Taking Life Lesson From What Goes Up Must Come Down Metaphor

Taking Life Lesson From What Goes Up Must Come Down Metaphor

The meaning of what goes up must come down could be applied to real-life events. It’s a metaphor or proverb that teaches us lessons about things like power, prices and money.

An example of what goes up must come down

Words do express our feelings, thoughts and actions toward people and situations. Sometimes a simple phrase can inspire or bring to memory what ought to be done. One simple phrase that has existed for centuries is “what goes up must come down.”

What Is The Meaning Of “what goes up must come down?”

This is a phrase or metaphor that expresses the general rule of seeing things move towards the sky and come back to the ground because of the law of gravity. It dates back to the 19th century and is still in use today.

Sometimes it is used to refer to literal events like the rise and fall of prices or power. To another extent, it is used as a proverb to caution anyone riding high in life and forgetting that things will never remain the same.

What goes up must come down is also known to be part of Newton’s 2nd law. Laws of nature do have a lot of influence on our daily lives.

The Challenging Truth

If we talk about the rise in prices of goods and services in this hectic world; it would be unwise to expect a fall (continuous depreciation). You may buy a cup of coffee for $3 for your breakfast today.

Don’t expect the price to come down in one or two years time. Life is always becoming harder for most of us to make ends meet. It’s not very applicable in this respect because the world economy is always soaring. Even if it stabilizes, it wouldn’t be like it used to be.

The law of gravity has been defied by modern technology. Hence making some scientists ridicule the idea behind it. Why? Because objects like space shuttles can defy the law of gravity. Even, with that, the shuttle will return to earth leaving behind its satellites in space.

A space shuttle defying gravity

In generic terms, I believe that would be too extreme because we are dealing with interactions of things here on earth. It is very true things that move into the sky will surely come down. Even if anything dies or damages in the sky, it will fall back to the ground.

If we think about this, the message of the Bible concerning man’s return to the dust comes into play. That is; from dust you came and dust you shall return.

What To Learn From This Metaphor In Real Life

If anyone tells you what goes up must come down; then he is reminding you that nothing is permanent. Especially in the events of enjoying life because of your power, fame, money, etc. Even if you ascend onto the highest throne on earth, one day you will step down. Eg. Death, succession, etc,

Most of us buy into this idea because if you are privileged today with the power to control anyone or anything, one day the power will be in the hands of someone. Eg, political power, administrative power and other high positions in life.

It’s quite sad to see some people become obsessed with power. They might forget that whatever goes up must come down. It’s good to be in high positions in life. But how you use that privilege will affect you, your family, or others in the long run. Therefore is advisable to be a person of love, hard work, justice, humility, etc, Even if you are down, in years later —your good legacies will speak favorably for you and your descendants.

One good example of what goes up must come down in life is the pains and sufferings humans are subjected to. It would be a motivational message for the one going through the turbulence of life with no hope or little hope.

That pains will surely cease at the right time. By taking a look at the supposed origin of this phrase in Theodore Sedgwick’s Hints to my Countrymen in 1826, it reads:

what goes up must come down

“When one boy among a dozen throws a stone into the air, crying out, that ‘what goes up must come down,’ it is very likely so to happen.”

Yes! So every pain you are going through today will likely come to an end. Just stay hopeful and motivated.

Finally, the moral lesson behind this metaphor “what goes up must come down” throws more light on the reality of facing the laws of nature and its effects.

In other words, you can’t cheat nature —so whatever moves up into the sky will surely come down —irrespective of how long it stays.

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