Body Language Communications That Simplifies Your Emotions

Body Language: There is a saying that ‘action speaks louder’ than words. Unarguably, we don’t always communicate by uttering words. Body language communications could keep us informed of what is going on around us. It’s simple and beautiful.

Understanding body language communications
Body language sends a wordless message to people in simple ways. It is natural and very common with humans and animals.

Grasping Some Interesting Facts About Body Language

What Is Body Language?. It is a form of nonverbal communication in which certain behavior is expressed in physical form. It involves facial expressions, body posture, eye movements etc.

All these expressions send messages to the people around us. It is far different from sign languages which is a complex kind of defined communication. Sign languages developed from generation to generation, and into what we know today.

Helen Keller has been known to invent some of these sign languages. Unlike body language which is very natural. It shows our emotional feelings. You can learn some interesting facts about Helen Keller by reading from Signing Savvy.

People do express the level of their confidence in the way they sit, stand or do whatever task in front of them before they even utter a word.

Body language is very common in human beings and animals. Sometimes we do express our innermost feelings through body languages.

You can look at someone’s face and say “hey! this dude is angry.” Although he hasn’t said anything.

Some people are smart enough to decipher even the complex form of body languages from friends. They are just like Sociolinguists.

We use body language to express emotional feelings. Our facial expression correlates with the physical action we show.

How Do People Use Body Language?

It makes people communicate without words. People use body language to show:

♦. Show Love

♦. Happiness

♦. Anger

♦. Disappointment

♦. Confidence

The above lists are a few of the many kinds of body languages we use in our daily lives.

The Kind of body language someone might use will differ culturally from others. They all mean something to whoever is around.

A Body language would either depict a positive vibe or negative. It is up to you to understand such type of communication.

Fake Smile As A Body Language

Studies have shown that one can acknowledge a fake smile from a genuine smile. We have enemies all around, they smile together with our loved ones and so it is hard to see.

However, experts have concluded that a genuine smile will always come along with wrinkles around the eyes. On the other hand, a fake smile doesn’t show any wrinkles.

I believe the commonest body language in our world today, which easily sends a direct message to viewers is;

Seeing someone sitting, looking quite with one arm supporting or balancing the head(cheek). That is clear enough to tell you, the person is thinking about something depressing or heart-breaking.

Showing Love Through Body Language

Body language signs send compelling messages that almost everyone has to understand. When it comes to “love and relationships.”, it is very obvious, simple and understandable.

Don’t be surprised, animals even use body language to show love through a special kind of communication. Apparently, animals do not talk but they do understand their body movements.

Some Notable Signs
♦. A guy may lock eyes with your face, but not necessarily your eyes. Intensional eye contacts on several occasions speak about love. Men normally do this to show interest in a woman.

♦. Touching certain body parts is a sign of showing interest in that person. Again, When a guy holds your hand and presses his palm against yours, it signifies a desire to connect with you.

♦. Other signs such as rapid eye blinking and rolling of the tongue also signify love.

In our daily communications, we don’t always need to articulate to express our feelings nor intentions. For example, affirming “YES” to a question by nodding is commonly understood by everyone.

In the same way, slightly shaking the head right-left or left-right f expresses “No.” A frown, therefore, means displeasure or anger.

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