What I Wish Everyone Knew About In Welcoming 2018

In welcoming 2018, many people cast away all their problems with the hope of finding solutions to them in the new year.That is a plausible idea.It’s almost time to say good-bye to 2017.Few days to end the 365 days.

Welcoming 2018
The world is welcoming 2018 in a grand style.It is almost here.Stay blessed.

Welcoming 2018:We are all putting good things in place in welcoming 2018.I believe you have dreams you wanna see fulfilled in next year.Yes!, that’s great. Positivity,hard work and perseverance is all you need to see your dreams come through in 2018.

Many people are welcoming 2018 with parties and celebrations. That is a cool thing. The Christmas fever is everywhere. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not,you can smell the feelings miles apart.

In the past week “African Paradise World has reminded everyone to put protective measures in place. Why?.Simply because last days are dangerous.

Thieves, evil forces and enemies will rise to steal and destroy.As welcoming 2018 has been something important to you,let your safety be important as well.

Don’t celebrate the coming of new year without taking good care of yourself. Don’t break the rules. Remember,there is cause and effect. Your actions pay you back.

2018 has never happened before, just like today has never happened before. Just take this little ADVICE before I continue. Don’t value the coming of new year(2018) than today.If you are welcoming 2018 in a grand style, you must learn how to welcome and value each day.

Each day has 24 hrs.Anything can happen to you any moment from now.So don’t forget to value today.Today will never come again. It is very special so treat it as you want to treat the new year.

Since many of you have started celebrating and partying ahead of the new year;Don’t forget some of your divine responsibilities.That is taking care of the poor,widows,sick and the aged. Open your arms to reach them.

If you throw the biggest party in welcoming 2018 without thinking about the needy.You have done nothing.Cos 90.Does it feel good to eat,drink,celebrate and smile to see your fellow human cry, look weary,cry and starve to death?. Hell no, don’t be inhuman.

Many people show their human nature or divine responsibilities by giving out Christmas gifts to the needy.

There is much blessing in showing kindness. The best moment to do is now, as welcoming 2018 is
all about happiness, let them feel loved. Put smiles on their faces.

Finally,be thankful for being alive up to date.With God in the vessel,you will surely see 2018.Amen.

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