Know Why Respect Is Important In Our Lives

In life respect is reciprocal,respect is earned but not bought.Give it to everyone and at least everyone will respect you back

Respect is important in our lives
Respect is important in our lives

Respect is the honor or the value we give to someone’s life.It is one of the moral values that is highly cherished by societies. Most often we hear that respect is reciprocal and so we all deserve to respect and be respected. I feel honored to share with you how important respect is in our world today.The young,old and aged ought to show some level of respect to each other. In any case that someone refuses to respect others, he or she too would lose respect from others.

I will definitely begin with self-respect because it is the immediate level every individual must consider  giving respect to others or expect respect from others.In one of my early posts,I talked about why we are characterised by different behaviours.

If your character is socially acceptable it means you have a good level of manners which includes self-respect.Every individual must  esteem himself or herself. If you are valuable to yourself definitely you will be valuable to others.So how can you even gain respect?. Make sure you are always on point, let people see you as someone who is humble,decent,responsible and with courtesy and all these would show in the way you talk,walk,dress and interact with people.

If you are notorious, my friend forget about been valued by others. Your family friends, church members, coworkers and even strangers should have a good thought of your total appearance as someone who respect himself  or herself.You can’t eat any how in public or talk any how in public and think you are sending a good message about yourself to the world,you lie bad.So in order to make sure that you have self-respect be courteous and decent  in the house or anywhere you find yourself. And remember that respect is earned but not bought. You can mess around with people in your inner circle and the outside world and think you can find yourself out to command respect?,it will not work. It is simple like the saying ‘garbage in garbage out”.

Secondly, after you have shown your self  some respect,you have to respect others too.Give respect to anyone you come across in life.Yes, I mean everyone,don’t be bias.Respect the young and the old.Although in our societies some people command a lot of respect than others and that is factual. Maybe you are wondering why I am saying some people command a lot of respect than others. We have to be honest here; will you give respect to a noble man and give the same respect to a notorious and arrogant man?.Hell no,because the notorious man has lost self-respect in his life so the value of his reputation has reduced drastically. If care is not taken, no one will give respect to someone like that,not even kids.But for humanity sake I would like everyone to show some kind of respect to all folks of people simply because they are living souls,God created all of us in his own image.

The Misconception:
Here I would like to emphasise on the  deviation of the true meaning of respect. Some people think when they become  fearful, it means people are showing respect to them.Let me tell you the truth, anyone whose character has made him fearful to his families,friends and communities is just an outcast, when he is out there its like a landslide.

Nobody would like to get close to you because you don’t respect your self and don’t respect others too.You virtually become a lion in the midst of  sheep.They will all run away when they see you around,not because they respect you but because you are dangerous and fierce like a wild animal.

In bible times, Cain was feared by those around him because God cursed him for killing his brother Abel.He wasn’t respected a bit.Instead people saw him as a lion among sheep.They need to run away from him.If you are planning to strike terror into people’s heart to gain their respect then I’m sorry for you.You need to humble yourself before people can embrace you with the respect you are yearning for.Respect is earned so you can not use short cut means to earn anyone’s respect. Be polite to everyone in your house, family, friendship circle ,work place and other institutions.

The Most Extreme:

Today,our societies respect certain people more than others, the respect increases to the extend that,the person is idolized. Well,personally I see that as inappropriate. For instance, there are certain personalities like Pastors and Prophets who  are seen as gods by their members, they obey every command they give, a Pastor could ask a church member to eat insects chew grass bow down to him and so on and so forth.And you will see the church members panicking to execute the command given to them because they have super kind of respect for the so-called man of God.This is the most extreme kind of respect anyone can give or receive.As for those who are fearful; as I talked about earlier, they drive people away because they are notorious and fierce but for people like these kind of Pastors and Prophets they are like honey Combs that attract bees.They are full of sugar-coated words and miracles.

In furtherance, noble people like presidents,filthy rich men, or head of states and their cabinet command a lot of respect because they occupy the highest positions in the country. Who are you to Stand on the way of your president when he or she is moving with his entourage?.The government will incarcerate you for;

 1. Showing disrespect
 2. Breaking the laws

They actually earned the respect of the country through the ballot or Royal inheritance so you must show a greater kind of respect. They really deserve that so give them the respect.If you commit  libel against them then get ready to face  the law.

Another class of people who command a lot of respect is our aged. Our parents and grandparent have seen almost everything in life, they came to this planet before you, they know what you don’t no,no matter your academic qualifications. give the elderly a lot of  respect, because life has already given them respect by holding them on earth for several years, life has blessed them with many years so acknowledge that they have earned a lot of respect in life so don’t be ungrateful to them.iRespect and support them when they need your help and at least if they have nothing to offer, they can bless you with their mere lips and it shall be well with you.

I do respect my self a lot,this is not-self conceitedness, it is the value of my life and so you can’t take it from me.I do show everyone respect but when you piss me off with your deviant character you would hardly earn that kind of respect I had for you. So to all my readers let us respect ourselves and respect everyone too.Did you find this post helpful?. Let me know in the comment box and don’t forget to share.

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