Don’t Let Anyone Or Anything Make You Feel Alone And Useless

Take a minute and gaze into the sky. When there seems to be no one to show love and care; what happens? anxiety sets in. That’s not all— you are not alone in this journey. Someone got your back.

Believe that you are not alone — even if you lose all your friends and loved onesIt’s obvious and unarguable; two heads are better than one. We do need the companionship of one another but sometimes you would feel alone like an isolated shrub in the desert.

Sometimes the sense of rejection, insecurity and loneliness kill our joy and ambitions. Living a normal life could be hard if such kind of awful feeling is not dealt with. It is by no surprise that the deepest fear of mankind narrows down to “loneliness.”

Have you ever felt like the world has turned its back on you?. Well, that is a normal feeling but knowing how to handle it defines the real you. There is nothing new under the sun so you are not alone in your challenges.

Spend a few minutes with me here whiles I share with you valuable reasons why you should never let your negative emotions make you feel rejected, useless, unlovable, aimless and lonely. Solitude itself has a whole lot of positive impact in your life— maybe you haven’t realized that. If you are much concerned about romantic love and relationships read my article about Single life vs marriage life. Get to know about the pros and the cons.

That sunlight beaming, that wind and rainstorm blowing do not have a direct effect on you “alone” but millions. If it’s hot you don’t feel it alone; if it’s cold you don’t feel it alone. The only difference you can make is to “what you are made up of.” There is a saying that the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. Your character to that circumstance is what matters most

What Is Pushing You To The Wall?

Each one of us has his/her own personal challenges each day. It could persist for years if you fail to find the right solution. Whether it is financial constraints, health problems, depression, marital problems, relationship issues, fears, failure, unemployment, etc. Relatively we handle each challenge according to our strength, knowledge, and beliefs.

That storm blowing has to blow. Every single challenge or demon you meet in life teaches you lessons. It tests your:

1. Patience
2. Character
3. Strength
4. Knowledge

Being fragile to life challenges will always make you a failure. But with God on your side, nothing can destroy you. You are not alone. We cannot always have honey falling into our mouths. When it turns soar— know how to change the lever. Be dynamic to stay on the safe side as soon as you can.

Enough Of The Complaints

Instead of complaining about your pains and troubles — why don’t you transform that energy into something positive and worthy?. If you marshal the courage to stop all the excuses, your life will change for the better.

Those who complain too much barely become successful in life. Don’t be deceived; you are not the only one battling against a series of problems to be happy and successful.

Someone has gone through what you deemed painful and unprecedented. Others too are possibly facing the same reason you are complaining about. It is your attitude that will make the differences. Are you going to remain positive? hopeful and hard working?.

You Are Not Alone — Someone Loves You

Even the most wicked being on earth would have someone to love him/her. In the same way— if you happen to be the most savage looking person in the world; someone loves you and even wishes to be you. Yes! Someone thinks about you without your knowledge.

It’s unfortunate millions of people living among us have failed to have a good sense of “self-love.” This actually feeds the mind with negative signals.

The Joy Of Finding Your Co-Equals

Before you agree with me that you are not alone; I would like you to consider why we do have groups, friends, beliefs, denominations, colleagues, coworkers, etc. There is a saying that “ birds with a feather flock together.”

I believe the feeling of dejection and loneliness will fly through the roof— the moment you meet a number of people going through the same pain or challenges you think are unprecedented. It is therefore advisable to socialize with people who are in the same canoe with you.

For instance, you can join groups of people who share the same mission with you. If you are a cancer patient— I believe there are a number of cancer groups or societies to join. This will surely relieve you of the burden of all the emotional distress. You will end up believing that you are not alone.

If you are single, single parent, physically challenged, fighting rare diseases, etc. It shouldn’t make you feel unimportant. There are thousands to millions of people who are like you.

Someone who thinks he is alone and perhaps weird because he is autistic, deaf, dumb, etc. will find true joy when made to attend a specialized school( eg. school for the deaf, school for engineering etc.). Believe or not— whatever your problem is; I challenge you today that you are not alone. Get the most conducive environment for yourself.

God Says You Are Not Alone

God has always been our comforter anytime we find ourselves in difficult situations. Unbelievably, he loves you more than you even love your self.

“For the Father, himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God” (John 16:27)

God’s unfailing love proves his interest in carrying away all our afflictions. What is your problem?. Have you talked it out with God?. Pray to him by presenting everything that makes you feel lonely, unlovable, useless, fearful, etc. If you are battling serious emotional distress such as the death of a loved one, sickness and diseases — find time to read my recent article about “Bible verses for comfort.”

Even if the whole world rejects you — our loving father will never leave your side. Open your heart and take a leap of faith into his presence.

In Summation

Finally, bear in mind that you can’t be the only one dealing with a particle challenge that no human being has ever faced. If you think beyond your circumstances — you would realize that others have gone through even worse situations than yours.

Each one of us has a story to tell someday. We fall, we rise and remain strong. It is how you respond to painful situations that defines you.

I am therefore hopeful this article has given you enough inspiration to move forward in life. Even if it takes to cross the river alone; why not?. Do it. Sometimes standing alone is a blessing in disguise. There will be no room for drama. God will always strengthen your spirit and protect you through all your challenging moments. There are guarding angels watching over you so that you don’t stumble. You might feel lonely physicallly— but spiritually you are not.

Keep on searching for whatever good thing that you believe will make you happy in life. Be in charge of what comes into your life and what goes out. It is your choice to stay where you are or move forward.

Stay blessed and don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.

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  1. Reading your article made me realize that life is God given and not Manmade.It is so true that whatever one is going through or experiencing somebody somewhere is going or have gone through the same at some point in their life. For the longest of time(nearly 15 years)I have been beating myself up for some mistakes I did in the past and even allowed myself to be subjected to some form of abuse believing that I caused the situation therefore,I have to accept whatever treatment I get.Thanks for sharing this powerful article. I strongly believe that God had me in mind when he gave you the wisdom to write it.May the mighty God bless and enrich you mightily 🙏Thank you so much 🙏

    • Hello Monde, I’m so grateful to know —this piece of content has been very helpful to you. May the Lord answer your prayers in times of difficulties. Never give up because sometimes God allows His children to pass through the fire of afflictions to test their faithfulness. In the end, they become refined and beautiful like gold. God loves you.


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