes, you can be good, or be the better person you want. You can even be the best. Enjoying life every day would make you happier and grateful, irrespective of the challenges life throws at you.

Life wouldn’t ever be a better place for you if you fail to know how to be a better person. No sane person will entertain wicked, treacherous and stupid arrogant people. Never fall into the category of wickedness.

Let’s take a look at how amazing it is to be alive. There are basic things you must do to better your life each day. It is through that, that you can enlighten the lives of others. It is not about being selfish. if you enjoy life alone without your lovely friends and family how would the world of others be blissful?

I would like to make it known to you today, some of the best ways you can enjoy life each day. Every single day has a 24 hours count but not every day will be the same. Things might go wrong. Yes, tomorrow is not promised. And as a matter of fact, everything happens for a reason. You must still look at the brighter side. Smile.

Just as we are all living in human institutions doesn’t mean everyone would be humane. Some believe in Karma so they try to do good and reap the reward of goodness|. The Bible has also said; you reap what you sow.

The Fear Of Failure

Life would not always go the way you expect. However, it doesn’t mean you should swim with the stream. It is only a dead fish that swims with the stream. Be resilient to failure.

Before I talked about how to enjoy everyday life let me remind you that, imperfection lies in every man. Keep on doing whatever good thing you are doing. Don’t quit ONLY if your dreams are feasible. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Don’t be afraid to fail. Instead be ashamed if you learn nothing from your mistakes and failures. In fact, enjoying everyday life must be your biggest priority.

Enjoying Everyday Life In 5 Simple Ways

If you can’t be the best friend or best father, husband, wife, worker etc. then be “better” to those in your life. Naturally, we all have divine responsibilities, when observed properly makes the person in question a better person.

You can’t be a lovely person if you indulge in unethical behaviors. If you have a problem enjoying every single day that passes by, then take note of the following.

Things to do in enjoying everyday life:

1. Work hard
Yes, do work hard for whatever dream you are chasing. To be a conqueror, you must fight many battles. Achievements/success is earned. The more you put in your best in your work, business or career the more you feel happy — “work and happiness.”

2. Light Your World
You may be a role model to your Children, friends, and people who really admire you. Your whole life could be mirrored by those around you. The friends you make will surely learn something from you. Be mindful of how you behave, and interact with people you come into contact with.

3. Light The World Of Others/Generosity
I often remind my readers that “giving” is one of the best kind of divine responsibilities bestowed on us. Anyone who truly wants to know how to be a better person must make “kindness” his hallmark.

It leaves a perfect impression in the lives of people who benefit from your benevolence. Even most of the world billionaires have made “charity” part of their impact in the lives of people around the world. This makes them better people to the human race.

There are many ways you can know how to be a better person by giving. Maybe you would like to read my post about “Why it is good to give.”

4. Fun
There is a saying that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Sometimes you have to stay off your busy schedule to relax and have fun. Yes! you need to kill some stress before the stress kills you.

Happiness is a matter of choice. Choose happiness all the time but find special moments to have fun with your family, friends and loved ones.

5. Avoid Competitions
Literally, competitions do exist. But your concern must be about making yourself and everything you are doing better. Forget about what others are chasing. Challenge yourself each do to help you know how to be a better person in life, at the workplace, school etc.

I always love to iterate that never ever stress yourself to be better than your predecessors or Contemporaries. Bettering yourself each day would make you the best in the long run. I bet you, you would even break new grounds and become second to none.

6. Keep Fit
It is recommended by doctors to exercise often. Even if you can’t hit the gym, just do some stretches, jogging, cycling etc. to look strong and healthy. It is about being fit to stand tall when life challenges knock at your door. If you are fit emotionally, physically and Spiritually, you would also look better. No wonder, God even have interest in your health and happiness.

The Bottom-Line

Enjoying everyday life is not about money and riches. It first begins from you. If you could be a light then surely you will shine for others to find a way to their happiness.

Live a simple life worth to be remembered even when you are gone. Never get scared of failure trying to do your best. It makes you a better person; That is if you take notice of the valuable lessons left behind.

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