Question Of The Day: Who Controls Your Life?

Hello buddy, do you know who controls your life?. Your life is only one, if you lose it, no one would ever see you on earth again. This is why you must be careful how you control your life or make someone or something take charge of you.

The one who controls your life has great effects on you
Who is the heck controlling your life in a way you don’t like?. It is time you break free from any mental and physical slavery going on in your life. You are born to win, you are the master planner of your dreams; Work hard and achieve them.

Let me hell you find out Who Controls Your Life?. And make the necessary reconstruction.
It is very sad to see people trade their precious lives for something unimportant. They are not themselves. Why?. Because they are like puppets being controlled by someone or something else. Your time is very very precious so be mindful of how you spend it or allow people to use you.

Your life is like a car, you must drive it with vigilance or entrust it into the hands of someone worthy. Many people have no or little control over their own lives. But how does this even happen?.

“Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions”
– Will Smith

Mental Slavery

The mind is so powerful that, it controls the movement of your body. The mind gives a central command that controls multiple functions, including body movement and cognitive control. Anyone who has been brainwashed by people like sycophants is a slave.
There is a saying that goes like;

Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.
-Alejandro Jodorowsky

It is more like selling your right to someone else. Your brainpower has been nullified. Dare not find yourself in a situation like this. Use your mind, determine what is good for you, and what is not good for you.

You have the freedom to choose who you want to be. The sky is not the limit. You can move beyond the sky so don’t let anyone undermine your thoughts and potentials. Don’t enslave yourself as well. Think positive and think big!.

Physical Slavery

Maybe yours is not mental slavery but physical slavery. Believe me, you can break free. This is one special way you can set your personal goals and achieve them. Maybe the right time is not now. But surely if you allow your mind to break free for something better, you could.

Many people find themselves being controlled by their friends, families, bosses, pastors, religion, fears, etc. in the wrong way. Suppression or abuse of power is killing millions of people and destroying their personal future plans.

Being controlled by someone or something you don’t like is not a joke. It really sucks. People use their money and power to suppress the less privileged.

What is your worth?. Has anyone bought you like a slave and making you work for him?. It is time you embrace your value and break free from any kind of slavery of suppression.

Who Could Best Control Your Life

Is there anyone who could best control your life?. In one of my old posts, I explained why it is not good to trust anyone. Should if you want someone reliable to control your life, then nobody fits in better than the creator of this universe. Even that, God wouldn’t make choices for you because He has given you the gift of free will.

If the one who controls your life is God, then you are safe. But remember that you have the freedom to make any decision. God wouldn’t enslave you, he will rather guide you to your future.

He will speak to your conscience and you must be wise and smart enough to know. There is a saying that goes like; “follow your heart.” Those who entrust their lives into the hands of God fly like the eagle.

This is simply because he genuinely has good plans for you. Plans not to harm you but to make you prosperous. Hand over the steering wheel of your life to him and enjoy the ride.

God can protect you against both spiritual and physical attacks. This is why you should let him take charge of your life. Entrust your money, health, marriage, education, and all of you into his hand. To put it in a SIMPLE statement; Trust God with everything you have.

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