4 Benefits Of Nature That Affects You

It is time for everyone to know some of the benefits of nature that affects us and leaves everlasting memories in our lives

Benefits of nature
Benefits of nature

Nature is simply beautiful and adorable. Many of us are intrigued by the beauty of nature. Yes! there are really beautiful things in nature that everyone must explore. God’s creation has always been in touch with each other since they came into existence. He finished enriching the garden with all types of trees, water bodies, landscapes, animals that fly in the air, animals that walk on land, and animals that swim in the seas.

He created all these before mankind. So when we came into existence, nature was well established for our amusement. Our natural habitat was the same with animals. The first couple and their offsprings first lived in a beautiful garden. They were exposed to all the beautiful things in nature.

Since human beings are part of the animal family(Kingdom Animalia). We have the original feeling of getting excited by our natural environment. Although today’s urbanization has reduced the size of our natural environment.

We sometimes find it difficult to get close to nature. Construction of roads, the building of houses and factories, cutting down trees without afforestation have alienated mankind from his natural environment that he was born into. These then prevent us from enjoying the benefits of nature.

There are many benefits of nature to our well-being. It ranges from psychological, emotional, and physical. Scientists have made a couple of research to prove that, although someone like me doesn’t need science to prove to me the benefits of nature because naturally, I could feel it around me.

When you are ideal you can jog or take a walk on the roadside and as you move along, you will enjoy the scene of beautiful trees, flowers, and birds. Get some inspirational quotes about nature imprint on your mind. You can also stroll to the forest alone or with your dogs, friends to enjoy nature’s environment. Let’s consider some interesting benefits of nature below;

4 Benefits Of Nature

1. Nature refreshes your body:

Imagine finding yourself at the beach whiles the breeze refreshes your body, the waves, and their sound gives you an impressive panoramic scene. You would be feeling extremely good when the fresh air blows around you. There is nothing beautiful than seeing the waves splashing against rocks to bless you with some of the moisturized air.

In the same way, you can enjoy nature’s air at a high dosage when you take cover under a shady tree. I bet you the fresh air that would blow around your body is far better than that of your air condition and fan in the house. This very benefit from nature is free of charge.

2. Exposing your self to nature can help you to become emotionally strong:

Nature deals with stress, depression, high blood pressure by suppressing it drastically.

Nature enhances your emotional makeup in a special way that sends positive signals to all other parts of your body that there is something beautiful around that you are admiring. This will appease your stress, blood pressure and wade away any fear that has harbored itself in you. The very moment, you will feel the healing power of nature. What your eyes see would be a remedy for your stress.

Science has it that even a single flower or tree in your office can help you reduce stress or any kind of depression. It is also recommended that you choose an office that has a window view of the environment. When you always find yourself in a walled room or office you easily get bored and depressed.

When you spend too much time indoors by working, watching television and such likes is deadly. So everyone must expose his or her body to the natural environment because we have adapted that since we lived in a garden which integrated well with our well-being.

That kind of coördination between man and his environment is still there. Consider listening to the beautiful songs of birds. It attracts your attention to concentrate and enjoys the rhythm. With this, all your emotional pains would leave you.

3. Another benefit of nature is that it reduces pain:

When someone grieves in life, he or she can go outside to enjoy nature. You can sit under a tree, be at the beach, visit natural reserves, hike or jog in any natural environment you can find. If you have a garden in your backyard you can go there. Observe nature in awe by concentrating on its beauty.

This would help you forget about the pains you are going through. Oh maybe you have pets like dogs and cats in your house, they can fascinate you to forget about any kind of pains you are going through, but pets alone isn’t enough, step outside, enjoy the beautiful skies, the fresh air, beautiful flowers and trees, and their sweet-scented aroma. Flowers alone has a special kind of positive impact on our lives in a special way.

Why do we present flowers to our wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and our dead relatives?. Is it not to show love and care?. Presenting flowers to your loved one could be an everlasting memory in his or her entire life. The smiles, laughter, and relief are monumental and phenomenal.

4. Nature is a good reminder:

So far as we look at our pictures(eg.wedding pictures, graduation pictures etc) and remember our olden days, in the same way, the view, the smell, and touch of nature also help us to reminisce things in our lives, although in a smaller scale but sure it does us good.

The sound and feeling of rains, the falling of snow can help you reminisce certain important events in your life whiles you stand there to view it from your window.

Students can benefit immensely from nature by sitting under shady trees to study, or go to the lonely beach to study. The environment is conducive, free of noise and other distractions so your brain can absorb everything you learn and help you to remember them.

There is no way humans can live on earth without feeling the impacts of nature. Everywhere we go we see natures gifts so we must explore and enjoy all the benefits it offers us free of charge. Kudos to anyone who travels around places to places, countries to countries to explore and enjoy nature.

There is nothing soothing than this; view beautiful landforms like rivers and lakes, mountains, wildlife, gorges, waterfalls, forests and so forth.

Travel nerds really enjoy almost all the benefits of nature. But for us who don’t travel, we can enjoy the benefits of nature right in our backyards, parks, beaches, forests, etc.

An artist woman working on her project

At least if you have one painting of nature hanged in your room it is cool. Winter is almost here, Christmas trees can give you good feelings about nature, the snow will surely remind you about something beautiful that happened in your life years ago.

So my friends, enjoy nature and stay healthy. If you really enjoyed reading this post, I would like to read your comments and feedbacks. And also don’t forget to share with friends.


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