Joseph And Potiphar’s Wife -Sexual Purity(Genesis 39)

The story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife has a huge lesson for our generation in terms of sexual purity and faithfulness

Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Joseph and Potiphar’s wife story from the Bible

Joseph and Potiphar’s wife: Joseph was the last born of his father Jacob(Israel).Joseph was the 11th son who was the apple of his father’s eyes. His father showed excessive favoritism to Joseph that made his brothers become jealous of him.

Their jealousy intensified when Joseph had two different dreams all meaning he will be successful before his 11 brothers. To cut everything short Joseph’s brothers kidnapped him and sold him out as a slave. An Egyptian called Potiphar bought Joseph. Potiphar was an officer of  Pharaoh and captain of the guard. Joseph and Potiphar’s wife Bible story could be found in Genesis chapter 39 onwards.

Joseph found favor from God all the time. This is simply because he feared God. The Bible has it that: The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The wisest man ever to live on our earth(King Solomon) also concluded that “fear God and obey his commandment.”

A God-fearing man always finds favor in the sight of  God.The Lord was with Joseph all the time. In his life, he met one of the biggest temptations any human being could ever go through. Potiphar appointed Joseph overseer of his house and everything he owns except his wife.

The Lust Of The Flesh From Potiphar’s Wife

Now a time came when Potiphar’s wife lusted for Joseph. According to the Bible, Joseph was a handsome man.

“Soon after these things his master’s wife took notice of Joseph and said “lie with me” (Genesis 39:7).

But Joseph refused because he was a God-fearing man. He was satisfied with what his master had given to him. He was in charge of all the properties of Potiphar so in order not to destroy his reputation he humbly refused to have sex with his master’s wife. Joseph said:

“There is no one greater in this house than  I am. He has withheld nothing from me except you because you are his wife. So how could I do such a great evil and sin against God?”(Genesis 39:9).

Joseph respected himself and with the fear of the Lord, he refused to commit fornication which was to satisfy the flesh temporally.

The story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife continues when a day came again that Potiphar’s wife tempted Joseph again to sleep with him, and this time around a very serious way.

“She caught him by his garment and said to him “lie with me”.He left his garment in her hand and run outside”(Genesis 39:12).

Joseph had the courage to say “No” to her first temptation and another day Joseph met the same situation again when he went to the house to work but he fled away. This woman was only concerned about satisfying her sexual want without thinking about the sin and the kind of abomination she was calling for her self.

The Bible makes it clear that she attempted Joseph several times even in days where there was no one around, but Joseph said “NO“. She grabbed his garment but Joseph broke free. Joseph wants sexual purity in his life.

Potiphar’s wife felt ashamed that Joseph refused to lie with her so she reported that Joseph attempted to sleep with her. When Potiphar heard that, he became very angry and imprisoned Joseph.

Moral Lesson From Joseph And Potiphar’s Wife Story

After reading about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife story; What kind of lesson do we learn from it?. Today’s generation is full of fornication and adultery. Sexual scenes are displayed everywhere.children are into sexual activities and this has become something normal in our societies. Will our generation find favor from God just like how Joseph found favor?.

We must watch out— for the Lord detest that. He is holy and so we must present our bodies undefiled to him. The fear of the Lord has vanished and mankind is satisfying his sexual desire without creating any purity boundaries. Joseph was a slave boy but he lived an exemplary life for me and you.

We must have courage like Joseph when we face temptations of such kind to maintain sexual purity for the sake of God. Joseph had every opportunity to lie with Potiphar’s wife but with courage he refused. Joseph was a young handsome man with feelings just like us but he did not allow Potiphar’s wife to destroy his relationship between him and God.

Today, how many of us would have the courage to refuse sexual offer free of charge?. Please, it is possible to do away with it because Joseph was a mere human like us who valued his sexual purity so I and you can do the same thing for the sake of God.

We must also bear in mind that, when we defeat temptations, the devil becomes ashamed. When you do God’s will like what Joseph did, you glorify God, so for us to gain the Lord’s trust, love and protection we must listen to him and do his will without defiling the marriage bed.

We must know that when we do his will, he will bless us and anything we ask in prayer would be given to us in quick. When Joseph was in prison for his righteousness, the Lord did not leave him, he was with him just like he had been with him before he was even sold out by his brothers.

God helped him get released from prison to enjoy his freedom, So my brethren we shouldn’t feel ashamed of executing God’s will for he will never forsake us.

In Summation

In conclusion, Joseph should be the role model for every Christian living on earth today but not that kind of celebrities who are not godly but are carnal minded people.

Even if the temptation becomes persistent and simple “No” cannot solve it then action must be taken by running away. The lesson goes to both men and women to ensure sexual purity just like what Joseph did in Potiphar’s wife’s chamber.

Women, don’t stay quiet and let any man take over you without saying “no” to fornication or fleeing away, men too should learn from Joseph and run away if a treacherous woman like Potiphar’s wife comes your way.

Fornication and adultery widen the gap between us and God so our prayers are hardly answered. God wants us to obey him so that he can also help us in all our needs by answering our prayers.

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