The Secret Behind A Healthy Lifestyle Nobody Told You About

Here is the case everyone living today is vulnerable to diseases and sicknesses and other health problems. We are responsible for our health issues so make a decision today to rely on proper healthy lifestyle.

Tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: At least Drink 8 glasses of water each day.

A World Of High Death Rate

A healthy lifestyle has so many benefits for you. People used to live longer in the olden days. Unlike today, the life expectancy for males as of 2009 is 76 years and 8 months. Females are 79 years and 8 months.

This undoubtedly means over 50% of people die before the age of 80. According to WHO the average life expectancy in the year 2016 was 72.0 years.

The world is fast growing in population with an alarming rate of death. An overwhelming estimate of 55.3 million people dies each year, making a calculated number of 151,600 records of death a day.

Now the question is, why this insane number of death? You could be gone at any moment by now. So incline your ears to what I’m about to tell you. You must maintain a good healthy lifestyle at any cost from now.

Unlike the ancient days where deadly diseases like tuberculosis, cholera, chickenpox, malaria etc. kill millions of people at an alarming rate. Thanks to advancement in healthcare today. These deadly diseases are totally preventable and curable. Even HIV/AIDS has come under total control which prolongs the lifespan of infected people.

What Then Is Making People Suffer From Proper Healthy Lifestyle?

It wasn’t a long time since I published an article on the “5 Things That Shorten Lifespan.” One of the commonest causes of death is the vehicular accident and poor dietary.
Improper dietary, and poor sanitation that results in chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, all forms of cancers and heart diseases.

Chemical food is almost everywhere. You and I are vulnerable to this kind of food items so we must be very careful.

Proper Health Habits For A Happy Life

Your health must be one of your greatest priorities in life. If you are healthy, you can do a whole lot of things to bring success and happiness into your life.

A survey conducted over more than 20 years by The Alameda Study which covered the lifestyles of thousands of people concluded that; There are 7 Essential habits of a healthy lifestyle. These habits can help anyone live a healthy and a happy life with a prolonged lifespan.

1. Choose To Eat Regularly
Eat regularly instead of starving yourself. You must try your best to eat healthy meals five or six times a day. Your last meal should be taken 3 hours before bed for proper digestion.

2. Avoid Heavy Food
To safeguard your health, you must eat lightly. Overeating is against biblical principles and proper health habits. No wonder, the Bible has explained why gluttony is a sin. In the same what science has also explained the dangers of overeating and LIVE STRONG has details on that. It will make you look very dull in everything you do.

3. Avoid In between Meals
If you are fond of putting food on top of food already consumed, then you are putting your health in danger. How?. Normal digestion lasts for 4 to 5 hours before it reaches your small intestines to be assimilated by your body.

If you put food on top of food already eaten, it will make the whole digestive process to start over. The immediate effects are heart burns, upset stomach, drowsiness, and constipation.

4.Regular Exercise

Make it a habit do exercise each day. At least 30 minutes daily. You don’t necessarily need heavy equipment. You can achieve this through walking, swimming, jogging, cycling or rope jumping. This will keep your body fit and active always. However, the best of all is aerobics which strengthens your cardiovascular system, especially the heart.

5.Wear A Seatbelt
Seatbelts can reduce the level of casualties in vehicular accidents and so it is highly recommended for everyone.

6. Avoid Smoking
Smoking is a habit that causes severe damages to certain vital organs in the body. This is why there is always a caution on cigarette packets that; “Smoking is harmful to the body.”

The fact is, smoking is associated with 32 different sicknesses including lung cancer, stomach cancer, heart diseases etc.

7. Put Alcohol Under Control
Health experts recommend drinking a moderate quantity of alcohol. How would you even know you are drinking in moderation?. The studies indicated that 1 or 2 glasses of wine per day would help boost digestion and circulation. Anything in excess is detrimental.

In all, each of these 7 habits is a matter of choice. You have full control of that. The ball is always in your court. If you want to live longer with happiness then avoid being a victim. Discipline yourself to live a healthy lifestyle always.

Tips To Control Overweight AS A Result Of Poor Eating

The 3 Most Deadly Friends: SUGAR, SALT, And WHITE FLOUR could be put under control.
There are millions of people who have become overweight because of too much intake of the above-mentioned food items.

It is sad to know that the commonest food items we consume in our daily lives threaten our health. We are dying earlier and faster because of excessive use of sugar, salt, and white flour.

It takes years for one to put on excessive weight. In the same way, it will take a longer time to put your weight under control. Here I will share with you some of the best ways to control your weight.

♦. Avoid sugary food
If you really want to lose weight permanently, then avoid sugary foods such as candy, cake, dessert, soft drinks, pastries etc. They all contain ‘simple sugar’ that can cause health problems and prevent you from living a happy life.

♦. Avoid White Flour Intake
White flour is generally known to contain zero essential nutrients. They are an “inert substance” which means all nutrients have been removed.

Never mind if you find white flour food product with the tag ” enriched white flour.” This means the flour which has 0% natural nutrients has been enriched with additives. These additives or chemical vitamins die during the baking process.

♦ . Avoid Too Much Salt
Salt is good for the body, but excess intake has an adverse effect on the body. How?. Your body retains water in order to hold the EXCESS salt you have consumed in suspension.

When you put a stop to excess consumption of salt and take in the normal amount of water (8 glasses) a day your body will release the excess fluid which will help you drop 4 to 5 pounds weight.

Your physical health is very important to try as much as you can to maintain your health. If you are not healthy how can you work, how can you go about your daily routines?

In addition, keep a high level of mental health. Get enough rest through sleep and recreation. Eat little and do more exercise and don’t forget to live a proper healthy lifestyle henceforth. Make the tips in this write-up an integral part of your life.

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