Simple Ways To Live Like Millionaire Without Being One

Life is very simple and full of fun. Anyone can live like a millionaire without being one. It is not all about a luxurious lifestyle. Just polish your normal life to look like a real millionaire.

live like a millionaire without being one
Life is beautiful with simple things. You can make yourself happy in many ways.

Have you ever thought about how you can live like a millionaire without being one?. Or you really want to smell the scent of money all around you?. I think it’s a good idea to treat yourself like a King. In our world today, money speaks louder than anything. No single person can say, “I don’t like money.” “Are you sure?.”  What will you use to buy food? pay rent? pay bills etc.?, It is money.

Today, African Paradise World will share with you some of the best ways to live like a millionaire without being one.

In addition, you will figure out how to practically be a real millionaire. How does it feel to live in riches?. How does it feel to live in mansions?. Only rich men can answer this.

“There are people who have money and people who are rich.”
― Coco Chanel

Before I begin it all; bear in mind that “money isn’t everything” as some people claim. This very article reflects on one of my oldest posts on, “How to look awesome. There is no need to stress yourself up. Be simple but professional. You can never know a hungry man if he wears a beautiful smile.

Ways To Live Like A Millionaire Without Being One

1. Dress Properly:

For anyone to live like a millionaire without being one; he or she must look appealing. You have to understand that your dress code defines you. Here, it is not necessary to go in for expensive clothes, watches shoes, sunglasses, etc.

Even the rich guys really know how to live a frugal life. You weren’t born to impress anyone but you can impress your own self.

Make sure you dress like a real gentleman or lady. It is not about how expensive your clothes, shoes, watches, etc, are. It is about putting up something decent.

Know the kind of clothes that are appropriate for any particular place or event. Don’t stress much. Be your self and people will admire how awesome you look in your clothes.

2. Be clean:

The next thing to help you live like a millionaire without being one; is to adopt hygienic practices to help you look healthy. There is a saying that “cleanliness is  next to godliness.”  Wear properly washed clothes, wear properly ironed clothes. Use sweet-scented deodorants. Tidy your room always. Anyone who visits you will think, indeed you are a millionaire.

The more you exercise proper personal hygiene, the more you increase your reputation as a decent person. You see, millionaires are always decent. However, some of them chose to live a simple life by wearing casual clothes.

3. Befriend Rich Men:

If possible, befriend rich men you know. Your cleanliness and good appearance would let them admire you. You virtually become coequal with them. With this, you can learn many things from them. At least you can learn how to spend your time wisely for good income.

Rich men invest their money in profitable businesses, they don’t spend too many hours on TV or unimportant things. This should tell you that time is money.

“To know a person of value…
They have humbleness to name,
Through their compassion for others, they grab fame…
When onlookers smile for his good deeds…
That’s real wealth making that person the richest!”
― Somya Kedia

The benefits of living like a millionaire will make people applaud themselves. Many people admire men/women who are gentle. You appear wealthy, so many women would like to date you if you are a single man. The same thing applies to women.

To avoid making things worse, don’t be fake to your admirers. Don’t let your life all be about impressing others. Appear wealthy, but let those who get very close to you know that you are not rich. There are a few tricks you can use to appear wealthy and enjoy some respect!.

Your true charisma shouldn’t be brushed off. This will even help you know your true friends and those who only want to take advantage of your life.

Bringing The Millionaire Idea Into Real Life

If you truly want to become a millionaire, then you must gear up for something bigger. It doesn’t come on a silver platter. If you are ready to sour to enjoy a real millionaire status then do the following:

1. Work Hard:

You must work hard to earn a lot of money. Money is the reward of your labor. So be ready to put in your energy, knowledge, or skills into the job you are doing. And in order to be successful, you must have a great passion for that particular job. Without hard work; how can you make money?.

Don’t be like the lazy fools I know. After making money through your sacrifices; then your money will start working for you after a successful business investment. That is the real game-changer.

2. Do not save money:

Chris Reining, a young millionaire who retired from work in his 30’s argues that people shouldn’t save money in the bank. He gave a couple of reasons such as:

The interest rates would be poor over a period of time compared to using it for investment.

In short, Chris wants you to invest your hard-earned money into a profitable business and start enjoying some profits. This is how to be like a millionaire in real life. It is practically good for anyone willing to enjoy time freedom and financial freedom.

3. Be Stingy

This might sound like crazy advise but it makes a lot of sense. When you have lofty goals for your future, you must focus on it. Put in all your energy, resources, and knowledge into it.

You don’t have to be dashing out money while you still have to finance your startup. My friend, you are not father Christmas. Establish yourself well first before you give out your monies.

Remember that, you need capital to run a business. You may find it difficult to handle the cost involved in maintaining and promoting your business. Put in the money and never give out your business money in the name of charity.

Your stinginess must end after you have started seeing a profit from your business investment. That is the harvest time, so you can reasonably dash out some money to friends, family members, orphanage centers, etc.

4. Learn from the rich guys

Learn from the world’s rich men who started their lives from zero. Read much about them and increase in knowledge. They often say reading alone is an important aspect of being a millionaire. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and William Buffett have testified that.

5. Light Up Your World

What do I mean by lighting up your world?. Well, as you have chosen to live like a rich guy; you should liberate your self from all the stressful moments you pull yourself through. There is a saying that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

So find time to have fun. Go out there with your friends, family, or loved ones and join the thousands to millions of people who are enjoying life in many different ways. You actually don’t have to be a millionaire before you can do this. But it helps to strengthen your physical and mental health.

Trade In Rare Animals To Make Money

Let me take you into the hunting world if you really want to be a millionaire real quick. If you are a hunting nerd maybe you will give it a try.

Did you know some people believe that by finding some species of animals can help you become a millionaire? Whether this is a myth or not, some people have tried it.

And without any doubt what you believe in would surely have some effect on your life. So let me introduce you to some of these animals that can make you a millionaire. Think about this idea and let me see your comment.

1. Black Cockatoo:

This kind of costly flying creature dwells in the North of Australia in the landmass of cake. The sale of one single black Coctakoo is $16,000. If you can find many; then you are on your way to enjoying a millionaire lifestyle.

2. Marijuana Dragonfish:

This fish is believed to bring in money. Dragon fishes are very rare in the oceans and most of the known ones have been microchipped by scientists to further study them.

3. White Lions

White lions are not fictional creatures. They are very rare and finding one would earn you about $100,000.

4. Arab Horses

These noble horses are used for horse hustling and horse riding just as for beginner riding equestrian spores. They are often shot in films and recruiting one could cost $30,000.

5. Dipper monkey

If you can capture this rare kind of monkey; then get ready for about $7,000 or more!. Think about catching as many as you can.

To finalize everything about how some of these animals can make you become a millionaire; there is something more interesting you can find to make a lot of money; “Scorpion venom.”

It is known to be the most expensive liquid in the world. This costs about $39,585,5070 per gallon. That is a huge amount of money!. Surely, it wouldn’t come on a silver platter. That is the nature of real money.

The Bottom-line

To live like a millionaire doesn’t mean you should be arrogant and disrespectful. Oh no, don’t dare do that. Be humble and people will admire you. The sad truth is; it will take time before you can make a lot of money.

If you already have a car, keep it clean always. Now you are almost a millionaire though you are not. Life is simple, enjoy it to the max. In all be grateful for the little you have but never stop working hard for your lofty goals.

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