Here Is Why You Must Leave A Little Secret in Your Life

Life is not all about having feasible dreams. There is something important attached to it – leave a little secret in your life. A positive secret life is what I’m talking about. This would help you stay safe from sabotages that would come from ungrateful people.

Remember to live a secret life that will protect your beautiful dreams... not everyone would appreciate your efforts for success.
Most of the secret life people live are full of awful mistakes, situations, lies etc. but here, we look at the positive side of living a secret life concerning your lofty dreams. your privacy is always respected. Your life and your dreams are yours alone, you decide when, how and where to make it public. Should it not be at the end of the tunnel?

Understanding What Entails A Secret Life For Success

For you to live a secret life that protects your future dreams, that secret must be a positive one. A SECRET is not always about keeping that thing or info to your self, it could include the knowledge of one or few people. In short, a secret is any information you conceal from one or more people.

But for the purpose of this article, I am going to address positive secrets that are legit and bound to bring success into anyone’s life.

Forget about the secrets about the pilfering you do at the workplace or the cheating you have employed in your romantic relationship.

It’s always unpredictable to figure out the exact thought of the person next to you. Not even a professional psychologist will be so sure of someone’s intentions.

Since human beings are not subjected to experiment, you must be cautious about how you share your most important dreams. Learn how to live a secret life that will guide your beautiful dreams before they materialize for everyone to see.

Yes!, we are unpredictable. The noblest person you have ever known may compromise his values within seconds when situations rage fire in his hat. The one you confide in may betray your trust. People do change their attitudes and thoughts in seconds. I, therefore, recommend reading my article; “4 reasons why you should not trust anyone.”

To Live A Secret Life – The Focus Point

The focus of this post is to clarify the reasons why you must leave a little secret to your beautiful life. As you read this post, I am pretty sure you have lofty dreams you would like to achieve in the next coming months or years. If you have got no dreams in life then you are as dead as firewood.

That may sound awkward but its the fact. Dare not think you are too weak, unimportant or poor and so there is nothing better left for you in life. Don’t lie to yourself, don’t kill your “can do spirit.” Even a truncated tree is hopeful to regrow. Get ready for a secret life purposed for an uninterrupted successful journey.

They Are Always Evaluating You

Each day, people will ask you, how are you doing?. All they expect is to tell them “I’m fine.” Yet there are some days you really have ill-feeling. The moment you say “you feel bad“, “things are not good,” then they begin to inquire… What’s actually happening?…

Not all the faces you see have good intentions about your well-being. Why then don’t you live a secret life for your own safety?. They always feel happy to see you looking miserable? This is the more reason why you must keep a little secret to your life. Yes!, live a secret life that puts you on the safer side of the road.

Work hard, fulfill that dream and your success or breakthrough will take them by surprise. Sabotaging you would be too late. Apparently, this is the main reason why you should have a kind of positive secret life.

Oh wait, what about that curious enemy who is vitally interested in knowing about what you are keeping it secret?. Did you tell him you feel happier?. That enemy hates seeing you happy so dare not make a mistake telling him all the sources of your happiness. It’s not a big deal. Just tell him you are grateful for the gift of life and the little you have.

No need for detailed info about your lofty dreams. Your dreams are your own. You do not share with anyone. If its a wish you can wish everyone in this world their heart desire.

Why Is It Necessary To Live A Secret Life?

If nobody has inspired you to live a secret life that brings about success, then today you have to take a bold step to hide some of your future plans from certain people – if not all.

You have those dreams in your mind and so you are doing whatever it takes to see them come true. That wouldn’t be on a silver platter. People are watching you, they are evaluating your life. I mean, there are people who will never mind their own business.

Do you think everyone who calls you a friend is a friend?. Never make that mistakes. Enemies have the most beautiful smiles and are often closer to us than we know.

Good, you are dreaming as big as the ocean but not everyone needs to know every detail of your dreams. Don’t stand on the rooftop and propagate, else daylight might be like the night for you.

Embracing The Beauty Of Your Secret Life To Success

Talking about secret life, Psychologists say, everyone, is keeping 13 secrets in his/ her life. They conducted research using 1000 participants. In all, they have categorized over 13,000 secrets. They published the result in the “Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology.”

Leaving some secret to your life does not necessarily mean you will keep it forever. No, after achieving your dreams, everyone you kept that secret from will know. It perfectly fits into this saying:

“work in silence, let success make the most noise.”

In Summation

Believe it or not, not everyone who hears about your future plans will appreciate it. Remember, there are a bunch of negaholics out there. Be smart enough to know how to deal with them. Stay focused on your dreams.

Live a secret life that protects you from sabotages. People are lurking in darkness to do anything necessary to kill your talent and dreams.

To stay on the safer side, don’t trust anyone. Be gentle, friendly but mindful of your thoughts and actions. You have the power to write your life story with a beautiful ending. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share.

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