People Being Afraid Of These 3 Things In Life Can Cause An Early Death

Anyone who says he/she has never been afraid of anything isn’t being real. But the few people who are able to overcome their fears prove maturity in life. There are many things That people are afraid of – this bring about failure and unhappiness

Things people are afraid of in life in a quote

While I keep on iterating that “fear” is not real, many people tend to disagree with me. Here we are, in a pandemic world where almost everything has changed for the worst. Have you ever tried to make an assessment of some of the serious things people are afraid of?

The year 2020 looks like as if I’m watching “Evil Residents“, “Krrish 3“, or the gimmicks of “Ultron Sigma” in the movie theater. The virus is spreading all around the world irrespective of the person in question. The rich, the poor, the doctor, professor, etc. are all afraid of this thing WHO has declared pandemic!.

You can’t deny the fact that you have never been afraid of anything before. But I strongly believe it is a bad idea to constantly feed your mind with fear. It rather makes that awful thought imminent and real. In other words, you create that painful reality.

That obnoxious feeling of fear is normal. But you always have the power to control it or else it will control you. And when fear controls you; it leads to depression and so many different kinds of negative emotions.

As we all find ourselves in a hard time like this because of the so-called coronavirus(COVID-19); let consider some of the things people are afraid of and find out the best ways to deal with them. A couple of months ago I talked about mankind’s deepest fear. Now I want to highlight a number of them.

This has been necessitated by the situation this world is facing. Almost everyone is afraid of one or two things. The impact of this pandemic is very real and severe. It feels like COVID-19 is knocking at our doors.

“I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death”
–Thomas Paine

3 Common Things We Are Afraid Of

It takes a lot of courage to face whatever you are afraid of. Facing it solves a greater part of the problem. Now look at some of the things people are afraid of:

1. Death

Obviously, death is not a friend of anyone. But it is that thing we can never escape. Our fate is to die someday and after that – judgment. You don’t only live once as some people call it “YOLO” (You Only Live Once). But the truth is, we live every day and die once.

Being afraid of death

Here is the case almost everyone is at risk of contracting this so-called coronavirus. Being infected puts you between life and death. We are not ready to die but the reality of death is very close to our doorsteps. Why people won’t be afraid?.

2. Losing Your Job

We work to earn some money to cover our needs and other expenses. The emergence of this deadly virus has already made millions of people lose their jobs and those currently working are afraid of being laid off.

Even that fear of losing jobs was already griping people and making them feel uncomfortable.

Recently Gallup poll concluded a survey in America. It has been reported that 25% of employed Americans now say it is likely they will lose their jobs within the next 12 months.

The awful truth here is; those who have already lost their jobs are not going through poor physical health conditions and depression like those who are now working and afraid of losing their jobs.

In general, being laid off from a job without you being prepared hurts a lot. And the most annoying part is when your Boss indicates in your letter: “good luck on your future endeavors.” Does this make sense at all?.

3. Break Up

Being in a relationship gives you an awesome feeling but when things start to get complicated; it breeds fear of losing your loved one. Talking about the things people fear, this is the commonest you could ever find.

This one directly deals with the heart, “love” – a desire that is so strong to make people go the extra mile of sacrificing almost everything.

Experts call that fear of falling in love philophobia. Dealing with a broken heart is not a joke and so it makes people become afraid of seeing a loved one go. The psychological trauma could last for several years and likely take you to your early grave (broken heart syndrome).

Other Things That Strike Fear In People

1. The reality of Hell
2. Falling in love
3. Trusting(Pistanthrophobia)
4. Failing in life
5. Rejection
6. Getting lost

To finalize everything, there are more than these 3 things that people are afraid of. Unfortunately, I cannot cover all in this post. But surely, these are the commonest ones we often see around us.

And in the actual sense, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything. Fear is like fuel. It is highly flammable so why would you take it close to a source of the fire.

Take the necessary precautions. Wipe it out from your thoughts and live your normal life. Anxiousness breeds depression. Antidepressants cannot heal you better than developing a positive mindset towards every negative feeling.

Instead of spreading fear and panic in a moment like this; let encourage each other. Surely the best things are yet to come.

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