Creating jobs for the homeless is a major policy for many governments and individuals.Every country today frowns on unemployment and poverty.However, there are many ways for creating jobs for the homeless.     Today, “African Paradise World” will share with you how creating jobs for the homeless can help an entire country. It would be unwise to suppress the less priveliged.Help them if you can. Firstly,creating jobs for the poor may take in many forms.Know that,in life, when you are able to create jobs, it is better than searching for one.If you can create any job for yourself and others, go ahead.Create jobs and let people benefit fromRead More →

There are many ways to help Orphans and widows. Giving to orphans and widows is one of the good things everyone must do. Giving is a divine responsibility. Once a while try to help orphans or widows. When you get money don’t forget them. You have worked for several years, earned huge amount of money. Don’t enjoy the money alone. There are people who need your help. Have you thought of helping widows and orphans?. I believe it is time you do that before you leave this planet. Now, who are orphans?. Orphans are the people whose parents are dead or cannot be traced. WhoRead More →