Here Is How To Accept Yourself Just The Way You Are

If you understand how complex and strange our world is;Accepting yourself the way you are wouldn’t be a problem.Imperfection resides in man.There is nothing like “problem-free” life, so be grateful to yourself so far as you can breathe. Failing to accept yourself is a big mistake.

accepting yourself
Accepting yourself just the way you are frees you from inferiority complex

Accepting yourself:Do you sometimes feel awkward about yourself?.If “Yes” then you are among the millions of people who have failed to recognised their value(Know why you deserve the best).

This world is made up of 7 billion different people. People from different places with different looks,character, beliefs, likes,dislikes etc.If you wouldn’t accept yourself; who do you want to accept you?.My dear,you don’t need the approval of anyone to be who you are.

Anyone who finds it difficult to accept himself/herself has one or two challenges. It could be financial constraints, prejudice,marriage divorce,deformities,sickness and diseases or any form of predicament.They fail to know that, if there is “life” then there is hope.You are not useless as you think of yourself or as people say you are.

There is nobody like you.I mean you are very unique. Even if someone else resembles you,he/she is not you.Accepting yourself just the way you are makes you the best version of yourself.

Life hasn’t been fair to many people. There are a lot of people who are suffering from many diseases,depression, poverty, inferiority complex etc.Others who are handicapped for various reasons.All these people have beautiful souls residing in them.Inferiority complex is something you should avoid.

The truth here is, there is no perfect being on earth. again,there is no one without problems or challenges.The rich and the poor alike have life challenges. Accepting yourself will send positive message out to people that you know your value.You have the most valuable thing in life. Even if people say you are ugly,poor,useless, etc.; Don’t be moved by their derogatory words.

Sometimes, I wish,there are a lot of people to give inspiration to people who are downhearted. These people have lost focus in life because they feel dejected or unimportant. I call this “self crime”.You are committing crime against yourself.

Spare me a minute to remind you of the best ways of having positive mindset. Let your conscience be Free from things that prevent you from accepting yourself. Don’t despair for there is hope.

If accepting yourself has been a tug of war for you;Then there are one or two things you must do.

♦.Avoid Pessimists/Negaholics: These are the kind of people who will demoralise you with their negative thoughts.Avoid anyone who stir up your inferiority complex.

♦.Understand that, you are not the worse person on earth. The fact is, nobody is perfect. Accepting yourself will make you know your level of strength and weakness. Don’t stress over things you cannot change. Don’t stress about what people say about you. Define yourself with positive thoughts.

♦.Learn from people who have accepted themselves despite their predicaments. Example is Nick Vujicic; He was born with no arms and no legs but accepting himself has made him a reknown person.He is an evangelist and motivational speaker.You can visit Nick Vujicic’s offical site for more insights. Helen Keller was blind and dumb but she accepted herself.She never let her situation cripple her beautiful life. Helen achieved so many things like inventing some of the sign languages dump people use today.

♦If you are a Christian and your life challenges have overshadowed you,don’t forget to pray. God listen to prayers. He heals, comforts and restores broken souls. He can comfort you more than anyone.

The Bottom-line Of Accepting Yourself

Accepting yourself should also inspire you to change what you can change. I mean there are situations you cannot do anything about. Accept it once and for all.Example are things that nature has bestowed on you. These include your race,height, the way you walk etc.Things that you can change might be your behaviour.If you have grown too fat and accepting yourself is a problem; Mind your dietary, do enough exercise to burn the fats.See your doctor for medical advise and treatment.

Accepting yourself the way you are makes you look real and special.Those who really understand life never reject them self.Find the inspiration to make you the best version of yourself.There is no one like you and there woul never be anyone like you.You are special.

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