Knowing What To Do When life Challenges Hit You On The Head

You wouldn’t ever see a single person with zero life challenges. Irrespective of the degree of pains you may go through — it is something you can bring under control if you follow the best advice. You are responsible for your happiness, success, and anything that has to do with your feelings.

A seedling showing how to grow irrespective of life challenges

“Life challenges.” This is a very common phrase I often use in my articles. In other words, many of us call it life battles. It is obvious, we can’t be living on this earth without facing any problems. It’s a serious issue that affects everyone. A little inspiration can psych you up to keep on holding the light of hope — as far as you have breadth within you.

We hate that. But interestingly, we don’t choose our battles or problems to fight in life. They rather choose us. Of course sometimes we mess up to the extent of digging our own graves. But we quickly run away to find solace.

Death is scary! But you must face it rather than running away. I don’t mean go and lie in the grave for your burial but go and undo it in the best way you can.

In fact, some of us might have to spend the rest of our natural life on earth battling series of problems. Think about someone battling cancer or any chronic disease… Some really succeed in kicking it out of their lives.

In this post, I would like us to consider some of the things threatening our happiness, success, and freedom. Since you cannot be an exception, I would need your rapt attention. Because after reading this post — you would be inspired enough to keep on fighting the good fight without ever giving up.

Would there be anyone living today without any challenges?. Not even the rich guys could live without facing any problems. The most beautiful guys aren’t an exception. A smiley face doesn’t always mean everything is fine. But it is one of the best ways to suppress the pains and sufferings in life.

There is a saying that “he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.” And whiles I can’t know exactly what is taking your breath away — this post would help you to stay motivated and provide you with valuable lessons that will be relevant enough to put a smile on your face.

And to those who have been paralyzed by severe afflictions. Remember this; happiness is a choice. When you train your mind to stay positive over all the negativities — you become happier and live longer. What you tell yourself will surely have an effect on your life. Stay strong!.

How Does It Go?

Before I go any further, I would like to iterate, I am not moved about people’s displeasure when I talk about God being the helper and sustainer of the lives of His Children. I understand nonbelievers do read from this blog. But I can’t refuse to put God first — simply because it might deter someone who doesn’t believe in God.

Back to our studies. When talking about life challenges — there is no exception. Whether you are a kid, adult, rich, poor, wise, a student, a worker, handicapped, etc. You would have one or two demons to fight.

While I can not specifically know the exact life challenge knocking at your door — I write to remind you that there is a solution. But it mainly depends on your preparedness to be a conqueror.

It could be financial constraints, marital problems, health problems, emotional challenges, etc. Some of these happen to be a global issue. So we must all help to make the world a better place. People are really suffering.

For instance, according to the “IndependentUk“: 37,000 under-fives die of disease every day and 73 million children are workers; 585,000 women die in labour each year.

Again, since we cannot deny the fact that money can solve most of the challenges we face in life — it is important to find the best ways to work hard for money. It almost always remains relatively scarce. It’s so hard for individuals to mobilize enough capital to speed up their future goals.

According to a survey published by Gallup in 2012 indicated that during the global financial crisis, suffering increased globally.

In one of my articles, I explained why you were born a winner and so must pursue the winning agenda. Be invincible. Be resilient to failure and success would be your reward.

The Annoyance Of Life Challenges

Get prepared, because life itself isn’t meant for the faint-hearted. If you are the fearful type — then you may aggravate your own problems. It is a truism that this world is not a good place for the weak. Nothing good you seek will come on a silver platter. That is why the lazy is doomed to fail miserably in everything.

Whiles, I don’t believe in Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest ( It is unscriptural) — I recommend you become spiritually, psychologically and physically strong enough to handle the pains life will take you through.

Like I said early, nobody delights in living a sorrowful life. But once in a while, the storm will blow… No matter how powerful it would be — you can overcome it. How?. Yes in the latter part of this post I will share with you some the best ways anyone can deal with the challenges in life.

Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. And never think your afflictions are unprecedented. Wait till the guy with the most beautiful smile tell you about the awful experience he has to deal with each day.

You Can’t Literally Get It Done

Now there is something crucial I want to draw your attention to. Whether you like it or not — you can’t completely get rid of the challenges in life and sleep like a rock. The bell of troubles will ring in your ears again to remind you about the emergence of another problem.

You might ask. How could that be possible?. Yes! It doesn’t auger well to hear that you can’t completely quench the fire posing threat to your life and think you are done with all the challenges in your life.

It works like this. The moment you become desperate for help to overcome a particular problem… You may ask God to give you a good job. He answers you. Then within the job — you would have to deal with a number of problems ranging from poor working conditions, unethical and abusive workmates, etc.

Someone might also ask God for a good spouse. He answers. Then here is the challenge of barrenness. You need to fight it on your knees, with your money, time and your strength to overcome that painful situation.

In furtherance, when that situation finishes stressing you up — There would something else to deal with. Now by God’s grace, you have had a child. You need to sacrifice to give your child a brighter future. You will sacrifice everything you have to pay for your child’s education.

The worst part is when you don’t have enough money — yet you need to pay higher fees because your child is at the university level. You may be forced to contract a loan. Life challenges will keep on taking you through a marathon of financial constraints.

I could cite more than enough examples but I believe now the picture is painted clear. Life challenges often come in series. When you manage to deal with the current one — never think you will never be troubled again.

“I believe that life is hard. That we all are going to walk through things that are hard and challenging, and yet advertising wants us to believe that it’s all easy.”
—Jamie Lee Curtis

Things To Do

As long as you keep on living on this planet — you must prepare yourself to stand tall for what you really want. It all begins by re-engineering your mindset.

Marriage is a challenging problem because it's getting expensive
Money can solve most of your challenges. Our generation has a big problem with getting married because when there isn’t enough money in your pocket; marriage still remains a “wish.” It’s a challenging situation to climax the love with marriage.

You may set that lofty goal by detailing everything on paper. But in reality — it would be like a tug of war. That is why I have been constantly reminding you to stay strong. When you are bombarded with the most painful life challenge — believe that there is a way out… And there you will find it.

Believe that you will always win your life battles. If you maintain a positive mindset toward any life-threatening situation you automatically become the winner.

Never give up. You need to fight real hard to get what you really want. If it is a spiritual affliction, know how to go about it. And if it is a challenge relating to your own negative emotions — know how to deal effectively with it before it brings you down to your knees.

As I said earlier, our life challenges are numerous. But there is none that you can’t put under control. If you really believe that with God all things are possible then there is no need to fret.

Even without being religious or spiritual — keeping a positive mindset alone can help you overcome most of your life challenges. You see, the mind is a powerful tool. So the moment you feed it with positive vibes — your whole body adapts that positive signals being sent out.

There is a saying that you become what you believe in. And this is very true. If you believe that you are a useless person then indeed you would be a useless person until you renew your mind.

If you believe that you can win over any challenge that will come your way — then it will be like magic. Because you believed so it happened!. Winning the challenges in life begin in the mind.

Finally, some of the problems you may face would need the help of an expert. A specialist that ideally fits into the particular challenge happening in life can give you the best kind of help. If it’s a marital issue, the counselor is there…

You can’t always stay in your room and be dealing with your troubles. Step outside, trade your pains and sorrows. And you would find the best remedy.

In Summation

Naturally, we are meant to face opposition from various directions. But those who are strong enough overcome their adversities. Apparently, everything you need to win over your life challenges lies within you.

God has given you the weapons you would need to fight all the enemies of your life. That is; whether spiritual, psychological or physical.

The rainstorm will surely come, the scorching sun will surely be devastating. That is why you must prepare yourself before it comes. Even if it catches you unprepared. You can still make your way out. Stay positive. Never lose hope because God is capable of redeeming you from the most painful situation.

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