What’s So Trendy About The Beauty Of Love That Everyone Is Going Crazy Over It?

God instituted love in the garden of Eden and we are all partakers of the beauty of love today. Civilization has modernised love in many ways making it appear beautiful to us.However, despite the beauty of modern-day love,true love has become rare like a Siberian tiger.

the beauty of love
The beauty of love resides in the respective holder.The views of the world is just a compliment.

Who can deny the beauty of love?.Have you fallen in love before?. If “Yes” then I guess you have seen and felt the beauty of love before. Yes off course, there is beauty in love.

The beauty of love is not about Cinderella and love fantasies on television.Let’s face reality and forget about love fantasies. It is about feeling the true chemistry of love which proves valuable beyond anything.It is visible and audible for everyone to acknowledge.

Money has little or no role to play when we are talking about the true beauty of love.If it takes money for beautiful love,then the poor wouldn’t know or feel the true beauty of love.

Interesting Facts About The Beauty Of Love

The beauty of love is often at its peak when the love is within new lovers.ie.lovers who have just found themselves.Again when the love is genuine,you can still see the beauty of it.

It wouldn’t be advisable to expect your love story to be like that of Cinderella and his Charming Prince.This is just a folklore.Don’t also stress yourself to make your love story be like that of Romeo and Juliet.That is just a play written by William Shakesphere.My dear, write your own love story and make it beautiful.

Nobody want to be alone in our world today.Love is simply beautiful if you are with the right person.

The bible has the best explanation of love and how it affects our lives.Here it reads:

” Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious. Love does not brag, it is not puffed up “(1st Corinthians 13:4).

Most people portray the beauty of love at special occasions like wedding ceremony, Valentine day,mother’s day,father’s etc.All these occasions give people the platform to show love.Whether it is agape love or romantic love,it is simply beautiful.

Everyone surely want to explore the beauty of love but it doesn’t happen like that to everyone. This is because fake love has taken over real love.

Moral Lesson From The Beauty Of Love

Money has lessened the beauty of love in the lives of many people.Sadly, money has become the driving force behind the love of many people. This blindfolds us to see the true colours of love.A relationship might begin beautifully and end awkwardly.You are responsible for making your love story the best.

If you ever find yourself enjoying the beauty of love,you are such a lucky person.Because this is the dream of millions of people around the world.

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