Feeding On Eleanor Roosevelt “Inferior Quote” Can Boost Your Confidence Today

Eleanor Roosevelt inferior quote is teaching us a great lesson today.You have the right to make your self happy.Don’t let people steal your happiness.Eleanor is 100% right in her quote.

eleanor roosevelt inferior quote
Here is Eleanor Roosevelt “inferior quote” to motivate you to believe in yourself.



          “Remember no one

           can make you feel

           inferior without

           your consent”

— Eleanor Roosevelt


This quote from Eleanor Roosevelt emphasises on overcoming inferiority complex.There is no way for your contemporaries nor your predecessors to define you correctly. You have to define yourself.

You know yourself far better than anyone.Don’t be a prisoner to people who try to demoralise you.Break-free and live your life to the Max. Tell them to mind their own business.

Eleanor Roosevelt, in full Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.She was born in October 11, 1884, New Yorke.Eleanor was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt,the 32nd president of USA.

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