How To Overcome Inferiority Complex – Boost Your Confidence

Many people living today have lost their self-identity because of inferiority complex. It has stolen their happiness in life.

How to overcome inferiority complex
Know how to overcome inferiority complex

If you are a kind of person finding it difficult to know how to overcome inferiority complex, then you are at the right place. Read through to find out some of the ways you can use to deal with an inferiority complex.

Understanding Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex is a challenge most of us go through in life. It is something normal but how to understand yourself and overcome this kind of problem is what becomes difficult for most of us.

Inferiority complex is not triggered by cognitive skills but our emotions. When someone feels insecure in a particle trend of life that person tends to lose focus of whom he or she really is.

In this post, I will share with you some important facts about this problem and help you understand how you can deal with it effectively.

In one way or the other, we have all felt weird at a point in our lives. We compare ourselves to celebrities, friends, politicians, rich men, beauty pageants, coworkers, strangers etc. Because we think there is something special about them that we don’t have, but we need it.

Instead of us to learn something good from the person who is different from us, we tend to compare ourselves to them and that is where the inferiority complex sets in.

My dear, if you want to know how to overcome inferiority complex; Then don’t compare yourself to anyone. It makes you the person in question lose hope in yourself.

In view of this, he or she has to hide behind the scene, be someone he or she is not. And that is a dangerous kind of game. Be honest with yourself.

Appreciate yourself and know that you are unique in the eyes of God. When you discover yourself, you will understand what makes you unique to those people you feel inferior to. Let’s say you are a footballer, you play very well in the same championship that world-class players like  Messi and Ronaldo are in, you don’t have to compare yourself to them because the traits they have is different from yours.

We can never be equal on earth. If you find Ronaldo or Messi so skillful, agile and fast on the field, that doesn’t mean you should feel inferior just because you can not show those skills. What you have to do is learn from them and be yourself. You are best in your own way. Maybe you are also good at defending; Go do it best and be content with your ability and uniqueness.

Simple Ways To Help You Know How To Overcome Inferiority Complex

♦.Find And Fix Your Weakness
For you to know how to overcome inferiority complex, first find where you feel inadequate and deal with it. Is it beauty, fame, money, power or what?. Know that If you are a girl and you watch Miss World or Beauty Contests and feel inferior, you are making a big mistake.

I understand some girls watch Miss World and feel inferior to the extent of crying. My dear look in the mirror, see your reflection. Do you really think you are ugly?. Don’t tell me “Yes”, because I will not buy that. You are comparing yourself to the wrong people at the wrong level. You are beautiful when you are with your contemporaries. That is your comfort zone so stick to that and you will find yourself beautiful. Believe in yourself with a Positive mind.

Love your self because, no matter how you feel about yourself or how people feel about you, you are still the same person.Understand the passion you have for your self and smile to your self that you are you. Self-love shows maturity so be yourself and forget about what people think or say about you.

Nobody can love you more than you love your self. In life, he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, a parent can not love you more than yourself.

Apart from the one who created you, there is no one who can love you better. I do love myself very much and so I don’t allow people to bog me down with demeaning words or situations. I love myself to the extent that people sometimes call me a narcissist. Well, I don’t have a problem with that.

Self-love is one kind of perfect love. Love the total appearance of yourself, love your abilities, strengths and understand your weakness. Don’t let them make you hate your self. Someone could boldly say, “I hate myself”, why? and why? again . You can’t be anyone. Make sure you find a way of loving yourself. Life is all about you.

♦.Know Your Limit
Know your limit. We are different from each other because nature gifts us with many different outlooks and abilities. If you meet a friend who can run for 100 km per hour and you can’t, it is not necessary to push yourself beyond your limit to equalize with your friend if you can’t. Accept that he or she is different and you are also different.

If you can’t run 100 km per hour, whatever distance your strength can take you is what you should appreciate and gradually work on it to better yourself. Smile to your own abilities because that is what makes you special. If you dare go beyond your limit, you may collapse on the way, all because you wanted to be equal with somebody.

Know your limit.this will help you to know how to overcome inferiority complex as well. If the process your friend is taking you through is too high for you change it and find what best suits you.

♦.Mingle With The Right People
Find the right people to help you know how to overcome an inferiority complex. When you are with the right friends who accept you the way you are; It will make you feel good. Friends are very influential so be with friends who are positive minded and can inspire you to move ahead in life.

Avoid friends who are self-conceited, arrogant and fun of using derogatory words. Avoid them completely. This will elevate your self-confidence to express yourself without being intimidated because people in your friend circle really understand you, love you and want to see you smile always.

♦.Appreciate Yourself
Be brave enough to sell your self out. Don’t lose your self-esteem. Be proud that you are what you are; tall, short, slim, fat, dark, fair…. but in the case of health problems like obese being the result of unhealthy dietary, see your doctor for medical attention or learn how to stay healthy.

Apart from health disorder that you can work on to correct the effects, I don’t see any other thing about you that is natural that you should worry about to make you feel inferior. What if your sickness is chronic?. Oh uh, there is no need crying over spilled milk. You are not the only one fighting against chronic disease in life, there are millions of people. They all matter.

If you want spiritual healing before you get over an inferiority complex, then I will tell you to take it to God. Pray hard, meditate on his word, have faith and surely you will receive your healing right in front of your eyes. Understand that you are not the worse person on earth. You are simply different and special.

♦.Kill Bad Memories
Try your best to put a stop to all bad emotional memories. We all make mistakes but that mistake shouldn’t be taken into the future. Forget about them, forget how people mistreated you, talked against you. Forget about a terrible mistake you made in the past and don’t allow it to haunt you.

♦.Read Inspirational articles
Read motivational books or blogs like this one to get inspired. As you keep on reading and finding positive ways of overcoming inferiority complex, put them into practice if possible see a psychologist occasionally to psych you up. Feed your brain with positivity and nothing will push you to look down on yourself.

The Bottom Line On How To Overcome Inferiority Complex

In summary, after you have discovered yourself after you have known how to overcome an inferiority complex; And know your abilities and inabilities. You must also know the kind of friends to keep in your inner circle.

Knowing your limit, developing mental positivity and ensuring other positive ways of defining your true identity, etc. an inferiority complex will vanish from your life. Never mind what people say about you. Clear them from your memories as soon as possible.

If you listen to the bad comments from people and their reactions toward you, you become a slave to them. You might be blindfolded from knowing how to overcome inferiority complex. Don’t mind whatever they say. You know yourself better than anyone so whatever you say to your self is final.

Did you find it helpful? If so share to help a friend who is also dealing with an inferiority complex, and don’t forget to share your comments contributions and feedbacks with me. I would be glad yo read them.

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