5 Things Christians Should Never Be Ignorant To Pray For

Have you considered some of the things all professed Christians should pray for?. Interestingly the Bible teaches us how to face all our challenges through the help of God.

A family sticking to the important things to pray for
When you pray, you ought to think beyond your family. Christ Jesus came to die in order to save the world. Let your prayers cross boundaries to make the world a better place.

As people who believe in the intervention of the supernatural, we ought to pray a lot. I’m actually referring to a consistent prayer to the Maker of heaven and earth. Through Him, you can overcome all your problems and even help others see the brighter side of life.

In this post, I would like you to be mindful of some of the important things you must pray for. Without you being selfish, think about your neighbor who is fighting a number of life challenges. Without the help of God, things will keep on being the same.

In the first place, before you even think about some of the things to pray for — let your faith in God take the lead. And surely you can change the world with your prayers. If you really believe that prayers work — then it is time you touch your own life and that of others with it.

We do have friends, families, workmates, schoolmates, etc who would need our help through prayers. Sometimes we forget to take to God some of the crucial things destroying this world and the precious lives of people.

Miracles do happen every day but we barely recognize them. We often fail to appreciate these so little miracles. Imagine waking up in the morning to the beautiful sunlight. What miracle is as awesome as this?. Did you thank God for that?.

Just in case you don’t know; each day 5,600 people take their last breath. You are not better than them. But by the grace of the Almighty God, you are alive. This simply means there is a lot you can do to make the world a better place.

Contemplating What To Ask God

Before we take a look at some of the things you should be praying for. Don’t tell me you are asking God to give you a lot of money, cars, houses, food, mansions, etc.  Remember, if you pray and ask God for the wrong things He will not answer. Just as we all know; first things first and all other things shall be added unto you.

I told you early not to be a selfish person. Neither should you be like one of the hypocrites. The world is tearing apart. Our strength can’t do it all; because most of the challenges we face in life are deeply rooted in the spiritual realm.

Surprisingly, your prayers alone might not give the expected result unless you combine fasting and prayers to break down any spirit associated with the pains and sufferings in our world today. The Devil isn’t giving up — that is why the Bible has also reminded us never to cease praying ( 1 Thessalonians 2:15).

Pray For The Following Things

1. Pray for Faith

You see, a Christian’s relevancy in Christ Jesus is based on faith. If you say you believe in God and have no faith then it’s better to denounce your self as a Christian. Why do I even say that?. The simple truth is this; there is no difference between you and the atheist.

Before you get closer to God you must first believe in Him. It is through faith that you can move mountains. So whenever you go down on your knees; ask God to increase your faith — and be willing to claim the promises God has said about you through faith.

“… and the LORD will fulfill his promise to me, ‘If your descendants watch their step and live faithfully in my presence with all their heart and being, then,’ he promised, ‘you will not fail to have a successor on the throne of Israel” (1 Kings 2:4).

2. Pray for love

Here is another crucial thing that should be highly esteemed in our Christian lives. If you find it hard to love your neighbor including your enemies then I’m sorry —you are tripping. God created you out of love, He sent His only begotten son to come and die for you in the name of love.

And as the scriptures say —you can’t love God and hate your friend. In general, love is one thing that can change the world. So pray to have the kind of heart that never discriminates nor harbor hatred.

Love God, love your self and your neighbors; not forgetting your enemies. It might be hard to carry out this noble character that is why you need to ask God to help you love just like Him.

It is something reciprocal so other people would be touched by your loving-kindness and give back to you what you deserve. The more you give — the more would be given back to you. Even if people refuse to give recognition to you — there is no need to change.

Supporting verse: (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

3. Peace

It begins right from the house. When we fail to live in peace in our various homes and societies, what will happen when we are out there on the street?… Indeed charity begins at home.

Never say you don’t care when civil wars, tribal wars, genocide, conflicts, etc. are happening in other parts of the world because it is out of your reach. It is only the Devil and his agents who show no concern when innocent souls are perishing.

Christians have been vehemently voicing out that they don’t want the peace that the world gives. If that is the case then we should constantly pray for the intervention of the Holy Spirit to calm down the heart of men filled with grief, hatred, jealousy and all malicious thoughts. Pray for anyone who perpetuates anger to have a renewed mind.

Until mankind is ready to change their minds to practice the act of forgiveness, love, and understanding — peace would always be far from reach. But for us who understand the purpose Christ Jesus has planned for us,— we would also advocate for peace and practice it.

Moreover, your prayers will surely help renew the minds of those willing to make this world a better place. Yes! We must all pray for world peace. I don’t think in your right senses you or anyone would propose for world war III.

Where is the conflict coming from?. We need those concerned to sign a peace treaty as Joshuah did (Josuah 9:15). May God kick it out of our way. Amen.

Referential verse: (Isaiah 32:17-20)

4. Protection

In real life, being cautious about your environment is very important. The same thing applies to your spiritual life. I remember talking about the essentiality of spiritual awareness in the lives of Christians. Pray that the Lord God should protect you, your family, friends, loved ones and anyone who seeks Him.

Making God the protector of your family, community or country places you and everyone in safety. Even when the unexpected strikes — you would still be safe from harm.

Referencing Verse: Bible verses for protection
5. Pray For Others

Without being selfish, whenever you say a prayer remember those who are in need of help. Your thought must go behind your family and those in your inner circle.

Think about the sick, those fighting chronic diseases, people wanting to break free from suppression, addictions, poverty, emotional pains, etc. Millions of people are really suffering. Your prayers can help in a way you might not notice.

At this very moment, I’m writing this article —there is an outbreak of a deadly disease call coronavirus in China posing threat to the whole world. Hundreds of people have died already and thousands have been quarantined. Pray for them.

God does listen to the prayers of His Children. Our problems are innumerable but when we hand over those burdens unto the Lord — He will give us the strength, protection, healing, happiness and the success we have been yearning for. With Him all things are possible.

There’s one special thing I want to draw your attention to: Yes!, when you pray remember to ask God to open the eyes of those who have been seeking for the ”
truth” — yet the Devil in this world has blindfolded them.

Supporting Bible Verse: (1 Timothy 2:1).

In Summation

It is one of our divine duties to show love to people around us. Since we believe in the supernatural touch of the Lord — we must call on Him to unload us from our burdens.

The above points are some of the things to pray for. It should be a habitual activity. Because through your prayers a lost soul could be saved. Through your prayers, someone could receive his healings…

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