6 Things That Could Scare You About The Future

Your life might be the messy type but that shouldn’t let you be scared about the future. You have all the arsenals needed to taste success in the long run. A little inspiration, hard work, and unwavering faith can do the miracle.

Why you shouldn't be scared about the future
“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” —Mother Theresa

There is no need for being scared about the future. Do you find yourself amongst those guys whose concerns about the future have been like a nightmare?. Hey, look it’s not a monster that you should be afraid of. You haven’t seen it yet and so you can lay down a good foundation to make it blissful.

We can’t deny the fact that the future is right in front of us but we can’t see it either. Anything is possible if you really want to shape it to your own desire. However, due to its unpredictable nature, most of us are afraid of what tomorrow brings.

Today I want to share with you one or two simple reasons why you shouldn’t be fretful about what tomorrow brings. In one of my previous articles, I explained some of the compelling reasons why everyone is thinking about the future.

Some might feel doomed because of their current state of living. There seems to be no hope. If you would be scared of what is not real then I would like you to start re-reengineering your mindset. Perhaps you are hallucinating.

Look, you are yet not there in the future, why should you be afraid?. I would like to iterate that “fear is not real.” Oh yes! I’m serious about this. It is your mind that is giving you the wrong signals about things we know aren’t happening.

Why People Are Scared About The Future???

Have you once ever felt that kind of awful feeling where a sharp frightening thought flashes through your brain like lightning?. I guess you have.

This feeling reminds us that there is something left undone. Don’t panic. Just conduct a review of your daily routines and your future goals as well. Revise them. Stay focused and motivated in life. Take a look at the following reasons that are feeding your brain and plunging you into a life of hopelessness.

1. Constant failure

Some people are scared about the future because of constant failure. On uh, things always don’t go the way they have expected. Because of this, they begin to lose hope. This is a grave mistake many people make and ruin their lives.

Nothing seems to work out so their last resort becomes like “give up!.” They forget that each failure is a redirection to the goal at hand. Thomas Edison, who has been credited with the invention of the light bulb is said to have failed 1000 times.

He finally achieved his goal. He did not become frightened when experiencing constant failure. Try and try again until it works out. This calls out for the power of resilience. You may be interested to read about his success story from “dumlittleman.”

2. Lack of motivation

Here is another reason why people are scared about the future(lack of motivation in the brain). Motivation is very essential in developing a successful lifestyle, career, business, etc. Even if no one is available to inspire you; develop self-motivation skills that would help you face the unknown future with confidence.

3. Influential Thinking

I know some guys are easily persuaded by their friends and people who have had negative experiences in their attempt to achieve something similar. If your inner circle is full of negaholics, then it is time you weed them out.

Let’s say you have a plan to start a business in dropshipping, microfinance, e-commerce, retailing, etc. And a friend comes to you saying he tried it and found it worthless. So you shouldn’t take it further.

Meanwhile, you are so passionate about your inventive idea. Often, people forget that they are different with unique abilities. You have to unleash them.

Why would you quit simply because someone tried and failed? My friend, listen to your that little voice inside your head called “conscience.” If you believe you can do it then you are already one step ahead of your breakthrough.

Acknowledge the simple fact that whiles a friend is being a wet blanket, others have been successful in the same venture you want to undertake. They are the right people you should focus on and derive inspiration from their doings.

4. Lack of faith

For the Christian fraternity, without faith, you are not a good Christian. And if you claim you have faith, why should you be scared about the future?. You have zero reasons to justify your dumb thoughts. Faith will open your eyes to know how to stop worrying about the future.

You simply have to entrust that future into the hands of the Lord because he already has plans to make you prosperous. Let tomorrow worry about itself.

“So then, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Today has enough trouble of its own” (Mathew 6:34).

God has said it several times in the Bible that fear not for he is with you.

5. Bad Memories

Personal experiences that happened in the past can drive away every single hope in you. For instance when your breadwinner fails to support you or accidentally dies.

Don't be scared about the future

Likewise, someone who has suffered from a rape case. The trauma could hunt down the victim for years. The past is indeed gone but if you keep on feeding on it; it will also keep on scaring you like a monster.

“Do not let the memories of your past limit the potential of your future. There are no limits to what you can achieve on your journey through life, except in your mind.”
— Roy T. Bennett

6. Negative Mentality

It shouldn’t surprise you why some people are always afraid about the future without any good reason. It is likely — that kind of thoughts have been programmed into their subconscious mind when they were kids.

This has been an integral part of their lives. For instance, someone born into a poor family might believe his future is doomed with the cycle of poverty.

Unless such kind of person breaks down that negative mentality; he will forever keep on being afraid of the future and probably fail to put in an effort to make it better.

An Advice To Enjoy A Fruitful Future

Lastly, I would like to chip in this: the world is full of liars who promise to make life easy for you. Be aware. Achieving genuine success doesn’t happen overnight. Let me then take a minute and say good luck with your future endeavours.

Don’t be gullible for unscrupulous guys who want to take advantage of you. Be willing to work hard for a successful future. The pay off of your time, pains, and suffering would be great!.

Again never think of consulting a spiritual medium to reveal your future to you. This is an abomination unto the Lord.

Put in the work, believe in your intuitions, let God take care of everything. No more worries because you are well covered. See you in the future with a broad smile. You can become successful in anything you do.

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