The Painful Feeling Of Anxiousness

It feels so bad to be emotionally disturbed. You surely have to know how to comport yourself when things are not falling in place. Anxiousness can plunge you into troubles and irreparable pains.

Why you need to stop feeling anxious about things

Are you feeling anxious about anything?. Yes! It might look awkward than watching your favorite football team lose in a crucial match. Apparently, that is beyond your control. What can you do then?.

The feeling of anxiousness is very common to each and everyone. Such kind of human feeling is strong enough to result in something detrimental. To make it more clear. This feeling fuels a higher rate of ‘expectations.’ It is not certain how it would end. This is what makes it a dangerous thing. You need to put it under control ASAP.

Today I chose to break down this disgusting feeling with all my readers. I always say feeling anxious is an emotional disease. You, therefore, need not be a slave to such kind of emotions.

I know many of you guys out there are feeling anxious. Why?. Because

1. The year has almost ended and yet your dreams and hopes haven’t been fulfilled.

2. Because tomorrow is your birthday, wedding day, proms night…

3. A grand celebration is waiting for you so you are anxious. You can’t wait a minute. My friend just is stay cool.

4. Someone has promised to gift you a car, house, money etc.

Unbelievably some people feel anxious for no reason. This could be very irritating. In a situation like this, the person in question is likely having the main reason for the unpleasant feeling residing in his subconscious mind.

Till the reason for feeling anxious moves to the conscious mind, he will still feel anxious for no reason. You may need a psychologist to help you deal with this. That is if you are in such kind of situation. Seek for an expert advice on how to train your sub-conscious mind to sync with your current situation.

Did you not set goals at the beginning of the years?. I’m pretty sure you did. But here you are feeling anxious. Stay cool my friend.

Prepare To Break The Chain

As you read this post, you will know how to deal with anxiousness effectively. Such a bad feeling could ruin your life and make you feel empty because you seriously need a change. It’s not happening as expected and you can wind and twist just anything to work the way you want.

It is like trying to break natural laws which invariably have negative effects on us. Time, patience, hope and perseverance are your greatest weapon to flush out the feeling of anxiousness out of your life… I will talk more on that in the subsequent paragraphs. But before that let’s figure out how it really feels to be anxious.

The Madness Within Anxiousness

I know quite a number of guys who act crazily when things become tensed in their lives. It’s not the way they had wanted things to go…..anxiousness. You know what they do?. They become nervous and act strangely.

Overturning and throwing things away when the sickness of anxiousness strikes them is very common.

You can’t control time, you can’t just change anything simply because of yo of a mere human being full of flaws. Till you learn how to brace your incapabilities you would never be able to deal with the sickness of anxiousness.

Understand Your Situation

The Bible has a powerful message for anyone who is impatience to alter changes beyond his capabilities or under normal circumstances.

For your basic understanding and the purpose of our study I have chosen to quote from the ‘Easy English Translation.’

“Perhaps you are anxious about how long you will live. But you cannot live one hour longer, even if you are always thinking about it. No, you cannot do even a small thing like that. So do not be  anxious about all these other things.” Matthew 6:27)

God doesn’t want you to be anxious about anything you dearly need in life. Each day your patience is tested. The more you lose it, the more you aggravate your anxieties.

Imagine someone who is in a hurry searching for an item in his bedroom. Because of the piling pressure to find that thing instantly, he will fumble. Feeling anxious, shaky, afraid, confused and impatience he will either fail to find the item or spend more than necessary time to find it.

Anxiousness is a thief of time just like procrastination. Patience is the best antidote I can recommend for you. Now let’s think about some of the best strategies to overcome anxiousness.

Still Feeling Anxious? Here Is How To Overcome

1. Patience

Just like I have already enlightened you about the necessity of patience when dealing with any form of anxiety. You need to take a deep breath, relax and return to your normal mode. If you were a phone I will say reset to ‘default mode.’

For an in-depth explanation about patience I recommend reading my articles “The reward of patience” and “tortoise inspiration for success.”

2. Self Distraction

Since the feeling of anxiousness could be so strong you need to break that chain by distracting yourself. How?. You can begin thinking about something else. Try your best to forget about the current situation making you feel sick, impatience and itchy.

3. Reprogram your brain

Feeling anxious is an emotional disorder powered by the brain. So control your whole feeling by re-engineering your thoughts. Tell your self this feeling is not worthy. Your brain will pick and release you from the insatiable feeling of being impatient.

4. Focus On What Is Ahead

This is about being hopeful. You must think outside the box and believe that everything will be alright. Understand the simple fact that, the feeling is only temporal. Don’t let it consume you. Focus on the possibilities of clearing off all the negative feelings tomorrow or in the next few days.

5. Socialize

Anyone feeling anxious should socialize to minimize or eliminate the awkward feeling. Friends, families and loved ones can help you put things under control. Step out with a friend or friends. Have fun and be active in communications. This will ease your anxiety.


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