Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates | You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates | You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

“Life is like a box of chocolates”: You might have heard this quote somewhere but do you understand? Let’s figure out what Forrest Gump meant in his movie.

To all the movie nerds out there or anyone who has watched Forrest Gump movie from 1994. This movie went the extra mile to capture the hearts of thousands of people. There is a popular quote that came out of the movie and it says life is like a box of chocolates.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” –Forrest Gump

It can be seen in the first scene of the movie. Tom Hanks played the role of Forrest Gump; He was then a young man.

His quote has taught us valuable lessons about life and here I would like to talk about a few important points about it.

Life itself is so complex that no one can comprehend everything it sends to us. Sure, it is unpredictable and there are several surprises.

There have been variations from different notable men but they all almost point to the same life lesson. For instance, we’ve been told that life is a movie, it is understood backwards, etc,

Let’s quickly pick the scene from the movie: It all started when Forrest Gump offered a piece of chocolate from his box. This reminded him of his mother’s (role played by Sally Field) quote:

“Life is a box of chocolates,” the continuation says “You never know what you’re going to get.”

Forrest Gump seems not to recall his mother’s saying properly. He slightly changed the quote which was in metaphor to a simile by adding “like” to it.

Forrest Gump sitting on a bench with a box of chocolates
Forrest Gump pictured sitting on a bench with his box of chocolates.

Again Forrest quoted using the past tense “life was” but his Mama’s is said in the present tense “life is a box of chocolates.”

This difference has confused a lot of people —not knowing which is the exact quote. I will say, they all point to the same meaning in life. You may flow with that of Forrest Gump or his mother.

The Movie became outstanding due to its classical content —especially the quote that surfaced in the first scene. It has taught us the dynamic ways of life. Surely we don’t always know exactly what we are going to get today, or tomorrow… But we remain hopeful.

What Is The Meaning Of This Quote From Forrest Gump?

This quote simply means life is full of surprises. You can’t always get what you expect or dream about. It is therefore likened to a box of chocolates which has different flavors, shapes, and tastes.

By developing this further, we could see that the box contains different chocolates which certainly have different flavors or colors. This is how life is; there are good days and bad days.

You may never know if today is going to be a pleasant day for you or not. But whatever the case might be, you must handle it with a smile.

Chocolates in a love-shaped pack

Forrest Gump taught us in his quote that, you can’t see what tomorrow will bring, you can’t see what will happen even in the next few hours. Yes! He couldn’t see the kind of chocolates that would be picked from the box at any given moment.

Surprises could take place at any moment; Get ready for them always! My friend, why not prepare yourself to cope with whatever comes your way?

Life is indeed like a box of chocolates, you will surely not be able to figure out what is coming. Those who prepare well for the future never back down or give up –irrespective of what comes their way.

Sometimes people become so obsessed with life events such as aging, career, marriage, finances, etc. They try their best to be in charge of when, how, and where things should be. But life doesn’t obey their wishes, goals, or thoughts. You can’t manipulate the laws of nature to your advantage.

Several events or things happen and they are beyond your control. Just choose to be positive. Whether life presents to you your favorite tasty and colored chocolate or not, be positive and optimistic.

It is therefore necessary to learn how to handle whatever life presents to you at any given time. Being positive and hopeful today and about the future would calm down your nerves and help you live in the present with the best feeling.

The color, shape, or taste of chocolate life presents to you today might be different tomorrow. Whether it is sweet or salty, you must acknowledge the fact that life is a whole complex thing that can not be manipulated in your favor.

Mrs. Gump told Forrest that he would not always know what he was going to get out of life (the chocolate box). Surprises are part of the game.

Forrest saved his Mama’s saying in his head and flowed by it by living a simple life. You may also keep this at the back of your ‘coconut’ and never stress yourself over the dynamism of life. If it’s not in your favor today, tomorrow might be your lucky day. Enjoy both together with a positive attitude.

In summation, you are always left with a few opportunities to grab. Missing a good one might never come again. So be vigilant and make the best out of every single situation/circumstance.

It’s 2024 and the year is running faster than we could ever imagine. There is no valid excuse to procrastinate, plant your tree today and you will be proud of it in the future. Keep moving forward. We continue to live in a world full of unpredictable events.

There are more ups and downs, bitter and sweet things for everyone to face and deal with in the coming years.

What do you think is the kind of box of chocolates life will present to you tomorrow,  next month, year…? Get ready for it! And never think it will always be favorable.

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