Do Prayers Work? How Christians Should Use The Bible To Answer This Nagging Question

Christians are compelled to give answers to spiritual questions that need physical manifestations. It is true, desperation is making people ask; do prayers work at all?. Let resort to the Bible and learn from scientific research as well

Do prayers work for anyone who prays

Have you ever wondered if prayers really work? or has anyone asked you “do prayers work before?.” Well, this question would receive different answers depending on the person you are asking.

It is a whole topic that will spark a compelling argument. This question needs more spiritual insight for a better understanding than dealing with it on normal grounds.

Do prayers work? The answers would be “Yes” or “No” depending on the intent of the person or the person’s experience. But as you find yourself reading this post; I want you to know that prayers work.

It would be necessary for us to ask a relative question such as “do curses work?” and the answer is “Yes!.” I have seen prayers work and I have seen curses work as well. They both deal with the interconnectivity with the spiritual world or a deity. Remember the fact that there is power in the tongue

However, there are a couple of things that will make prayer effective or non-effective. In other words, God does not answer anyone’s prayer.

I have already published a couple of articles about how we can connect with God for the best results. Here, before you finish reading this post, you would come into the realization that there is scientific proof that a real connection happens between a believer and God during prayers. And then again, you will get to know that God answers prayers according to his will.

Why Would You Even Pray?

People do pray for many different reasons but honestly, they barely see any results. It is very challenging to ask God about something you are in dire need of – but things look the same. We all go through such kind of obnoxious feelings. What will the atheist, evolutionist, or the agnostic say when you pray and see no answer?.

Surely they will ridicule you. But that doesn’t mean God doesn’t answer prayers. I understand there have been a number of research on prayers to figure out the end result. And almost show no difference… I believe this is a big mistake. It is true, many Christians are tempted to give up on God because of so many problems without experiencing the slightest relief from God. You may be one of them. No matter what; you can’t justify your circumstances against God’s timing.

Why should the scientific world put God to test – that pray for this person who is sick or undergoing surgery? And on the other hand, people shouldn’t pray for another patient who is sick or undergoing surgery – “and let’s find out what happens?”.

This is absolutely wrong. You can’t put God to test and use your findings to draw a conclusion that God doesn’t answer prayers. It is like asking God to put Himself under a microscope to study His composition. It’s absolute nonsense.

The Real Connection – Scientific Evidence

Dr. Andy Newberg, a neuroscientist and a professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine made research about what happens when Christians are in a prayer mood.

In his research, he found out that anytime a Christian prays in faith – something happens within the brain. Using an MRI machine to scan the brain activity indicated that the frontal lobe of the brain blossoms.

The same research was done on a non-believer and while he claims to pray/meditate – the frontal lobe did not blossom.

In conclusion, a Christians’ brain’s activity changes when engaged in prayers because of faith!. You can read more about Dr. Andy Newberg’s research here.

We can relate this to how God listens to our prayers. He doesn’t answer just any prayer. And his reasons are perfect. You may be interested to read my article about why God hasn’t answered your prayers to better understand how things work. Just don’t be anxious or disappointed in anyway.

Do Prayers Work – Evidence From The Bible

The Bible has gone under rigorous tests and evaluation but no one has succeeded in proving it wrong. There is a perfect kind of relationship between God and science; The Bible is rich in scientific facts.

According to the Bible prayers work

As I help you find a perfect answer to this nagging question “Do prayers work?” It would be necessary to resort to the Bible. There are several records of people having answers to their prayers.

Before God answers prayers; faith must be available. Take a look at these faith statement examples from the Bible and how it changed the lives of those characters. It takes faith that meets the will of God to see answers to prayers. So, does prayer work?; I will still affirm it by saying “Yes.”

Jesus gave us a perfect kind of prayer we can all learn from:

“And going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, saying, ‘My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will” (Matthew 26:39).

God has healed a lot of people from their diseases and sickness. He has done wondrous things that no man or deity could ever do. You can find a couple of the miracle of God by reading this article “healing from God.”

Again, here here is the prayer of Hannah that God answered:

“O Lord Almighty, if you will only look upon your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the Lord for all the days of his life”(1 Samuel 1:11).

People living today have witnessed the miraculous hands of God in their lives through prayers. They are living witnesses with amazing testimonies.

In summation, the person who answers your nagging question about whether prayers work or not will have a greater influence on your life. Just listen to your conscience – consider how curses manifest in flesh and think about the possibility of seeing a prayer answered right in front of your eyes.

Don’t ever make a mistake by giving up on God. If you do not see your prayers answered – believe that God is still having the best plans for you. If you believe that prayers work, then don’t give up and it shall happen; if you don’t believe that it works – then nothing will work too.

There is a truism that you become what you say. In other words, you become what you believe in. Think about the spiritual warfare that affects you. Anytime you pray – you strike against the spiritual enemy.

Finally, do prayers work? Yes, prayers work only according to the will of God. Thank you for reading and stay blessed!.

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