Money Isn’t Everything: Did You Know?

Many people claim money is everything.What’s your thoughts on that?.Money can do a lot of things but not everything.You can live a happy life without money.Don’t stress yourself too much.

Did you know money isn't everything?
Know that money isn’t everything so don’t worry much about it.There are far more important things in life to seek after.Life is simple and beautiful.

Money isn’t everything as some people claim.Yes off course, everyone want money,but money can’t do everything as some speculate. The rich man says “cash” with broad smile.Yes, money brings smiles on the faces on those who really have it.

But remember that money can’t buy :smile”, that is why the poor also smiles. Not because of money but the amazing grace of God.The grace of making the poor see the beautiful sunlight every morning.

Today,the inspiration African Paradise World want to give you is; To make you understand that money isn’t everything. Indeed, money can do a lot of things. But have you thoughts of some precious things that renders money useless?.

Money has become the eye of many people today,especially the youth.They strive to get money by any means necessary. Because someone says money is everything. Because they envy those who have money.Their lust for money doesn’t profit them at the end.This shows that money isn’t everything as they thoughts .

Some Reasons Why money isn’t everything

Money is legal tender used for buying goods and services and settlement of debt.It is accepted by everyone as a means of transaction of goods and services.The following are things that outclass money.

1.Peace:What is beautiful than having peace of mind.The poor always live in peace. If it takes money to leave in peace, then the poor would be in a hell of trouble. Thank God it doesn’t take money to have a peace of mind. Peace to think about yourself,family,friends,loved ones and all the beautiful things in life.

2. Love is the greatest part of humanity. Love exceeds everything, including money. True love doesn’t need money to survive. That is why poor people also enjoy love.Even better than those who live luxurious life.Money only buys “sex” but not “true love”.Whether romantic love or agape love,money is useless for it.Money isn’t everything, so don’t be misled.

3.Wisdom:Anyone who lives without wisdom is less important than many animals. God deprived them wisdom. He has given us the ability to acquire wisdom and increase it.It doesn’t take money for someone to be wise.Remember that the ant has wisdom.If you want to know how wisdom works; Go to the ant.

Wisdom is free of charge and it proves that money isn’t everything. Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee you to have a lot of wisdom. Someone might be rich,but a fool.His money can’t buy him wisdom.God is the giver of wisdom.He gives it freely to his children,Just like he gave it to King Solomon.

To make good choices in life,it takes wisdom.Wisdom helps to keep people safe from danger. Decide rightly on life situations, it takes wisdom not money.This should make you know that money isn’t everything.

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