How Christians Gain Confidence In God Through The Scriptures

How Christians Gain Confidence In God Through The Scriptures

How would you have confidence in God when there seems to be no way? Confiding in the Lord has many benefits; Just like faith, you must never doubt the unrestrained power of God. Find out what the scriptures say.

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I never thought I would be writing any blog post anytime soon. But here I feel the Lord placing his words in my heart and mind. I need to pen down everything with the speed of light. I feel compelled to share everything with you now. It’s all about how to have confidence in God, the benefits and valuable lessons for living a life that pleases God. I believe someone somewhere needs this inspiring and life-changing message now. Could you be the one?

Do you have confidence in God and do you have the willpower to maintain it? It’s like Paul questioning you to hold on unto the faith to the end. Your prize of the crowns of life and righteousness is waiting for you.

Are There Any Benefits In Confiding In The Lord?

Should I put my confidence in the Lord? Are there any benefits in relying fully on God?

These are some of the commonest questions people ask — especially new converts. Yeah, we have all had our doubts while growing in the faith. These nagging questions go on and on but they shouldn’t weaken your faith in Christ Jesus.

Is there any benefit in putting my confidence in the Lord?

Oh ‘No‘ there are no benefits for you! Huh, yeah I saw your face, it looked like you’ve sucked a Lemon. Because my answer never sounded right in your ears. That’s just humor to stimulate your mind and bring your full attention to what I’m about to tell you.

It is imperative to fully rely on God. So ‘Yes‘ there are many benefits to having confidence in the Lord. I have already talked about a couple of related topics such as the one in this article.

We Can’t Even See Him — Why Bother?

Yes! God is Spirit and as a matter of fact invisible to the naked eye. It would sound foolish to the atheists, evolutionists, agnostics and all the unbelievers you can think of.

Faith is the master key of unlocking all the hidden treasures the Lord has in store for those who genuinely worship Him. He comforts the broken-hearted, feeds widows and orphans, gives wisdom and understanding to the one who needs, favor, protection, long life, brighter future, etc, All these come under his amazing promises to His children.

We are the children of God. We walk in the spirit. Because our God is Spirit, omniscient and omnipotent. He works in so many ways. The more you grow a closer relationship with Him, the more you feel His presence and help in all your endeavors.

Your Confidence In God Vs Life In Question

It is not an easy thing to go through the turbulence of life and remain confident in God. Especially when there is no sign of him after praying consistently for help. This challenges some Christians and they lose their faith. It’s a pity.

God’s thoughts and plans are always higher than ours. So if you call yourself a Christian then there is no better choice anywhere than to keep on clinging to the Lord.

I know how it feels when you can’t get a clear view of what is happening in your life. Doubt shouldn’t have a place in your heart if you know and believe that God is faithful, kind, loving, and powerful.

For you as a believer — if your confidence is in the Lord then there is no need to be fretful about the challenges that come your way. Let me remind you of something:

Here comes one of mankind’s confident killers called “stress.” You may find yourself in a stressful moment that will make you feel useless and hopeless.

You wouldn’t be able to sit down for a minute because you want this and that to happen but it is not. Your mind then starts racing like a Formula 1 car. Calm down my friend if you believe God can do everything, then be still and know that He is God!

Is it so difficult to have complete confidence in the Lord? Wait, I will help you to take a good rest in the Lord where you wouldn’t be fretful about the future or whatever is happening around you.

As you take a rest in the Lord you will stop panting and worrying about what might go wrong or what is falling apart. Save your breath!

Your Choice Matters

Often at times, Christians forget about the trustworthy promises of the Lord. Some end up having confidence in themselves, friends, families… I mean mere humans and human strength.

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When you choose to confide in yourself at the expense of our God’s beautiful plans and power — you end up living in spiritual darkness.

We have that earthly confidence that may help deal with generic life situations just like how the motivational speaker or the psychologist tells us. I remember sharing some inspiring quotes that talk about self-confidence.

Hey but the best of confidence must be put in our Lord Jesus Christ. To my fellow Christians, our true confidence in life doesn’t come from the messages of motivational speakers like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and such likes but the Holy Spirit.

Choose to confide in God without any doubt. He has never failed before. The Scripture has many examples of how he redeemed and restored people who never gave up on Him. I’m not forgetting to mention David, Job, Abraham, Elijah, Paul, etc,

Things God Never Wants Us To Confide In

Now let me share with you some of the things God hates to see his children seeking help from. Take a closer look and never be a victim.

1. Self Righteousness

Do you preach self-righteousness or believe it leads to anything useful in the Lord? If so then it is time to go back to the scriptures.

Why would you believe your self-righteousness gives you the merits to receive blessings, be successful, pray, do good, work hard, or whatsoever?

The confidence in your own righteousness wouldn’t lead you to the spiritual treasures prepared for the children of God. Take some lessons from these Bible verses: Titus 3:5, 2 Corinthians 3:4 – 5, and Isaiah 54:17.

2. Money

Money is powerful. Many end up being servants of mammon. With their monies and wealth, they confidently do or say whatever they like. Just like this foolish man in Luke 12:16 – 21.

3. Mere Humans

Do you have confidence in man that surpasses that of God? It would be a grave mistake to live your life in such an unwise way. In fact, if you rely on humans and human strengths then you are already cursed as stated in Jeremiah 17:5.

Humans are full of weaknesses, they can easily fail you; God never fails!

4. Divination

The Devil will promise to help you, get you a good job, heal you, protect, etc through demonic powers. It might feel good to you today but the result is always ugly. I’ve seen people cast spells to create favorable conditions for themselves and ended up with pain and suffering.

Divination is another abominable act our Lord detests. A man may go in for a charm and move around with the confidence of being successful in whatever the charm or talisman was purposed for.

God hates sorcery, spirit mediums, or any kind of divination. Never put your confidence in anyone who uses divination to read your future, promise you a good life, protection, peace, or success. Don’t trust them!

How To Have Confidence In God

There are simple ways anyone can have confidence in the Lord.

1. The Holy Spirit

He is our comforter. Pray always by asking Him to give you the strength and confidence to overcome any challenge that will crop up in your life. The Spirit of God is ever-present to help us in our weaknesses, direct our paths and teach us how to handle complex situations. As children of God, we already have Him.

“For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

2. The Word of God

God’s word is the best inspirational book you could ever read. It is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Your confidence would be boosted like an amplifier if you feed your soul regularly with the Word of God.

There are real stories and parables worthy of reading. They will help open your mind to the Lord’s unrestrained power — plus his unconditional love for His children.

3. Sacrifice

Never rely on your own strength, wisdom, or understanding. Surrender all of “you” to God and watch Him take control of the steering wheel moving you from grace to grace.

You would end up being blessed in everything you do. Then you would know that the Lord is good because you have tasted Him by loving Him with all your mind, heart, strength, and soul.

Helpful Scriptures About Confidence In God

I believe these scriptures about confidence in God would inspire you more to surrender everything you have to Him. God is heavily grieved if we fail to confide in Him. We can see that from #1.

1. “However, through all this you did not have confidence in the LORD your God,   the one who was constantly going before you to find places for you to set up camp. He appeared by fire at night and cloud by day, to show you the way you ought to go.” (Deuteronomy 1:32 – 33)

2. “Patiently wait for God alone, my soul! For he is the one who gives me confidence. He alone is my protector and deliverer. He is my refuge; I will not be upended.” (Psalms 62:5 – 6)

3. “You will not be afraid of sudden disaster, or when destruction overtakes the wicked; for the LORD will be the source of your confidence, and he will guard your foot from being caught in a trap.” (Proverbs 3:25 – 26)

4. “For you give me confidence, O Lord; O LORD, I have trusted in you since I was young.” (Psalms 71:5)

Scripture about confidence in God

5. “My blessing is on those people who trust in me, who put their confidence in me.” (Jeremiah 17:7)

6. “Now we have such confidence in God through Christ. Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as if it were coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God.” (2 Corinthians 3:4 – 5)

You are one step ahead of your long-awaited victory over your adversaries and everything that challenges your happiness, success, healing, faith, and salvation as a follower of Christ Jesus.

He is all-powerful and trustworthy. There is no need to be afraid of anything. Stay blessed and confident in the Lord always.

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