Before Surgery Wishes And Prayers For Healing And Restoration

Before Surgery Wishes And Prayers For Healing And Restoration

Get some of the best before-surgery wishes and prayers for those who need the inspiration and spiritual insight to stay hopeful while waiting to be taken to the theater.

It’s not a joke if you are referred to the theater for surgery. Eg. During pregnancy. The most heartbreaking part is when the doctor asks you to sign an agreement… It feels like accepting your death warrant. Most of us never want to hear this from the doctor but when it becomes a necessity we may have to cope with the process. Fear and anxiety become the hurtful emotions of the day in a situation like this. We need to use before-surgery wishes and prayers to give hope, encouragement and love to friends, family members and loved ones who are about to undergo surgery or even in the middle of surgery.

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In this post, you would find some of the best before-surgery wishes and prayers on the internet. Words have healing powers but when prayers come in full — the supernatural hand of God does healing and miracles. Remember, God is the best Surgeon or Physician who heals and restores everything broken inside us.

If you have faith in God, then use some surgery wishes and prayers to support a friend who is being taken to the theater. If you happen to be the patient, then say prayers in faith and wish yourself the best. With God all things are possible.

Wishes And Prayers To Use Before Undergoing Surgery

Now get ready to text someone feeling anxious and fretful in a moment of medical complications that require the help of surgeons. Pray and commit the whole process to the hands of the Lord. Below are some inspiring wishes and prayers before going through surgery.

Before surgery wishes

1. The Lord is your trusted physician, may He operate on you in the spiritual realm and let it manifest in the flesh before the eyes of all humans. He has never failed before. Just have faith. God the Rock of Ages has got your back.

2. Even if everyone doubts the recovery of your current health situation, Jesus is the One who makes the impossible possible. You will come out of this soon in Jesus’ name.

3. I will always be here for you; even in my weakness I will stretch my hand and hold you. I care so much that even when you will be undergoing this procedure I will be next door waiting to look into your eyes again. Love you

4. Before you go to the theater, know that our Lord Jesus Christ, the mighty healer is already there. Trust that, you will have a successful surgery and come home with unimaginable strength, peace and joy.

5. Have courage, my dear, you are a fighter. You may need to undergo a simple surgery but all will be well. Cheers to a better and healthier life ahead. Best wishes for the surgery.

6. I said a prayer for you today, I asked God to see you through this surgery. That his Mighty hands may guide the doctor as they perform the surgery.

7. Wishing you all the best while you prepare to undergo surgery. It’s not something unprecedented in life, it’s a matter of understanding that everything happens for a reason. But God works out things for those who love Him. I’m encouraging you today that God has already done it for you. Smile.

8. Don’t feel overwhelmed, you know we are here for you. We are with you in prayers and God will see you through. Sending you the very best wishes for the fastest recovery!

7. God fearfully and wonderfully created us, our bodies have an extraordinary way of healing, and today after surgery you will be on the road to becoming a healthier person, with no more pain.

8. Miracles are real. May you experience one before you come out of the theater. Believe it has already been made successful. My prayer and wishes for you in a moment like this are for you to smile with hope and great relief when the surgical procedures are over.

9. God performed the first successful surgery when He removed a rib from Adam the first man to create Eve, the first woman. Today, he is still doing surgery on His children. May He do it for you too.

Inspiring Prayers For People Going To The Theatre

I believe prayers are needed for anyone who is about to undergo surgery. Because the devil never wishes us well in our struggles for success and happiness. He delights in our suffering, diseases, sicknesses and death. God is loving, compassionate and All-powerful. If we call on Him in times of difficulties, He hears us.

Let me share some powerful Before surgery prayers with you. You can use them to intercede for a friend, your child, parent, spouse, etc, Just take note of the prayer points and put them together to align with the exact target you are calling on the Holy Spirit to touch.

NB: As you prepare to use these samples of pre-surgery prayers, you can place the name of the loved one within. I mean mention the name of the one going into the theater while you pray for him or her.

Before surgery prayer

1. Father Lord, today I come to you as your child. You have already called me and everyone who trusts you your child. And as a loving Father who rules over everything I need your miraculous power to heal and restore any disease, sickness or infirmities crippling your child in any way. Use your invisible surgical tools to operate on your loved one before he even goes to the theater. Lord, I know you are the ancient God who says what will happen in the end from the beginning. Lord, I want you to declare a successful surgery for your loved one before the whole surgical procedure even begins in Jesus’ name.

2. You have commanded us to call on you in times of trouble and you will hear us. This is a trustworthy promise. Again your Word says we should come to you when our burdens are heavy to carry and you will unload us. I trust that you will remove fear, doubt, pain, death and any misfortune from the life of your loved one before the doctors even begin their supposed surgery. Father Lord, may your grace and mercy find your loved one and glorify yourself throughout this emotional distress. Amen!

3. My Jesus and Savior, you are the good shepherd and as your sheep is about to be taken into the theater, do not allow any enemy or wolf to touch him. Sanctify the surgical equipment with your blood and give the surgeons the supernatural ability to overcome any obstruction. Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who heals —Let your loved one recover fully from every pain after this surgical operation. In your hand, I commit to every single step. I trust you have done it. Amen!

Sending Gifts And Wishes To Loved Ones After or Before Surgery

I believe it is necessary to show your love to anyone going through surgery or after a successful surgery. It’s a special kind of encouragement that helps them stay positive, happy and hopeful to continue living their beautiful lives.

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Go ahead and show your love in kind by giving out some of these before and after-surgery wishes or gifts. Let them smile and feel loved. This will even speed up their recovery rate or help release unnecessary stress or fears.

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