How To Overcome Laziness: – 9 Simple Strategies.

Laziness is like a sickness that affects our daily lives and destroys the benefits of effective use of time.Overcome it with simple steps.

How to overcome laziness
Know how to overcome laziness

Do you sometimes feel lazy to wakeup from bed,sweep,wash,work or even brush your teeth or any thing as such?If your answer is Yes, then this article will help you a lot.Stay with me as I share with you some of the strategies to help you know how to overcome laziness.

In life, laziness is normal and so forms part of or daily lives but how to overcome it by turning it into something productive is the problem.Here I will explain some of the steps to help you overcome laziness. We all feel lazy sometimes but the approach to it differs, some might feel overwhelmed by it all day and night.Laziness is sweet isn’t it? Oh yes it is.I always tell my friends laziness is sweet but it pays back bitterly.Today,you will learn simple tricks on how to overcome laziness.

Imagine you are on bed feeling sleepy,you have you home appliances on and instead of you to wake up and unplug everything you keep on staying on bed.What if you sleep and there is an electrical problem? What if that problem sets your entire house ablaze?.Now,you will regret for enjoying a bit of laziness that has paid you  back by destroying your property.

Before I begin,first what is laziness?.Laziness is defined as the quality of being unwilling to use energy which makes one enjoy idleness.Honestly, you can turn your lazy hours into money or something profitable.So for us to deal with that idleness that pays us back bitterly, the following strategies would work:

For you to overcome laziness, inspire yourself with positive words like “I will do it”,”I can do it”,I will finish it” “It is easy”.Be passionate about the particular work you would be doing, make sure you psych your self up.Feed your mind with positivity and surely you will overcome laziness without feeling stressed up. You can make it fun like saying to your self  that “When I  finish this work I will buy myself pizza”.So that pizza becomes a prize for your task. Who doesn’t like pizza?.Come on kill the job and win the trophy(pizza).

2.Excercise to overcome laziness:

When you sit  and work for long hours, it is likely you will feel bored so the moment you feel that laziness is about to set you apart,stand on your feet,do some stretches,walk around or possibly jog to awake your dull mind and muscles. Go back to work and continue your work with that revitalized energy.

3.Division of  labour:

When you have a lot of work to do,for you to find it easy working things out perfectly without lapses, you can divide your work load in to different stages or leverage some to  your workmates.Let’s say you are a seamstress and you have to sew 30 clothes a day.Looking at the number and the time limit you would lose interest in sewing it all but when you divide it into stages  like measuring and cutting 5 clothes at a time,you would end up having  6 separate  clothes divisions each containing 5 half finished clothes for you completed. With this, the number wouldn’t scare you as thinking about sewing 30 clothes at a go. The mind is the power of manipulation so when it envisions that it is possible  then it will surely be so. You can also leverage some of the workload to your work mate if he or she is not occupied.The secret here is to break down the scaring number into a small number to boost your ability.

4.Division of task:
This uses the same method as division of labour. Here you have to divide  any task ahead of you and complete it bit by bit.Let’s say  you have a bunch of clothes to iron or wash and because it is too plenty you feel lazy.Divide the clothes into two or three groups wash or iron the one you needed most and continue with the rest in few hours time or the following day.It would be better this way than making the entire quantity of clothes  scare you into a world of laziness. You will end up being unproductive for the day.

5.Preferential tasking:

Here,when laziness sets in,make sure you choose the most pressing things in your life first and executes it.It is all about  scale of preference and choice making. If you accommodate things that are less important in your day or life in addition to the most important things in your life it becomes like a big ocean for you to cross with a canoe. Laziness will swallow you up.You can make a list of all the activities you would be doing for the day and you will realise that certainly some would be important than the others. The most important activities are the ones you should place at the top and the less important ones should follow.Make sure you execute your scale of preference so that the less important ones doesn’t steal your energy and time for you to feel lazy.You don’t have to watch television whiles you know there is a meeting to attend or a project to present.So be wise enough to use your energy on most  important things so that if you feel tired or lazy you don’t lose something  beneficial in your life but continue with the rest the following day.Prioritize every thing you want to do always.

6.A nap:
Feeling tired and lazy at your workplace?. Find a proper time to take a nap for about 15 to 30 minutes to relax your brain and muscles.Believe me you will wake up with fresh energy and enthusiasm to continue your work by wading away that uninvited guest (laziness).I have tried that a couple of times and it has helped me,you too can give it a try. If you are  working in a strict environment that, taking a nap  would be impossible at least you can divide your lunch time,use half for a  quick nap and the half for your food.To avoid breach of time-factor, set your alarm clock and there you go.Scientifically, sleep is a medicine that helps us to regain energy lost so if you can use enough time to sleep and wake up afresh to continue your work without any complain, why not do that?.Our bodies are like machines, it gets tired when overused and sleep is one quick and natural remedy for overcoming laziness.When you are in the house  and laziness engulfs you,you would have to sleep for about 4 to 6 hours or more to let your body regain its lost energy.

7.Avoidance of procrastination:

When there is a job ahead of you,do it quick. Avoid postponing to different days.At least half a loaf of bread is better than none.So do half of it, if you think it is too big so you feel lazy.When you postpone, it is like borrowing money from a friend or contracting loan from the bank,no matter what you will pay for it.So why try running away from the job you ought to do?.Remember time and tide waits for no man so if you squander time because of laziness you will pay for it,so do your work now and be free.

8.Self Discipline:
When you are able to control yourself and the activities surrounding you, it would be easier for you to overcome laziness. Draw boundaries for the time you want to spend on every single activity you do during the day and be committed to it.If you govern yourself with simple defined rules, you will always be on top of laziness. We all know a town or a country of lawlessness is always full of chaos. So discipline your self to your daily tasks. Don’t break the rules.

9.Setting Target
Laziness could set in your life any moment  of the day,but if you have a target or goal  that you want to meet for the day then you will find yourself focused on achieving that goal.For instance if  you are someone building a house and your target is to use 3 bags of cement, you will always be prompted to your feet no matter how much boring it would be,because the target is what will earn you money so you won’t feel lazy and let the day pass without reaching your target.

If you apply any of the above strategies in the proper way,I am pretty sure you will overcome laziness. I would like to read your comments, contributions and feed backs.And don’t forget to share if you find it helpful.

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