Advice From The Wise To Today’s Youths

Advice From The Wise To Today’s Youths

People who do not get any advice from the wise or the elderly fall into many avoidable life problems. Advice is like a manual to help you live a happy and successful life.

accept advice from the wise to live a happy life and success will always be yours

A piece of advice from the wise worth more than anything. When wisdom speaks, all foolishness and unnecessary things in life vanish. The advice can potentially put a sleeping mind into action. I believe the greatest advice ever known is from the wisest man ever to live. In the book of Ecclesiastes 12, he said:

“So remember your Creator in the days of your youth – before the difficult days come, and the years draw near when you will say, “I have no pleasure in them”

Interestingly, he gave some of the best advice to his sons in the book of Proverbs. Today, we can learn deep lessons from his advice that instructs someone like me or you to guard his heart because out of it comes source of life.

If you believe in God’s divine discipline and direction, then you must be ready to obey Him. Read Bible verses for youth often to understand how God rewards His obedient children.

Had I known is always at last but those who pay heed to advice from the wise live successful lives. To live long with a happy future, don’t forget to be very vigilant about things happening around you. Search for the wisdom to make good decisions and stay out of the Devil’s snare.

Also, since we are talking about wise man’s advice; You can enhance your understanding by reading about “the power of wisdom from above.”

A wise man isn’t always the old man with grey hair. It could be your friend, mother, father, teacher, brother, etc. The most important thing is; the said person must have genuine knowledge about what you have to know.

Youth Today Need Advice From The Wise

Today, I will share with you some important advice the wise always give to the youths. I believe it will help you to make the right decisions and live like a wise person henceforth.

Each day and night we keep on growing. Those who make good use of their lives enjoy the benefits of their endeavors. There is a Native  American  proverb that says:

“Every time you wake up, ask yourself “what good things am I going to do today?. Remember that when the sun goes down at sunset it will take a part of your life.”

We all need someone to impart knowledge to us and corrects us when we make mistakes. Someone who is knowledgeable about the life journey we are undertaking can be of great help.

Socrates, who was a Greek philosopher taught the youths a lot of lessons about life. His contribution to instilling morality into people has had a great impact on modern-day philosophy. You can spend a few minutes to read these Socrates quotes about the youth. They are full of wisdom.

The Story Of The Wayward Child

There was a real story about a gentleman who was about to be executed in the prison yard. He was found guilty of murder of which he agreed to have committed that crime. He was put into the electric chair to be electrocuted to death.

When asked about his last words, he said “I need a pen and a paper.”

This young chap wrote a heart-touching letter to his mother. In the letter, he accused his mother of being his partner in crime and so she was supposed to face that same fate with him in the prison yard.

All his accusations revealed how her mother failed to give him good advice when he started growing up. She overly protected him in every bad thing he did.

From age 7 to his twenties, he has been stealing until he grew up and became an armed robber. He accused his mother of failing to correct him when he was stealing from his friends when he was a kid.

Whenever his father reprimands and tries to discipline him; the mother will cut in and defend him.

So that letter got to the mother, and her child has already faced the consequences of her abysmal parenthood. The guy did not get good advice from any wise man.

The Bible commands parents to train up a child in a way he should go and when he grows up, he will never depart from it.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

Without advice from the experienced or the wise, you become gullible for the enemy to mislead you into destruction. It is therefore a plausible idea to search for wisdom!.

Notable Advice From The Wise To Today’s Youth

1. Avoid Too Many Wrong Choices

Every youth of today must think twice before venturing into any business or relationship. Too many wrong choices drain your energy. You need this energy to pursue something greater.

Life is hard quote

There are too many fake people out there who could claim to love you. My friend, be vigilant and DATE THE RIGHT PERSON. Too many breakups are a waste of energy, money, and time.

By knowing who a fake friend is; you become insulated from their crafty devices. And this will protect you from any emotional or psychological troubles.

Have you thought twice about what you are about to buy?. Have you thought twice about the journey you are about to take?. Do you think it is wise enough to take any action you are about to take?.

Ask yourself these questions and come out with the best choice. One good choice draws you one step closer to success. One bad step draws you one step behind success. Just think about that. Learn how to make good choices.

2. Save Money For Your Future

Here is another important advice from the wise to youths of today. Money can do a lot of things so use it well. Don’t be extravagant. When you save let the money have a “peace of mind” in the bank, piggy bank, etc. Remember to:

• Stay away from debt
• Have your own house void of the high cost of rents

In the future, you would have a lot of money to withdraw. This would help you fulfill any business plan in your life.

Don’t worry about your meager income. Remember that little drops of water make a mighty ocean. This quote alone must give you the inspiration to save money for the future.

3. Surround Yourself With Positive-Minded People

The third piece of advice from the wise to the youth is about associating yourself with people of positive mindsets. Find out; Are your friends, families, coworkers, etc, positive-minded people?.

People who are inspirational can help you live a happy life in the future. Negaholics don’t see anything good in almost everything you do. Just avoid them.

By the age of 35, you should be able to achieve a greater part of your life goals. However, people say life begins at 40. That would only favor the men, not the women.

The time for change is now!. There is no competition for that. But with hard work and perseverance, you will make it.

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