Jamaican Upcoming Gospel Singer Sean Holness Shares His Song “Last Days” With The World

Jamaican Upcoming Gospel Singer Sean Holness Shares His Song “Last Days” With The World

Jamaican upcoming gospel artist Sean Holness (Echo Messiahh) reaches out to the Christian world with his single “Last Days.”

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Sean Holness (Born December 27, 1983), also known as Echo Messiahh, is an upcoming Gospel Singer and Entrepreneur. Born and raised in Manchester, Jamaica.

Sean started to develop the love for singing Gospel at a tender age where he would participate and sing joyfully at church concerts and other functions.

Over the years, he became an entrepreneur but still had the passion for music. He manifests his music to be totally different, one that is more on the classical side that will bring deep messages to listeners encouraging them to draw closer to God.

The lyrics to his songs entail scriptures and poetic preaching engulfed with a touch of sweet melody for spiritual growth in Christ.

Sean is greatly inspired by Gospel Singers such as Heritage Singers, Don Moen and Gaither Vocal Band. His artist name “Echo Messiahh” was divinely given and can be embraced by Christians because it speaks to the lifestyle of Christ, demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit genuinely. In essence; “Echoing everything about the Messiah”.

In addition, the word “Echo” defines his voice perfectly as his style of singing embodies that of an echo.
Holness also shares a testimony as to why he chose music, “I’ve been terribly sick for over two years visiting doctors locally and internationally but with little success.

From home to emergency rooms death has passed before my eyes on several occasions. I give God all the credit for bringing me through and sustaining my life to this day, hence my reason for music. Whatever time He has granted me for the future I will dedicate it to Him solely, this is my gift to Him.”

Watch his gospel single “Last Days” via YouTube.

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