Life Is Simple – You Can’t Impress Everyone

In life, whatever you do; some people will criticise, others too will appreciate it. Do they have to use their impressions to control your beautiful life?. Just know what to do to enjoy your life.

Life is beautiful and simple. Love it, appreciate yourself and feel happy always
Life is beautiful and simple. Love it and feel happy always

There Is Nothing BEAUTIFUL Than Learning How To Appreciate Yourself

My dear, appreciate yourself because you are unique in many ways. Life has it that, there are people who will love you for many reasons, and there are people who will hate you for many reasons or for no reason at all. So whatever you do will be appreciated by some people, and others too will never appreciate you.

This very post is to remind you that your lifestyle doesn’t need the approval of anyone. When you do it well, people will lament, when you do not do it well people will still lament, so what is the point now?. Negative people have nothing to do in your life?. Nothing.

Don’t listen to what people say behind your back, they don’t know about you. You know your self far better than anyone so don’t let people define you; define yourself and enjoy every bit of life.

You bought a nice cloth, you wear it fabulously but you find some friends or people talk about it, at the same time other friends will see it as beautiful.

Well, none of this kind of people can decide for you. Your business is not to impress them so don’t put your self in dilemma.

You work very hard with all your might, but your Boss says he doesn’t see anything good in you, uh uh! what is so painful than seeing someone nullify your good efforts?. Meanwhile, other people or your coworkers will appraise you for your hard work. In this case what will be your stance?.

Forget about everyone and do your best each day, show appreciation to those who see the best in you, forget about anyone who doesn’t see anything better in you. Who knows maybe those degrading every good thing you do are jealous of you.

If you dare listen to their critics, you will be imprisoned by their thoughts. I mean you will become a prisoner to them because, they dictate to you who you are, what you should do and what you should not do. That is the power of manipulation. My dear, break free and enjoy what you like, or what is best for yours.

Your Decision Is Final

Everyone has a choice and your choice shouldn’t be a bargaining platform for those around you. What you decide is final. They have nothing to do with your life choices.

We are surrounded by many enemies, some disguise themselves as loving and caring friends. So all their compliments are to distract you from enjoying your life. Mind control is their game. Learn the best ways to deal with enemies.

Do you have any friend who is a snake in the grace or wet blanket?. Never mind their criticisms against your beautiful life. You decide and make it final. If you appreciate yourself, nothing can steal the love you have for yourself.

Those who like you will always like you and those who don’t like you and anything you do have nothing good for you. It is their own cup of tea. Your beautiful life is none of their business.

There are people who got criticised or rejected for their lifestyles, but they never let that humiliation or degradation ruin their lives. Be like this kind of people. Appreciate yourself just like any inspiring person who is proud of himself/herself. They moved ahead with what they love and made it to the top.

When people fail to appreciate you, don’t give up. There are many more people who love you and your lifestyle just the way you are. Yes!, just the way you are. And remember that no one is perfect. There is an African proverb that says;

the hawk never appreciates the beautiful dance of the chick“.

Nothing beautiful you do is beautiful to some people. Forget about them. Enjoy your life.

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