How Bad The Media Influences Us In Life?

The media in our days cannot be detached from us,but have we even noticed the harm it is giving us in life?

The media affects us
The media affect us

Everywhere we find ourselves, the media is there.The media affects us in many ways.The media reach us in many ways through graphics, magazines, radio,TV,internet and social media. We can’t live today without feeling the impact of media in our lives. But the question is; does it do as any good?.Yes it does but why would it demoralise us and our children?, and control the thoughts of millions of people?.We live in a world where the media has gained power over reality. When the media says “Yes“,millions of people grab it within few minutes, when the media says “No“,millions of people grab it within few minutes. Even when truth is sometimes reported falsely, people still grab it very quickly. This makes the media a very dangerous and powerful tool in our societies today. I do care to share my thoughts on some of the pressing issues in our societies today,because if we keep on keeping mute, it will one day plunge us into a world of chaos and lawlessnes.If it doesn’t affect me,it might be my children, family or friends. It is a matter of concern. Let us educate ourselves on how we can handle the media in a way that it will not lead us astray.

My aim of writing this very post is to make it known to you how dangerous the media could be,despite all the many advantages. Let us consider the following aspects of media  that derail us from life.

knowing How The Media Affects Us

They are one of the most influential people in our world today. They are the role models of millions.Our societies learn from them, our youths and children learn from them.The musician is always seen looking flamboyant in our televisions, their dressing,display of wealth and their entire lifestyles makes our youth and children  mimic them.There is something hidden from us and some of these musicians have come out to show the truth. Not all the cars you see them driving belong to them,not all the fashion they show describe their real lives,not all the behaviour they put up in video clips are real so if you are a kid or youth and you are impersonating them,them I’m sorry for you.You might think they are extraordinary people when you see them in your television but in the real sense,they are simple and normal just like you and I.

If you are a kid or youth and you copy them you become a puppet which is being manipulated by almost fake people.It is only few who might own everything they display on our screens.It makes people envy their looks and lifestyles. So our youth develop strong taste of quick success simply because he or she has been enticed by the outlook of a musician he or she likes so much.

Celebrities:Actors & Actresses/Movies:
Here is the most interesting way the media affects us.How do celebrities also have bad influence on us?.Today,I want to tell you that most of the beautiful women seen in movies are half unnatural.Why am I saying this?.They might mislead you to feel inferior but most of them are not even real. How funny it sounds, fake celebrities driving real people into a world of fantacies.Know that half of their beauty is easily wiped out with simple towel,they have make-ups all over their face with fake hairs on,artificial nails on and to a larger extend surgery to correct their beauty flaws.

I want to tell you that, they are not special than you.What you see through that glass isn’t all that real so my dear do not copy them.If you do so you are imitating something fake that will make you fake to your friends,families and loved ones.Do not let the media control the way you live your life.The video you see is full of editing but in life there are no editing buttons or control buttons to exaggerate your appearance. Whom are you going to impress?, me?,your friends or who?.

There is a story about a little boy who watched Superman on the television and after the movie, he felt like he was superman so he stood on a story building, jumped off to fly but what happened was sad,he crashed to the ground and died. Just like when we were kids,after watching Chinese movies, we begin to share the characters among ourselves, fight each other with fake kind of kung-fu moves.OMG!,how funny kids could be.I just missed my childhood days.

After watching American movies, we have to prepare fake guns and shoot ourselves with it.Did we even know how the media affects us?The dangers of knocking each other, chasing each other,were treacherous to our lives,unnecessary  bruises and all forms of injuries angers our parents.Recently,reports indicated that, while shooting Mission Impossible 8 Tom Cruise  jumped a long distance gap and broke his ankles.

I actually watched the replay and it was heart breaking. I felt sorry for him,but he is a man enough to bounce back. When they finally première it, you will see him jumped over the same gap neatly. My friends don’t try that at home,it is not a good thing to copy.Movies are full of editing so anytime you are watching movies be open-minded to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

The News Room/Commentary:
I also call this one “time bomb room”.Here when they broadcast anything like gossips or false news, it spread faster than light or the comic movie star “The flash”.They could sometimes prank us on the death of certain people to the extend that if you have BP, you will faint and die.When you are listening to football commentary, the articulations and the emotional exaggerations could break your heart when your team is about  to concede a goal  but when you are at the stadium yourself, you wouldn’t feel that emotional burden.When there is any incidence of slander or libel against you, it would be very hard to break free.

Bad news always spread faster than good news.This is one of the saddest ways the media affects us.The media has announced the death of certain  celebrities  but they still live.How would you feel if you grieve over the death of someone you really cherish and just to find out that it was a lie?.Dont just believe anything you hear from the media especially social media.

The social media is the haven of all sorts of gossips. Whatever they say is easily accepted  by a lot of people.Misinformation on natural disasters put people into fear and panic,so-called men of God are given air-time to prophesy the end of the world causing fear and panic.Many pastors have prophesied the end of the world making people sell their properties and do other silly things but here we are but the world has never ended.

In summary the media has done us a lot of harm which shouldn’t happen, many of them run in a way as if there are no laws to check them.Even if there are no laws,does that guarantee any media  to put us into fear and panic?, make us copy fake people?, and learn bad practiceses?.

However, we must know that the media is not hundred percent reliable, sometimes they are  driven into situations where the truth becomes compromised for money sake.Children are fast learners so we must help them understand the lies behind movies and other video clips for them to face any challenge of that sort.And please do not be too quick to judge what you read online because there are a lot of satirical sites around, they might make you believe in what is untrue.Believe or not,the media affects us.

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