Finding Meaning From “An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living.”

Finding Meaning From “An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living.”

Nobody can control your thoughts, beliefs, and actions unless maybe you are a prisoner or a slave to some crazy dictator or psycho. Socrates’ once said —”the unexamined life is not worth living.” To learn lessons from life to be productive, you ought to examine yourself first.

Have you ever come across this quote from Socrates? “An unexamined life is not worth living.” What does it mean? It’s a bit controversial right? Huh, here I’m taking sides with Socrates.

Well, life is a very big complex network that is full of mysteries and surprises. It all depends on you; You can make an impact to be a blessing or curse for yourself and others.

Socrates who lived in 470–399 BC was a Greek philosopher born in Athens. He had a great influence on the youth and became known as the founder of Western philosophy. He also cemented his name among the first moral philosophers of the ethical tradition of thought. You may read more of his heart-touching quotes about the youth here.

His teachings about life and morality still look relevant and helpful in our 21st century. Though some might sound controversial, they deliver great wisdom for living a peaceful and honorable life. One particular quote that inspires and informs us about some of the realities of life says:

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

Now before I go further to give you the meaning or break it down —take a minute and think about it.

What Is The Meaning Of “An unexamined life is not worth living?”

This simply means you must try your best to know yourself well before you take specific actions in life. Figure out your strength, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc, This could be termed “self-discovery” or “self-awareness.” This equips one to live a productive life full of wisdom.

You can’t just flow with the stream like a dead fish. Be alive and conscious about your environments, thoughts, and decision-making. By allowing wisdom to guide you, you will be able to live a worthy life that would be cherished by everyone.

Socrates was solid in his teachings and that reflected in his personal life. In fact, he was accused of misleading the youth and so was sentenced to death. He chose to die with his convictions even when there were certain opportunities to help him escape.

Understanding Your Thoughts And Actions

As life goes by it is imperative to examine and reexamine the thoughts flowing through your mind and how you are transforming them into action. Some thoughts worth your time and energy. Others are simply rubbish that needs to be discarded before it comes out of your mouth or through your action.

If you consider some of the most successful men today, you would realize that they strategized their lives well. They had a vision for their future. Success doesn’t come on a silver platter. If your thoughts and actions are inconsistent with your goals, you wouldn’t make it.

Life worth living

Thoughts are just thoughts, plans are just plans —so even if you have the best plans in life and fail to take the right action, you would be like a cymbal brass that makes unnecessary noise.

Realistic goals lead to success. If one doesn’t give up, but flows in the right direction wisely, he will surely make greater achievements.

This quote doesn’t only apply to turning our thoughts or plans into action. It extends to our social lives that revolve around our relationships, marriages, friendships, etc

Even if you don’t have money but decides to live diligently, you would be highly respected by everyone (both young and adult) Why? because you are living wisely. And as a matter of fact, no amount of money can buy wisdom. It is priceless!

I strongly believe you know how awesome wise people are. They are the ones that command respect and attract good things to themselves naturally.

Living a well-examined life would be a blessing. This can even open greater opportunities for you. On the flip side living an unexamined life brings calamity and a woeful failure to the person in question.

People Will Judge You

If you are afraid of criticism or being judged, then it would be better to find a different planet to stay on. This earth isn’t a suitable place for you. Here in this world, people will evaluate you by their own standards or that of the so-called “normal life” scale. If you know who you really are by first evaluating yourself, nobody can make you look like a failure or useless.

It’s impossible to go through life’s journey without any obstruction. Dare not think of cutting corners… You would be hated and at the same time be loved by different people. Whatever the case might be, you must maintain a positive attitude and mindset.

In another perspective, people will try hard to know your credibility in a particular field of life. It could also be a general issue revolving around you. For example when applying for a job, you would go through an interview. If you qualify, then nothing should prevent you from being employed – unless there is some kind of bias, injustice or problem with the employer/company.

People will monitor you and know almost everything you are doing. Sometimes you have to prove to the world that you know your worth and knowledgeable about whatever you are doing.

It’s Not Worth Living

If you wake up each day to stare at the sun from the East to the West without doing anything, then you have failed in life already.

Again, if you keep on staying in your comfort zone without making efforts to face life challenges in the real world, then you are not really yourself. Your life is full of stupid fantasies that will soon fade out and leave you in the desert with no one to help you out.

Today is the time to get prepared to fight for your lofty goals, make wise decisions, be a helping hand to others, work hard, and earn a living.

There is an interesting quote that also says:

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” – Dolly Parton

This sounds just like the “An unexamined life is not worth living” quote from Socrates.

Now let me take a minute and ask you: “What have you achieved so far since you came to earth?”

I know this question will compel a lot of people to start quantifying the amount of monies in their bank accounts, or the number of cars, houses, wives husbands, children, etc they have.

Let me remind you that living a worthy life isn’t all about gaining material wealth. We often underrate the importance of bringing peace, happiness, hope, etc, into the lives of others. The world needs more than your money or wealth.

Be a blessing to the people you come into contact with. Even after your death; your kindness, love, and legacies will still remain in the hearts of thousands of people.

These intangible things are inexhaustible —unlike monies, cars, clothes, etc So go ahead and examine yourself, be a life changer, and live wisely to impact others positively.

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