A Mother’s Love In Focus: 2 Reasons Why She Will Always Be The Best

Here is why you should find out why a mother’s love is the best kind in the world. Your family, friends, and the so-called loved ones are not a match for the love a mother will show to her children.

a mother's love is the best
A mother’s love is the best kind anyone could have. It is pure and true.

This world is full of many loved ones. But have you ever thought of weighing the love of each person who claims he or she loves you?. Well, in this very post you will find out why a mother’s love is outstanding. And people tell you that they love you, it wouldn’t be much deeper than the love of a mother.

Your mother might not use the words; “I Love You”, but deep inside her heart, she loves you more than anything. Let us consider the following facts about the love of a mother for her children.

I have two different versions of this post that give respect to mothers. You may be interested in reading about the other version about how lovely our mothers are.

1. She is your source of existence:

We all know that God weaved you fearfully and wonderfully in your mother’s womb. She bore you in her womb for 9 solid months with pains and suffering. She carried you in her womb for these months without aborting you. Because she loves you and would love to see you live on earth happily.

A mother’s love becomes visible to everyone. That is when she sees her baby delivered successfully. The very person you first come into contact with within this world is your mother.

Before family, father, friends, and loved ones get in touch. When she is with you, you become the happiest person in the world. She will also do whatever it takes to make you smile and feel happy.

2. The Best Love For You:

A mother’s love is the best kind you could ever have in life. Consider your whole family members, friends, coworkers. They have lived in life with you. But none of them will feel very sad when something bad happens to you than your MOTHER. Not even your spouse.

Love For Her daughter

In life, it seems a mother’s love for her daughter is unique. But why and how?. Just like the old saying,” like father like son.” The same applies to “like mother like daughter.”

Feminine is always feminine. Most times, mothers show much concern for their daughters than their sons. Don’t be surprised. It is the mother who will teach her daughter how to become a resourceful wife in the future.

She will teach her the rudiments of being a good woman or wife. She will teach her how to cook, dress, and keep the body clean always. You wouldn’t expect a father to do all these.

A mothers’ love for her daughters will always be an outstanding affection except the love of God. For this reason, daughters tend to love their mothers more than their fathers.

It is in a few instances that mothers love their sons than their daughters. Even, with that; There might be exceptional reasons. The reasons might be bad behavior from her daughter. That can repel the mother from showing much love for her daughter.

To be a good woman and wife, your mother has to teach you first. So every woman must appreciate her mother’s affection for her. A mother is the true reflection of a daughter(Like mother like daughter).

True Story Of A Mother’s Love

A mother would barely lose her love for her child. That natural affection is so strong that, most of them are ever ready to die for their children.

This kind of motherly love is what happened in Japan some years back. The story begins like after there was an earthquake in Japan, the rescue teamed entered the room of a woman and found her in an unusual position. She was on her knees and looked like she was praying.

Mother died for her baby

A quick check-up on her proved to the rescue team that she was dead. Her body was cold, her back was broken and her head crushed.

The team left there to another chamber but something compelled the team leader to recheck the woman’s house.

While he passed his hand through the little cracks beneath the woman, he touched something… With excitement, he screamed “A child! There is a child!”

They gently removed the ruins of the building on the mother and gently moved her body to rescue the child.

There was a 3-year boy wrapped in a flowery blanket under his mother’s dead body. The baby was having a sound sleep with no injury. Interestingly there was a mobile phone with this text message:

“If you can survive, you must remember that I love you.”

The team passed the phone around. Anyone who read the text wept.

This is a true story showing a mother’s love for her children.

NB: Originally reported by Xinhua – People’s Daily on 17 May 2011 as part of an article about survivor stories.

Understanding A Mother’s Love For Her Children

The above few reasons must convince you to understand why mothers demonstrate the best kind of love. There is no need for a special occasion to show affection. It is not “Mother’s Day”, but it worth much to remember how special mothers are.

The only person who will appraise your success without any kind of jealousy is your mother. When you are succeeding in life, your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and even strangers are likely to have a little kind of jealousy.

This is true because they would wish it is they who are climbing higher in life to success. They might smile with you just the same way your mother smiles with you. But, the kind of love they have for you wouldn’t be much like the love of your mother.

Mother’s true love surfaces all the time for her children. It becomes visible to your family and friends to see. Let say, something is degrading about you. Something that could be in a form of a rare sickness or behavior.

When all your friends or even the world rejects you; Your Mum’s love will let her cover-up for her children. She wouldn’t mind starving for you to eat all day or even die for your sake.

This is the amazing passion of mothers for their children. Even, if you think your mother is so wicked, believe me, she has a genuine love for you.

These are some of the reasons why people always cherish their mothers. They love their mothers more than their fathers in this life that we are living. They deserve to enjoy all the hype. Show love back to your mother. For a mothers love is forever.

Occasionally, you can surprise her with gifts. Don’t wait for “Mother’s Day” before anyone reciprocates a mother’s love.

When she feels happy because of your kindness and love, she will say words of blessings to you. Just as she had always wanted you to become successful in life.

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